1. Hi viewers, a very good morning to you all, so we are still on God’s word, I actually stopped at Genesis 24 from vs 1 2, 3, and then I talked about how Abraham called on his eldest servant to come go to his own kindred and then get a wife for his son Issacc, and then when we read down the scripture, we would see the zeal with which the servant took those words, this is because he saw seriousness in the words of his master concerning the issue, and when we look at vs 12, this servant prayed, and he said, O Lord God of my master Abraham, I pray thee, send me good speed this day, and show kindness unto my master Abraham.

Now when we look at the prayer of this servant, he was lead by the spirit of God to pray this way, mark his words, O Lord show kindness unto my master, inorderwards, whatever it is that he has done please Lord show him kindness, now this master was not aware that his master had made an error for allowing an Egyptian woman give him his first child, but as he was lead by the spirit of God, he prayed.

Vs 13, he continued his prayers,  behold I stand here by the well of water and the daughters of the men of the city come out to draw water, inorderwards, behold as I stand here by this well, and the daughters of this city comes to draw water, let me get the rightful partner for my masters son.

And when we read down the scripture, he actually found this girl, now guess how he knew this was the right wife for his master’s son, when he asked for water from her, the lady didn’t only give him water, she fetched for all his carmel’s still the spirit of God is trying to communicate something, there is a way to know a good wife, and then you would just know she is not pretending, this is what the spirit is communicating here the lady’s heart, she had a good one, and then if this lady was not a good one, maybe she would just fetch water for herself alone and then walk pass like the rest, or better still  fetch for this servant only and not his carmel’s, and then this one that would fetch for this servant only is still a good one, but looking at this one that would fetch for all the carmels, not thinking of the time spent, is the extraordinary good hearted lady that God wanted for Issacc.

And can we learn from what we read about, and not only the bible, maybe we have materials, and then we could just tell that we can learn so much from reading those materials, and should we not read such content, knowing that it could help us gain knowledge into the things that we need to know, this is what the bible is all about, but it’s just that it’s difficult for most people to just read through, and then they don’t even understand some scriptures or verses the way they ought to understand, and this is where the spirit of God comes in, the spirit of truth, that gives men understanding, and then we could pray, and it might not have to be that shouting prayers, and then you would probably have people listening to you, but you could pray secretly from your heart, this is because it works, and then you could study your bible. This is what we need to do From time to time and so we can gain the knowledge in God’s word.