Expantiation on the Word 2022, page six.

  • Still today, I would continue my explanation on the Word 2022. I stopped in Zechariah 1 vs 13, so would continue from vs 14.

So the angel that communed with me said unto me, cry thou saying, thus saith the Lord of host; I am jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with a great jealousy, inorderwards which means that God is so jealous of His children and then He doesn’t want them to go astray, and then loose site of them.

Vs 15, and I am very sore displeased with the heathen that are at ease: for I was a little displeased, and they helped forward the affliction, inorderwards, those that refuse to turn to God, and then continue in sin, these heathen helped forward their affliction, which means, these heathen helped forward their judgement, still which means, these ones  that were quiet or at ease helped in furthering the judgement of these other ones that have sore sinned against God.

In this year’s Word Rhema 2022, I talked about God’s ministers helping out to preach the gospel to the unsaved and the saved, and then someone would say, if you are saved, would you still need the hear the gospel, well that’s when you need to hear the gospel and even more, and then when you don’t hear the gospel, come challenges, how would you handle it? Where would you get strength from, and then where will you have the faith to stay strong irespective of whatsoever, so it is important everyone hears the gospel from time to time, this is because the gospel are words of encouragement, a sick person could hear, and then have courage to be well, the defeated would hear, and then have faith to stand strong and then fight the opposition.

The words that God’s ministers teach or preach are like motivational words, you could be motivated to the right things, when you hear the gospel very often. So this year God wants His children to hear His word often and often and not just this year, but continually, and then for this year, hear the gospel, and so the spirit of God could work hand in hand with them and so they would be accomplished.

Now this is the major way for any child of God to be accomplished, hearing God’s word, over and over again, inorderwards, hearing God’s word from the right ministers, that carry God’s annointing and not from the wrong ones, and then someone would ask, how do we know the right ones? Well, any true born again child of God, can by the spirit of God know the right ones, because these are the ones that can help out by preaching the gospel over and over again, bringing God’s thought and His presence to His children.

Now back to Zechariah’s vision, these heathen that should have helped  to stop these ones from wickedness, and these ones that have sore disobeyed God where the ones that furthered their judgement, and then God was displeased.

Well, sometimes, when the gospel is being preached to some sets that maybe keep wronging God in one way or the other, and then even if they hear, they still keep commiting crime, these ones, you don’t force them anymore, and then you leave them to face God’s judgement, maybe that was why the heathen furthered their affliction and their judgement. So would stop here.



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