Expantiation on the Word 2022, Page five.

Wow! Still today viewers, I would continue my Expantiation on the Word (Rhema 2022), so I did Facebook yesterday, and today I am on Google, and then we might have Google, or Facebook, or better still partly on Facebook and then the rest part on Google.

So let’s proceeds. In my last post, I talked about the government ensuring that there are officers assigned in public places, and so they could from time to check out these sets of people that I talked about, and so there can be sanity in our world.

Now let’s look at Zechariah’s vision 1 vs 12, then the angel of the Lord answered and said, O Lord of host, how wilt thou not have mercy on Jerusalem, and on the cities of Judah, against which thou hast had indignation these three score and then years?

Vs 13, and the Lord answered the angel that talked with me with good words and comfortable words.

When you read from these visions, you could learn some lessons, now look at these angels that moved to and fro the earth, the angels God sent to find out what was happening on the face of the earth, and then they pleaded for God to have mercy on Jerusalem, and now what was the offence of Jerusalem? all of these things that I have talked about sin, evil act, practicing wickedness, all of these was why God was angry, and then when you read the last verse, the bible said and God spoke back to the angel with good words and comfortable words.

Now looking at these vision, God was trying to explain serveral things to Zechariah, and then I said in my last post, if God gives a revelation, He could mean like maybe six or seven meaning, that is if you yielded your heart to Him to understand His mysteries, and then last year, in some of my post, I kept talking about the mysteries of God, connecting to the mysteries of man, this is because, God has mysteries, and then as God’s children, total yieldedness to whatever it is that we need to know as God’s children is what we need to understand these mysteries.

Now back to Zechariah’s vision, and then the last verse which says that God spoke to the angel that He assigned to move to and fro the earth, and the angel that spoke concerning Jerusalem, and then pleaded for God to have mercy on them, the bible says, and God spoke to the angel with good words and comfortable words.

Now why these scenario of this vision? And what was  God trying to show Zechariah.

1. Learning how to work with people, or better still having the wisdom to work with people, wow! Wow! This year I talked about God working hand in hand to ensure that His children accomplish, and then I said in my Expantiation, wisdom, wisdom to live by, and then wisdom to do the things that God wants us to do this year.

And then you could work with people, learning to listen to them, speaking to them in good and a calm language, for this is because the spirit of God might choose to reside in one and then bring information to the rest, and then these one should  listen to this other one especially when he speak good words and comfortable words, or better still vice versa.

2. When you work with people maybe as an employer learn to know if your employees has worked so hard, inorderwards realizing their efforts, and then appreciating them.

That was why the bible says and then God spoke to the angel with good words and comfortable words, trying to explain some facts to Zechariah, not just showing vision to him but the vision should become wisdom, and then he could learn from other aspect of life.

These were the visions of Zechariah, like he knew God was actually teaching him some lessons in life, and then because of this, he understood the different levels that God can place a man, he probably knew of other Prophets, because he talked about them, and then he knew the rest that had to go about preaching the gospel, and then spent time to heal the sick and met the need of people, though himself communicated God’s word to others, but through visions revelation, and then he knew this was his calling. So would stop here e.


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