Expantiation on the Word 2022, Page two.

  1. Viewers still today, I would continue my explanation on the Word 2022, told you all that I am lead to start up early, and then God’s children would understand better what He is trying to communicate to them.

So back to the book of Zechariah, today I would read from vs 7,

Upon the four and twentieth day of the eleventh month, which is the month of se’-bat, in the second  year of Darius, came the word of the Lord unto Zechariah, the son of Ber-e-chi-ah, the son of Id’-do the Prophet saying. Now why upon the four and twentieth day of the eleventh month, and then why not the three and twentieth day of the twelveth month.

And you all remember in my last two years post on the Word 2020, that I talked about the seventh year which is the year of increase, and then I said why the seventh year, and then why not the tenth or the eleventh year, and then I said that God works in mystical ways.

And now why did God choose the second year of Darius, why not the first year, or the third year, this is because there are times and seasons, programming and reprogramming that takes place often in the realm of the spirit, and then when God’s timming for a matter matures, He then speaks, or perform whatever it is that He intends to do.

Now let’s look at the vision that God gave to Zechariah. Zechariah 1 vs 8.

I saw by night, and behold a man riding upon a red horse, and he stood among the Myrtle trees that were in the bottom; and behind him were there, red horse, speckled and white.

Wow! My viewers, you all remembered in one my posts ” The wisdom of God, where I talked about Laban and Jacob, and then Jacob served Laban for so many years, and he delayed his wages serveral times, and then still made him worked for so many years for his two daughters, and then Jacob was angry, and that was why God gave him wisdom, and what was the wisdom? He was the keeper of Laban’s flocks, and then he wanted to sepearate from his master, so he needed to have more flocks and so he could be on his own.

And then God told him to carve a stick spotted and speckled, and so when his master’s flocks wanted to mate, he brought out the spotted and speckled stick and faced it on the flocks and then when those flocks bore their little ones, their colours became spotted and speckled, and then he kept bringing out those sticks more often and those flocks kept bearing spotted and speckled, and then he had more flocks than his master, and this was the way to pay him back for the serval wages that he owed him, yes this was the way.

Now back to Zechariah’s vision on the red horse speckled and spotted, what was God trying to communicate to him? Well, God was trying to communicate wisdom to him, and then understanding and so he could know what He was trying to say, and that was why I mentioned one of my posts on the site, “The wisdom of God” the spotted and the speckled carved stick was how God gave Jacob wisdom, and then he became so wealthy.

In this year’s Word ( Rhema) 2022, I talked about the spirit of God working hand in hand and so His children would accomplish this year, I actually meant wisdom, wisdom to do the things that they intend to do, just the way God gave Jacob wisdom to carve a spotted and a speckled stick, God would give His children wisdom, and then they would know what they need to do.

And then back to Covid – 19, and Probably the new one Omicron, Omicron is deeper Covid -19, and could be likened to Covid -19, and you all remember in my posts on Covid – 19, and then it was just Covid-19, and then I said there would be another tougher one, and then the government should fight Covid – 19, and so it wouldn’t resolve to this tough one. Well, when God gives revelation,  He puts an embargo, and probably you wouldn’t see it happen just the way it was said.

God has placed an embargo on Omicron, and it wouldn’t be the way it would have been, and then comming to those expertrate that I talked about, God is going to be giving them wisdom to detect those germs in the cloud, and then somehow, they would be able to drag those germs, using their equipments or machineries as programmed by God. For this the word of Lord concerning 2022, and then we are going to be having the virus reduced this year.

All thanks to the King of glory, the Lord of Lords, the creator of the universe for His words, so all let’s look forward to a wonderful and a beautiful 2022, Wow! Happy new year once more and God bless all.



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