Patience means calmness, it means holding one’s self in, not reacting when faced with negative opposition. Patience over the years has solved so many problems in the Christian world, and also in the earthly world, it has helped to stop so many fight, wars, chaos etc. Because when there was patience, whatever it is that would have brought about a dangerous act, became subsided. Patience over the years, has  led to so many people not to be involved in a matter that would have caused  destruction, this is because, they choose to be patient and then let the matter go. Patience is what has helped the church of God to stand, the prophet is patient even when there are difficulties as regards church issues,  he still remain steadfast, and be ready to render Gods blessings to the children of God.

 As Gods children it is important that we learn to be patient at all times, no matter the situation, we should be an example to the people of the world, they should see us and decide to be patient despite what they face. We should take example from Jesus Christ, who throughout his life time on earth, never spoke any negative word, even while he was being mocked by the Pharisees and Scribes, he was quiet still giving glory to God, he never altered any negative word that would have caused war or chaos. Patient is very important because it will help us  to be able to achieve all that God has planned for us to achieve, and we will be able to stand out no matter the trial and temptations we face in life.

Gods desire  for us, is to be like Him, because He is a patient God, no matter what we do, He want us to know that He is always with us, and believing in us that we will live right, we need to exercise that thought in everything that we do that seems will not turn out well, especially when involve in businesses, being patient  is what is required to help us carry on with the business, because if we are not patient we can decide to leave the business to collapse. So when we are Patient, it  can go a long way to help us in our businesses, and also help us to do things that we ought to do in order to achieve positive result.

The bible talked about David and Absalom his son, in 1 Sammuel 18 and 19, Absalom wanted to be king over Israel, instead of his father David, the bible said that he waged war against David and gathered almost all of Israel to himself and then stirred up war against David, and because of this, David had to run from one place to the other in order to save himself and all his troops ran after him as well, in all of these, David was very patient, waiting for God to fight for him, and Absalom never gave up in the fight and kept pushing after David, but guess what happened, while he was pushing after David, Absalom got killed. This was the judgement of God upon Absalom, nobody killed him, he got stocked in an oak tree, there he died. Though David’s men pushed after him, they never caught him until he got stocked. In all of these, David was patient, and that was why God fought for him.

When we are patient, God fights for us, He brings victory to us, and deliver us from our enemies, so it is important that we recognise this fact  at all times so God can fight for us, we should always allow God to take charge so our victory will be sure, and we will be free from problems. Today; God wants us to be calm, no matter what we face, He wants us to see the victory at the end, He doesn’t want us to give up, knowing fully well that He is with us to see us through till end. God want us to learn from Him to see how patient He is, instead of Him destroying the whole world because of sin as in the time of Noah, he decided to send His own son into the world to cleanse the world from sin, even while His son suffered in the world in the hands of hypocrites, He was still patient, because it was His wish for His son Jesus to pay the price on the cross, even while Jesus suffered and died, He knew what He wanted, a brand new world of peace, and a brand new world of people who would reverence and recognise Him, and also for the lost to be saved and come to the full knowledge of God.

Patient is what will only make God develop a personal relationship with us, because God is a patient God, and for God to speak to us frequently, we have to be committed to Him, and that commitment requires patience, but so many Christians are not aware of this, when they pray, and don’t get answers, they become frustrated easily or begin to doubt the power of God, this ought not to be so. Commitment in the things of God, can go a long way to get God to answer our prayers speedily, it will lead to our blessings as fast as possible, but what God requires, is our patience, when we are patient, it makes God give us more revelation about Himself, because He loves those  that are calm, because He is a just God that knows the end from the beginning, and also know how to bless His children that put their trust in Him, He is the God of patience, so it is important Christians and even none Christians have patience as a nature, because when patience is your nature, in spite of negative opposition, you will always be calm and go on with life. This is Gods desire for His children, being calm at all times, waiting for His reward.

The bible talked about the sick man at the pool of Bethsaida, the bible recorded that once in a year, the angel of God comes to stir up the water, and any sick person that is being thrown in to the water first, get healed. But this man, each time he tried to get into the pool, another is being thrown first, and so it was for years. But one day, this man’s prayers was heard, he met with Jesus, and then he was healed. There was something about this man, he never gave up, and he kept coming to the pool, and then he received his miracle. Today, God want us to be patient at all times, no matter the case or the situation, He doesn’t want us to give up, He wants us to keep having hope that He hears us when we call on Him, and by doing this, we should be rest assured that He will grant us answers to our prayers. Often times, people pray, and then get tired so fast, and they give up because they think that their prayers cannot be heard, not knowing even before they started praying that God already knew what they wanted. This time, what they need is calmness to wait for God to grant them answers, and they don’t need to panic, they only need to be patient, and before long, God will hear them, and put a smile on their face. God is the creator of the world, and as Christians, only God that we should pray to and not men, and only God will grant us answers to our prayers, so praying and be patient is what God require of us, and as we do, He then releases His blessings upon us, causing us to shine all the time. We need to have the gift of patience, because Patience is a gift, not all Christian has it and not every Christian is aware of it, and until Christians begin to have it and also be aware of it, they will not be able to get answers to their prayers, because most times God don’t hear our prayers instantly and all we require is to wait for answers to our prayers. People, especially Christians needs to understand the importance of patient because when they are being tempted, exercising patient is what they need to move to their next level. Patience is a virtue we should always pray to have, because when we do, it will be given to us by God, because God loves patient people, so being committed in the things of God, and be patient enough to receive reward is what God has planned for us. So we should be ready to live  our lives knowing fully well that God watches us, and before long, we will receive His blessings, and be able to declare confidently that we are His children who has been sent to save the world.


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