God’s word 08/02/2022.

So today viewers, I am here in Google to continue the teachings of God’s word.

I stopped at Genesis 20 vs 14, on Facebook, so I would begin from Genesis 21 vs 1.

And the Lord visited Sarah, as He had said, and the Lord did unto Sarah as He had spoken. Now this was after A-bim-e-lech freed Abraham, and then God decided to visit Sarah, now we see how we could just have people be an obstruction to whatever it is that we want to do, and then cause God’s delay. We all know the story of Abraham and Sarah, and then how their child bearing was delayed, though it might look as though God had a hand in it, and then it was delayed for them to have a child for so many years, but certainly not.

And then I talked about how God wanted to have this brand of new people that would fear him, and obey him, and then he chose Abraham, and when you read the bible carefully guided by the spirit of  God, you would realize that the wickedness that crept into the world was why it became difficult for Abraham to bear a child, this was because you don’t expect God to create the whole world, and then the man that He created began to show Him wickedness, so there would be an error, still seeing that He wanted that genuiness from man, and probably you would find Abraham and Sarah not have any child for so long, waiting for wickedness to be reduced, this was the reason why they never had children for so long.

There are times we find ourselves in situations, events, and we don’t quite know why and we strive to get ourselves out of those situations, we fast and pray, still is as though it’s not really working, but it’s not as though it’s not working, but it might take times and seasons to see the manifestation of what we pray about, which means there are changes that needs to take place from time to time, and until that change takes place, there might not be manifestation of that thing that we actually want, this was the case with Abraham and Sarah, and as at that time, there was suppose to be changes in the way of living of certain people ( the Noah’s family) but their wickedness kept increasing and this was the major reason Abraham and Sarah’s womb was shut up, for so many years, and then still probably having one son which was Issacc, because if they were many, oh! God would have regretted creating the whole world again, and so only Issacc was given to them.

So if we want anything from God, and then we pray, we might not get that full prayers that we wanted, this is because God sees the end from the beginning, and if we would get that full one, there might be an error, error in the science that it might cause a danger, or better still we don’t even know what God sees, and then decided to hold back, and if only we could just be patient and let the spirit of God guide us into achieving all that we want to achieve it would be for our good.

So you all understand what I talked about in this post today, that:

1. people can cause the delay of God’s blessings in the lives of others.

2. And then probably looking at the situation of things at the moment, it can also cause the delay of God’s blessings as well, which was the case of Abraham and Sarah.

So the number one and two is the summary of what I talked about in today’s post.


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