Giving means charity, it means releasing of alms. Often times people don’t understand how important it is to give alms to people that are in need, they don’t know what it means to render help to people that actually needs it, and as such, they take it likely. Giving is very important today, because when you give, you are releasing yourself as a helping hand to others that needs it. People that are down, and cannot provide for themselves at the moment just because of either one challenge or the other needs to be helped, they need to be assisted, and those that are to do this are those that has the heart. And those that has been called by God. Most Christians today, don’t understand the principle of giving alms either to people, or whatever it is that needs alms, they believe in keeping everything they have to themselves, they don’t see the reason why they should either give in church, or to people that needs their help. Several times, God blesses people, and He does that so such people can be helping hands to others, but these people don’t seem to realise this, they go about and use all the blessings that God give to them for themselves alone, and not for other people, even when there is a need in the house of God, they act as though they are not aware, and when challenges come their way, they cry to God for help, forgetting the scripture that says give and it shall be given to you, good measure pressed down shaken together shall men give unto thy bosom, when they need Gods help and don’t get it, they become frustrated. So it is important that we give as Gods children, giving to those that are in need, and also giving for the work of the ministry, by so doing, you are fulfilling your ministry as a child of God.

Giving is very important, when you don’t give to people that you are supposed to give to, they might either end up being frustrated, or even end up dying, just because you were not able to render help to them, so giving can go a long way to help others and ensure they still are able to fulfil the purpose of God in their life. It is vital that we give especially to the work of the ministry, we give to Gods work to ensure that the gospel be preached, because giving is what has taken the gospel to another level, and there are funds to travel everywhere, to preach the gospel, and also render assistance, as the need may be, so giving is vital, that is why the bible recorded about men and women who gave despite daring situations, and they were blessed.

 The bible talked about the widow of Zarephat When you read about her story carefully, you will realise that the widow of Zarephat never had anything, but she had her last meal, that she and her son might eat and die, but notwithstanding, she still was ready to give to the man of God, and she was blessed. Today, people find it difficult to give, they admit they don’t have the money to give, but not knowing that they have something, the widow of Zarephat had just her last meal, but she was still able to give out of it, just because it was a man of God who asked of it. Many times, when there is a need in the house of God, people don’t just like to give to support the work of the ministry, they keep making vows that are never fulfilled, all these ought not to be so, people especially Christians should be able to give for the work of the ministry, by doing this, they will receive Gods measure pressed down and shaken together. This is the desire of God for givers, if they don’t give, they won’t have anymore. That is why the bible says there is he that scatereth and yet receive, inorderwards, he gives to different project, he gives in the church, and also he is a helping hand to others, and guess what, he still have more than enough.

Giving is something we shouldn’t take likely because there are so many people that need our help, people need us to render assistance, they need us to do things for them, also the government of different countries should learn to help the citizens of their countries, not just acquiring funds all for themselves, or channelling the allocations of the people for themselves, they should learn to give to their citizens, learn to render help to people, because they are there for so many reasons, and one of the top most reason is to render help to the citizen of their countries, they should be able to set up different organisation that will benefit from their position, and as they do this, they will be blessed by God. It is Gods desire that His children become givers, so they can assist in times of need.

God is the creator of the world, and He created man for a purpose, He created man so He could use man. What man is  to do, God is not suppose to come down to do it, we are the ones to do things here on earth, we should not expect God to come down and do it, because He created us so we could work for Him, and so He could use us for His glory. People especially Christians don’t see it this way, they don’t know that they are suppose to work here on earth, not God this time, though it is possible for God to come down here on earth and render help to His children as in the case of prophet Elijah. The bible recorded that God sent the raven to feed him twice daily, and the raven brought flesh and bread in the morning and then flesh and bread in the evening, and so it was, until God was able to get the widow woman to sustain him.

Today; God wants to use us just like the raven that brought food for Elijah, He wants to use us to bring food for those that are in need, and for those that don’t have help, what He requires is our heart and our commitment to Him, with this, He will be able to use us to fulfil His desire in the world. God is a just God, and He needs just people to carry out His plans in the earth, He needs people that are sincere to be able to do things that He wants to do in the world, so we need to allow ourselves to be used by God so we can end up fulfilling our ministry as believers in the earth.

Over times, there has been the saying, when you give, you will receive, people don’t just see it that way anymore, and they don’t even believe in it, because they don’t hear about it as they ought, giving should be talked about not just in churches, but also in seminars, Giving should become a subject, people should know more about it, and so we can have a better world of helpers. So as Gods children, living our lives to fulfil Gods desire is very important, because as we do, we gain the better chance of being selected as first class citizens of heaven. It is important that we need to do things that we ought to do, we should not wait to be asked to do it, we should live an examplanary life because there are people that watches us from time to time, but we are not aware of, that is why we have to be careful in the things that we do, and the way we do them, our lives should be an example to others, people should see us and then give glory to God, and believe that we are Gods children, this is what God expect from us bringing glory to His name.

 Christianity is a life of commitment, committed in the things of God and staying at it, this is all what Christianity is about, and to ensure that we do what we need to do, to further the spread of the gospel. It is important that we are committed to the things of God, we are not taking it for granted, sponsoring the  gospel and various church programmes that will change the hearts of people and also ensuring that the lost are saved to the full glory of God, this is what we ought to do as Christians without been told or forced to do it, always giving for the furtherance of the gospel so the church of God can stand and so our lives can move from glory to glory.

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