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Firstly; what do we mean by follow after? Follow after means that we should emulate the character of a good leader, whatching his or her every step, and then making up our minds to do just the same.  As Christians, we should learn how to follow after Gods prophets because God gave them to us so we can learn from them and also be like them. The bible talked about prophet Elijah as one of the top prophets of God, he did so many miracles, and about the time he was to be taken up to heaven, the bible recorded in 2 kings 2 vs. 1-4 that Elisha who was the servant of Elijah followed after Elijah everywhere he went and that was why he knew his master Elijah was to be taken up to heaven and when you study the same book from chapter 2 from vs. 11-12 the bible recorded that Elisha with the fifty sons of the prophets stood, and Elisha saw him taken up to heaven and he cried my father my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horse men thereof. And he saw him no more, and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces vs. 13, He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back and stood by the bank of Jordan.

prophet Elisha never remained the same after this encounter he did so many miracles just like his master prophet Elijah because he followed after his foot step, so as Christians, we should copy the lives of our pastors and prophets that God has given to us, we should watch the way they share Gods word and communicate with Him because from the power that God has given to them, God can also deposit in us the same power and even more to help the world and also to live an examplary lives that is pleasing to God.

God wants us to follow after His prophets and teachers, who He has sent to save us, He want us to preach the gospel to the unsaved just the same way we were preached to, He wants salvation to be preached to many around the world through us that is why He wants us to emulate His prophets of old who through many temptation preached the gospel without season they preached every were knowing fully well that God was with them, they never gave up despite all odds, and they kept seeking the face of God all the time because their strength came from God, and  they were able to touch the lives of many, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to them,  and saving as many souls as possible, that is why the gospel is being preached today with boldness and people are getting saved today by day When you study from the beginning of Acts, chapter 4 vs 1 – 11 you will realize that after peter and John got filled with the Holy Ghost, they began to preach the gospel with so much boldness and courage, and they kept leading so many people to Christ, and as were leading people to Christ, the scribes and the Pharisees were angry knowing fully well that the people would begin to follow after them. God is a God of purpose and it is His desire for us to live a life of purpose, and He wants us to fulfill His plans in the world and that is why He wants us to follow after the prophets He has sent to us, He wants us to turn many to righteousness, and not just turning many to righteousness, He wants us to monitor them and ensure that they are rooted in Church, He wants us to keep bearing fruits in His kingdom fruits that will last because that is what Jesus came to pay for, Jesus came so that Souls can be saved in to the kingdom of God, and so that many will come in to the full knowledge of God, and as many are coming in to the full knowledge of God, the same many are bringing many to the full knowledge of God, this is what God want His gospel going through the earth, and righteousness, flooding the entire world.

Looking at the scripture in John 15 vs 1-8,  lets us to know that God wants us to bear fruits that will abide in order wards, fruits that will follow after us, and after we have done this, we can now ask anything from the father. Now bearing fruit as a believer only show how much we care about lost souls and how much we desire to preach the gospel of repentance to the world. The gospel is Gods saving power to the world, and when it is preached to the lost, the grace of God becomes available to heal and to save. God is a supernatural being, and we need to relate with Him as one, that is why we need to exercise our spirit at all times, by praying in the holy ghost because that is the only way we can hear from Him speak to us. For you to become some one that people would like to follow, you have to spend quality time with the holy ghost, and you need to yield yourself to God at all times, so you can be focused to take care of others spiritually and physically, for this is the only way we can be in the realm of the spirit to render to render help as a prophet or a teacher spiritually to those that are following after you.

  In Luke 15 vs 4, the bible talked about how a good Shepherd takes care of the shee.Tfhis scripture explains what a good shepherd does, the bible says a good shepherd  taketh good care of the sheep, and when any sheep is lost, he goeth out to seek for the sheep that is lost, and when he had found the sheep, he rejoiceth. This is the case with a good prophets or teachers that has many followers, they follow after their member and are aware of all their needs and wants, a good shepherd takes good care of the sheep, he ensures all his sheep are in the right place, at the right time, this is what God wants us to do, He wants us to look after our members and ensure they are in church services all the time.

