God’s word 09/02/2022.

Hi viewers, good morning to you all, so today would continue from where I stopped, and then I stopped at Genesis 21 vs 2, so would begin from Genesis 21 from vs 3.

And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, whom Sarah bare to him, Issacc, vs 8, and child grew and was weaned: and Abraham made a great feast the same day that Issacc was weaned.

Vs 9, and Sarah saw the son of Ha’-gar the Egyptian which she born unto Abraham mocking.

This last verse is my message for today, we all know  that it took a long time before Abraham had Issacc, so during those waiting time, that was when the bond woman in his house which was an Egyptian gave him a son, now Abraham should have waited, he shouldn’t have allowed this bond woman to give him a son, and then yesterday I talked about the reason why his child bearing was delayed, but all of these was unaware  to him, and then he was desperately in need of a child, and because of that the bond woman in his house, and we all know what bond woman means, a servant, and then because he needed a child, he went for his servant, lay with her and then she had a son for him, and this bond woman was an Egyptian, and we all know Egypt those days, and how their kings kept setting themselves higher than other kings, and then turned all other countries to be afraid of them, and even made some slaves, and now an Egyptian became the first to have a son for the man God had chosen to become the father of many nations, what an error, and this was why Abraham had that revelation that I have talked about before, and how he needed to offer sacrifice to God, and then he stayed and he kept driving birds away from the sacrifice, and at a time, he got tired, and dozed off, and then immediately he saw a revelation from God, and then God said to him that his generation would become slave in a strange  land for four hundred years, and immediately he opened his eyes, that strange land was Egypt.

And this is what I keep talking about, the mystery of life/ the mystery man, his child bearing that was delayed was for a reason, and God never intended an Egyptian to have the first child of Abraham, now we see what happens in this life, because of the son that Egyptian had for Abraham, God saw what Abraham couldn’t see, and because of that Egyptian son that Abraham’s generation had to suffer for four hundred years, and then the last verse that I talked about the Egyptian, the son was mocking, that was all Sarah saw, but God saw the mystery behind the action that Abraham took by allowing the Egyptian have a son for him.

And can we learn from past events and occurrences, we could learn, this is because I have studied the genealogy of God, He doesn’t inflict pains, sufferings or tears on people for His name to be glorified, it would either be from the mystery that the man don’t quite know, and then He would try to fight it over and over again, and if it doesn’t work, or maybe it connects to some situations, and then that man would have to see the reason why the happenings, and then pray continually and be patient, and then God still monitoring the times and seasons to see the right timming for that fellow, it would look as though that person is being delayed, but understanding perfectly the way things work is important because if any one does, you would be able to exercise patient and then get God’s rightful blessings at the right time.

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