God’s word /04/2022.

Hi viewers, I started to do God’s word on the 02/01/2022, yesterday, I was on Facebook, so today, I am here in Google. So I am in Genesis 20, and then I could just read through some part, and then explain; so yesterday I stopped at Genesis 20 vs 9, so would begin from Genesis 20 vs 14,

And A-bim-e-lech took sheep and oxen, and menservants, and women servants and gave them unto Abraham, and restored him Sarah his wife.

Vs 15, and A-bim-e-lech said, behold my land is before thee dwell where it pleaseth thee.

Now we see how important God is in our lives, God interveined, and then this king became friends with Abraham, so if God had not intervein, this king would marry Sarah, and then kill Abraham, what an omen, just because he is a royal king.

Looking at the bible and then all the instances given, still then having people put those event into writting, this is because God saw the end, He knew the heart of men, and then all of those events would have gone by without record of it kept, and then May be few persons that could just write out little of what they saw, and then not the full encounter, but God allowed almost all of these events to be put into writting, and so it could be use for admonition, for teaching, and so His people would understand the mystery then and the mystery that might arise later, and then they could learn, gain wisdom to know from time the situation of things that may come by. This is why we have the bible, the good news that is being preached today, and so the heart of many would be turned to righteousness.

Now let’s look at vs 16, and unto Sarah, he said behold I have given thy brother a thousand pieces of silver, this king is really funny, inorderwards, because Abraham said that Sarah was his wife, he then said I have given thy brother, but whatever it is, he didn’t harm both of them, and still God caused him to favour them.

Now my question is this what if Abraham didn’t have this close relationship with God, and then, even if God instructed him to journey to this land, he would never had recieved God’s blessings, he would have kept having threat impose by this king, and still Abraham wouldn’t have had the opportunity to worship God here in this land, he would have been indoors scared, not knowing the next plan towards him.

This was what I talked about yesterday, that even till recently we have communities, towns, or regions that experience the same, instructions from the royal kingdom would tell you this is what you ought to do and not to do, and should anyone not obey them, that person would be purnished, and then we have the government of the day, even friends with those royal leaders that impose threat on their people or even any foreigner that come visit their land, and should this be the case, certainly not, that is why I said yesterday that there should be a higher body to handle this, because most of these royal rulers are friends with the government, and then they keep gaining the ground to perform more wickedness to their people. So would stop here.


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