God’s / 25/ 02/2022.

Today still would Continue the teachings on God’s word, and  you all know all of these messages I have been sharing, are not like the normal messages you would like hear from service to service, and then these are mysteries why some certain incidence today, and then why the struggles sometimes, and then I could just write out those messages, and you all could read, and have it within you for life, I might go back to those messages, and then you would know that I am lead by the spirit of God to say it again. maybe probably there are still some that are doubting all of these encounter in the bible and turned it to be a story, and then maybe some things were added, ok fine, let’s say the bible is a story, and it was formulated, now I would like to tell you a story.

The story of a fox and a cat.

One day, a fox met with a cat, and they struggled over a rat, and because of that the fox kept fighting the cat, and when it looks as though the fox was beginning to win, the cat started to run each time the fox made an attempt to fight it, and so it was, the cat kept running and running away from the fox.

1. This cat kept running away because it knew that the fox might beat it up.

2. And then they can keep fighting over a rat and then this fox would eat up the rat all alone and then the cat would be left without food.

Now this cat can keep pressing in and then the fox would run, and now who is smart here, the cat or the fox? The cat is smarter, and then for this fox, since it is wise, probably one day, it would find maybe a little  bigger animal  or then just try what he has been doing to the cat hahaha the fox would be shocked.

Now I just told a story, I formulated this story, and I have never seen a fox or a cat fighting over a rat, but we all could learn from this, and then the bible, since there are doubts as to what is written in the book; inorderwards, we could learn from anything that we read, it could help us and now I am not talking about maybe like some materials that are negative, and then when people read such materials, they become initiated into some demonic realms, and then maybe probably there are some that has read those materials, and peradventure they are not meant to read such materials, don’t read again, but just pray this simple prayers, “Lord, I made a mistake by reading this material, I will not read it again, but make me free from whatever it is,  and I will serve you in Jesus name Amen” this is all you need to do, and then these materials can be demonic books, don’t read it again, and then someone would say how are we going to know that it’s a demonic book or materials, and then we just got this content, and we need to check it, well you would know if it’s a demonic content, this is because there are spirits that are in those contents, they would be realeased, and then you would feel uneasy, and it would even be difficult for in you to read it, and then those spirits would still force you anyhow to read, and then you would manage to read, and then you wouldn’t like what you would be seeing or you can start facing crises, like I said earlier on, don’t read such materials, or better still look for ways to stop such materials from getting to you.

Unlike the bible, the bible is the head of all books, inrespective whether it is demonic or not, and then you  could read and have Good angels minister to you, and then how does anyone think I could just sit for hours to type all of these posts, it’s because of good angels that gives me the strength to do all of these, and then how could I know about all of these mysteries that I am sharing, it’s still because of good angels, and we all remember the story of Phillip and the Eutopean Eunuch, and how this Eunuch was reading his bible, and then he couldn’t understand, and then the angel of God spoke to Phillip to go join himself to this chariot, and then the bible didn’t quite stress on this part, but Phillip actually disappeared and then landed in this Eunuch’s house and how can that be if not for reading good materials, and can we learn from what we hear and then read, it can help us, and then we have crime and evil all over the place, it’s because of what people heard, and then the conversation they have with others, and can we we not help out to reach out to all of these, that are ready to stop, and can we help out to meet the needs of some nice one’s that would never commit crime, but because they don’t have, and then they make up their minds that that’s the only way out, for those that really have, can they help out, and then someone would say, what’s the essence of life, it’s all vanity, well, even if it is, but you could still help out, because life is important to God, and everything in this world is centered on life, at least you could make people feel happy, and so you could be happy. So would stop here.

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