God’s word 03/02/2022.

  1. wow! Viewers, God’s word continues still, and I keep saying this, because I don’t have my own words, the spirit of God keeps telling me what to do, and then I could switch here and there but God’s word continues, wow! I love God’s word, you are like hearing stories that you could learn from, and then.those stories are actually real, and I love all the encounter in the bible, and then you could be wise reading all of those events and letting the spirit of God guide you, and whatever it is, you could, can, will become a vessel unto honour.

And then sometimes, we just read some part of the scripture, and you wouldn’t understand what you are reading, and when you think, and then allow the spirit of God guide you into what you are reading, you would be amazed at your achievements, though over the years, most people don’t quite gain so much spiritual knowledge when they study, it’s for a reason, this is because.

1. Many that do gain this instant knowledge, has the calling to be used by God.

2. Maybe because you don’t really have that calling, you might read and then find it difficult to understand, and that is why these sets has to hear messages from God’s own minister, and then while hearing those messages, you could have this calling from God as well, and this is how faithful God is.

And then do we think that God is not aware that we want to gain understanding while we are studying, I talked about the story of Phillip and the Eutopean Eunuch, God knows those that study His word, and then all they need to do is to exercise patience, and it might be long though before they get the revelation that they want, but still patience as I said before, and then we would be amazed at the revelation that we might get.

It is important for all of God’s children to understand the relationship that they have with God, understand the extent of their closeness with God, this could help them know what they need to do more and so they could be God’s special vessel.

And then someone would say, what’s even the gain to be this close to God? well, the gain could be many, and then it might not even be Money, though, it could be gift of ministering, revelation, wisdom, healing, just name it, this could be the gift, though sometimes, people just go out of their ways to help all of these sets that has this calling from God, they give them gifts, enormous gifts, it’s just that they are lead to do all of those things, and then it’s still the same God that gives them all of those urge, but then looking at the gains in Christianity, it’s so much, and then it could go on and on, and you could just hear God give you  instructions on what to do from time to time, give you revelation knowledge concerning some events, and then you pick signals of things to come, and you are just this spiritual vessel for God, I could go on and on, So would stop here.


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