God’s word / 21/02/2022.

And so viewers, we would continue on God’s word, we would start from Genesis 22 vs 16.

And said by myself have I sworn saith the Lord, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thy only son: that in blessings I will bless thee, and in multiplying, I will multiply thy seed, as the stars of heaven, and as the seed which is upon the sea shore, and thy seed shall posses the gates of the enemies.

And when we read from the beginning verse, God had instructed Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice, and then he obeyed not questioning why, and all of these was why God so loved him, and then pronounced the above blessings upon him.

Can we learn to trust God, and then someone would ask why all of these writings in the bible, because down the scripture you would probably be seeing, some writings, you would just scape through and then don’t want to read further, but these are the main words and secretes you will not even understand, and then I came to realize that every single word written in the bible has a meaning and even if it is the begat, looking at the generations, and then explaining who gave birth to who, there is still why those generations were written, for every single verse is a message in the bible, but I will not be looking at those parts you all would just wonder why all of these, those parts would be for me, because I could gain understanding and knowledge from those parts, and now let’s look at vs 13, from the same book of Genesis 23.

And he spake unto Ephron in the audience of the people of the land saying, but if thou wilt give it, I pray thee, hear me: I will give thee money for the field, take it of me.

And here, someone would just wonder, why would this be written that Abraham wanted a burying place for his dead, the bible could just skip all of these, but it’s written for a reason, and now here in this part that this Ephron is mentioned, the spirit of God is trying to communicate something, the minds of people, and so everyone could read, learn and understand how most people behave good or bad, that was why all of these were written that Abraham needed a burying place for his dead, and when you read further down the scripture, this Ephron decided to sell huge land to Abraham, and then he was a nice fellow.

And still the spirit of God is trying to communicate even more, and then the spirit is saying, there are times people need this urgent thing, it might not be a land for burying the dead, it might be something more pressing, and then they go meet this fellow, and then they would be deprived of what they wanted, understanding the minds of people, knowing who they really are, and then why it is important to be this nice fellow, that’s the reason the bible talked about here Abraham needed to buy a land.

And then looking at those generations that most people wouldn’t even look at, the bible is trying to tell you who gave birth to who, and then the number of them in that generation, and then probably you are studying further and then you come across those names, you wouldn’t ask were those names came from, and that is why you would see those generations written out.

Now we all understand that every single verse in the bible has a reason it was written, has a reason for us to understand certain facts, but until we yield ourselves to the spirit of God, we might not understand, and then we just read pass, and then for God chosen ministers, all around the world, they could still read all of those parts, and then find out what it really means, because there are facts hidden in most of those parts, and they shouldn’t just scape through, they could learn alot, and they could gain insight into mysteries, for this is what is expected of them to study, to learn, to understand, and so they would be able to explain to God’s children, and so we all could learn the searchable riches which is God’s word.





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