Only a good Shepherd will ensure that his members are in church regularly, and they don’t miss church services or activities because this is the only way a sheep can follow after his shepherd. It is Gods dream for every of His children to become a good shepherd, He wants the sheep to win the lost, into the kingdom so they can become the good shepherd as well, this is what God wants for His children He wants them to be in the position of taking care of others, because that is His dream for the church. The grace of God is what makes us to become a good leader because without Gods Grace, you cannot achieve anything you set out to achieve, and the grace of God is what gives us confidence to do the things we have set out to do, God is our father, and it is His desire to give us the grace to follow after Him to achieve His purpose of sending Jesus Christ to pay for the sins of the world because Jesus Christ came in to world the world to save our lives, and then give us grace to serve God, that is why God wants a total surrender to Him, He wants us to spend time in His work with Him either as a pastor, prophet  or as a teacher, God wants the gospel to move forward so that many will be saved, God is a God of wonders and He wants to show His wonders to His children, and that is why He needs us to study His word to know what His plans are for us, He wants us to begin to understand the benefits of being a born again Christian, the truth and the mystery of His word, because His word is truth, His word is life, and His word is freedom, now studying His word at all times and in every situation matters a lot, for this is the only way we can know Him more as a father, because His vision towards mankind is for the  unrighteous to come to repentance, He wants them to become saved, He wants them to fufill calling in  the world because this His desire for the church, because God wants His church to stand, He wants His church to grow, and He wants the world to know Him in a better form, God wants the world to begin to imagine His quantomness and then turn to Him.

Today, God wants us to be a good follower, He wants us to Emulate our shepherd, and also train ourselves to become a good shepherd, He doesn’t want us, He doesn’t want us to imagine how possible it will be for a sheep to become a good shepherd, because that is His field, He is an expert in raising up sheeps to become shepherd because that is what He wants to do, so the world can be a better place. The scripture helps us to know that a sheep without a shepherd is wrong and dangerous, because as a sheep, u need to have a shepherd, you need to have a mentor, someone you can emulate and look up to, someone you can see and then amend your ways, and some one that would make you closer to God, that’s all what a shepherd is, taking care of the sheep and ensuring that the sheep follow after him, because that is where the victory of the sheep is. This is what God wants for us believers, following after our leaders and cultivating good examples from them because as we, do the grace of God available upon their lives, will be extended to us, and the glory of God will shine upon us.

The  scripture in John 10 vs 1- 18 shows a complete picture of how a shepherd is, how he takes care of the sheep and the reward of the sheep as he follow after his Shepherd.

Also in Mark 11 vs 27- 29 And they come again to Jerusalem and as he walking in the temple, there come to him the chief priest and scribes, and the elders, And say unto him, By what authority doest thou these things? And who gave thee this authority to do these things. Now this incident took place because the chief priest and the scribes where tired of the miracles that Jesus did, the people who believed in him, and also his disciples who were following after him they truely wanted to know by what authority Jesus did all the signs and wonders, because all their laws and doctrines were being changed by Jesus, they saw Jesus as a different person .who everyone would love to follow, so they wanted to know who Jesus truely is.

Today, God wants us to be like Jesus, he wants us to become a leader that everyone would love to emulate, a leader with a difference, a leader that would go extra mile to look for his followers. God is interested in our growth as Christians, and only a good leader can train his followers to grow spiritual. We need to be an example of good followers in Christ Jesus that is what God wants from us, He wants us to follow after His trained teachers and prophets so we can also become a good leader everyone will desire to follow. A good leadership is the key, this Gods desire for His church to always have good leaders that takes care of the sheep, a good leader that will be aware that people are following him and want to be like him and also ensure he knows his followers, that is what God wants, because a good leader is connected to the power of God, and this same power can also be given to his followers, that is why we ,must be a good follower who knows where his master is, who is aware of all the daily activities of his master, this was the case with prophet Elisha and Elijah. Today we can be like those two people who never missed each other, especially Elisha, he was always aware of the place his master went and that was why he knew his master was to be taken by a whirlwind, we need to be like Elisha who had so much reverence for his master, and that was why he got a double portion of the masters anointing. This has to be the case in the church of today, to follow after our prophets, and teachers, and to get connected to whatever power or anointing that God has given them.

Some time ago I was in a church where everyone wanted to meet the prophet and get connected, but not actually partaking in church activities, but the lord spake to me in a dream, this is what He said, you have to preach my gospel with passion, this is the only way you can be a good follower, He said so many things in the dream, but this is what I picked, that I should preach the gospel, and then I woke up. Now to be a good follower means we should be involved in the activities of the church, we should be a church worker, doing what our leaders want us to do with passion so we can stay connected to the anointing that is available in the church, this is all what is required for us to be a good follower and then partaking of Gods daily blessings that is available in the church.

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