Firstly, what is determination? Determination means eagerness, it means zeal and seriousness in one’s aims and targets.

Today, we have people that want to be involved in one business or the other,  they are not focused, or determined, and they are afraid of risk and uncertainty and then finally, they give up on the business in search of another, well all businesses have their own advantages and disadvantages, it doesn’t matter how little a business is, there is always risk and uncertainty, so being involved in a business and also be ready to bear all the risks and uncertainty is important with this, you will begin to know more about the business, and if staying for a long time, there will be profit-making.  likewise, Christianity, Christianity is all about determination, determination in attending regular church services, determination in prayers, determination in all the spiritual activities that are connected to Christianity; all of these put together is not easy.

First, as a young convert training yourself to pray can be difficult, you might have to think of five minutes or twenty minutes of which you can be tired because you just gave your life to Christ, but as an adult Convert, it can be more, because this time, you can think of praying thirty mines or one hour daily, and then training yourself to be committed Christian, and then trying to attend all the regular Church activities might not be easy, and then attaining to become a strong committed Christian, this time, you can decide to put yourself into praying for two hours or more daily, which is not that easy, and still requires 100% yieldedness to the spirit of God, not missing all the regular church services not missing tithing and offering, general giving and even more. If you can do this as a child of God, this shows that you are determined, and more also you have to learn how to be temperate free, you don’t get pissed up now and then, and you have learned to be calm, with this your determination will bring you victory in Christendom.

Over the years and even now, most people find it difficult to be a committed Christian, they cannot imagine spending their time in fasting and praying, and even making up their minds to attend Church training activities, like the leaders training, Pastoral Colleges. Well, most people especially some Christians might not like to hear this, but these are the sum-up of a genuine revelation power from God. I think I am going to be writing a post titled The revelation power of God, and it is going to be replacing the Christmas package titled Why Christmas? and it is what you will sit back in your homes during the season to read because of the pandemic, it might not be too long, but when you keep reading it over and over again, you will be spending your time well.

Determination is very important, though most people can wonder and say, I have been determined for a long time, and I haven’t seen any benefit, but do you know that right from the first day you became determined, your benefit started, and you never saw it, and if you have never benefitted from anything you have been doing, try another I mean, try and be determined in another positive act as well, you will be amazed, the benefit you were supposed to gain in the first will be brought down to the next, and you will experience double benefit.

Determination is like a law of its own, whatever it is you decide to show determination on, before long you will be able to understand everything concerning that particular area you have chosen to be determined on, it may be relating to businesses or Christianity as talked about earlier on, you will be able to grasp full knowledge of that particular area you can even decide to share or teach it and to crown it up, you can even get paid to analyze the particular areas to others.

What’s more, determination is very vital, though it hurt sometimes to keep at knowing what will either bring losses or threat, but still it is important that you stay on it, knowing fully well that you are learning so much, and so you can be a teacher. Likewise, Christendom.

Christendom is a place for determined people because those that were determined years back are our helpers today, they spent their time to fast and pray hoping to hear God speak to them, and at several occasions, God never spoke to them, and they kept at it for a long time, and some for their lifetime, hoping to get major revelation from God, and it wasn’t that easy, and some had to give their best to the extent that God had to appear to them in their dreams, which is the story of King Solomon in the bible.

Through giving, Solomon had to get the attention of God so much that God had to speak to him in a dream, while others spent their time preaching from one village to another, more spent days without food nor water just to get that specific revelation or vision from God, some had to go to the mountain and then spend days and night to pray just to hear the voice of God. Today, the few ones that God has chosen, they are the ones catering for the rest, they are the ones praying for others, and they are the ones teaching words of wisdom.

God is not a man that He should lie, He knows the mind of the just, He knows those whose mind is stayed on Him. So, loving God and then staying determined as a Christian, you will reap your heart desires. And more also, living a rightful life and then staying on it is the top requirement needed to achieve determination as a Christian.

Serving God with a determined heart is all that matters, it’s a proof that you love Him and that you are His very own, it doesn’t matter what you have been through, or what you are going through presently, choose to serve God still with a determined heart, and you will be amazed at the good surprise you will get latter. It is important that we serve God perfectly, not backbiting as the Bible says, but letting everyone know what you believe, and as you do, you will not only be blessed, you will also be a blessing to others.

The Christian life is not just an ordinary life, it’s a life of peace, though sometimes, most people complain of difficulties and challenges in their spiritual life, when your Christian nature is fully exercised, before long, you will see the victory that you want, that is why we have to know what we are doing and then ensure that we do it the best. Though sometimes, most people do watch others behave in a certain way that pleases them, and then they get inspired to act the same, it is much more important for we Christians to act our own way, we should not always wait for others to teach us the right way, because we are adult and we should not always be tossed to and fro, and this what is expected of us being serious-minded which is the key to living a wonderful life, so living our lives and then knowing what we are doing is a major factor, and as we keep doing this, we will be helping ourselves realize what we can do, this should be our thoughts often so our lives can be perfected unto righteousness.



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