God’s word 17/02/2022.

Hi viewers, good morning to you all. So today would Continue on the teaching on God’s word, last time I stopped at Genesis 21 vs 14, so would begin from Genesis 21 vs 15, And the water was spent in the bottle, and she cast the child under one of the shrub. Vs 16, and she went and sat her down over against him in a good way over against him in a good way off as it were a bowshot: for she said, let me not see the death of the child.

Oh! Now I feel for this maiden, but that was the right decision from God, and then when we read further down the scripture, the maiden lifted up her voice and wept. I am learning something striking here,

1. This maiden obeyed, and then agreed to leave the house without causing a fight.

2. She had faith even when she lifted up her voice and wept.

And still when we read further, because of these two reasons that lead to vs 17.

And God heard the voice of the Lad, and then water was provided for her and her son.

And can we learn from the way God operates, though He knew that Abraham already made a mistake for allowing an Egyptian bond woman to have a son for him, yet, His protection still was on this woman.

No matter our actions or reactions most times, we still could have God help us in times of need, but it’s just that we would need to change our negative actions continually, and don’t just be that negative person, and because God fought for you, and then you would choose to be just the  way that you are and still expect the same.

And should we learn to have faith even before we are faced with trials, it could help so much, and this is because you wouldn’t need to stir up faith when trial comes, now, faith is within you, and then you just know that you would always have the help that you need when situations arises.

Vz 20. And God was with the Lad, and he grew, and when we read before this verse, God already promised to make the lad a nation, and then the spirit of God was with the child.

And then someone might say we know about this story, well, you could read about this story each time you can learn something different, and actually, they are not stories, they happened in reality and then because God knew that we could learn when we read the encounter, then it was put in writing for the whole world to read and then understand life’s mysteries, and then have the wisdoms to live by reading all of these encounter.

For not everyone read or study the scriptures and gain wisdom, Because some even when they read, they don’t really gain so much, and for these sets, all they need to do is to attend a living bible church where they can hear the message from a minister, and  then they could gain wisdom, because the minister that would read the scripture carries the annointing of God, and so when they read to your hearing, suddenly, you could begin to gain wisdom from God’s words, and then begin to see the revelation behind the word, so would stop here.


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