Christmas teachings on the birth of Jesus Christ.

Today, I am going to be deviating because of Christmas hahaha, yes, because of Christmas, so I am going to be doing Christmas post, though I have the major Christmas post that is on the site already, but come to think of it, that post came much more early, but I was led to do that much early.

So today, we are going to be looking at the birth of Jesus, ” important lessons to learn as regard the birth of Jesus Christ”.

Now let’s look at Mathew 2 vs 1.

Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the King, behold there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem.

Important lessons to note here, these wise men were Prophets, they were not just ordinary people,

Vs 2, saying where is he that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

Now we see, these three wise men were Prophets, and only a Prophet would speak in this manner, saying we have seen his star, and how did they see this star, with the eyes of a Prophet.

Vs 3, When Herod the King had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

Inorderwards, he was troubled seeing that King was born, not knowing it wasn’t like his king, and then he thought there would be an over rule.

Vs 10, when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.

Vs 11, and when they were come into the house, they saw the youg child with Mary his mother, and fell down and worshipped him: and when they have opened their treasure, they presented unto him, gifts, gold, and frankincense and myrrh.

Wow! Those gifts were remarkable to welcome the new born king. like the Frankincense, and myrrh these gifts were symbolic, which means sweet smell, sweet perfume, inorderwards, looking at the life that Jesus would live, he would be loved by many until his appointed time, good smell would move around him, though Jesus Christ didn’t really use those gifts, which symbolizes some spiritual truth, but we that God has called to preach the gospel today, we are the one that goes around with these perfume, and then, this same Perfume is why we no longer have God’s ministers killed for the sake of preaching the gospel, they can now preach the gospel freely, anywhere but the perfume still goes on and on, because we keep having the younger ones comming up to preach the gospel.

What more can be said concerning the birth of Jesus Christ, and then what more can we learn each time that we read the story on the birth of Jesus Christ, there is more to learn each time, and as we allow the spirit of God to guide us, we would be able to understand more and then get the lessons that God wants from us.

For this why we must read dilligently, and then open our hearts to the truth behind the teachings and life of Jesus Christ.

Wow! It’s been a year, and God has been faithful, so we all should celebrate Christmas in a wonderful happy and joyous way, so merry Christmas to you all, and don’t forget to send good gift to someone this Xmas, merry Christmas once more and God bless you all.

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