• Prophecy means Revelation and declaration of an event or a matter to come. Prophecy is found in Christianity, and only a Christian or a child of God can prophecy, though often times, most Christians don’t understand the power that is binding on prophecy, but it’s still of top most importance that they  Prophesy as they are led by the spirit of God.

Today, we have quite a number of prophecy spoken of in the bible, and they all came to pass, almost all the prophecies given in the bible were inspired by God, we have a number of these prophets, like Prophet Isaiah, I love his Prophecies, now let’s look at Isaiah  53 vs 1.

Who hath believed our report, and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant and as a root out of a dry ground, this was talking about the birth of Jesus Christ, and then Jesus Christ as a child, and then, he had no form and comeliness, which means he had no iniquity, and then when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should behold of him, this talked about when Jesus Christ will begin to preach the gospel, he would be loved by so many, which was what we saw later on, and then people so love him preach and performed miracles, and they all loved him and wanted to do same, and he was a beauty that people should desire of him. Vs 3 of the same book of Isaiah, he is dispised and rejected of men, a man of sorrow and aquatinted with grief, this refered to the surfferings of Jesus Christ, and finally his death.

  • Now Prophet Isaiah as the time he wrote these Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ, didn’t have any explanation of what he wrote, but he knew that he was prophesying based on the inspiration of the spirit of God, but these prophecies all came to pass, now I had to write out these verses, and the scripture and so you all could understand what I am trying to explain, actually I am going to be explaining the two kinds of prophecies that we have, but without mentioning these verses or any scriptures, which means I can actually preach the gospel without mentioning any scripture, but it’s still the same scripture or bible verses that I am preaching from, now let’s look at Ezekiel 6 vs 1,
  • And the word of the Lord came unto me saying, son of man set thy face towards the mountains of Isreal and prophecy against them, inorderwards God wanted Ezekiel to declare what he wanted to see in the lives of the Isrealites, which is the second meaning of Prophecy that I gave at the beginning post, which is Prophecy means declaration, and then when we read further this scripture, the Isrealites turned their heart from  serving God, and then God wanted to release his purnishment on them, and then He called for Prophet Ezekiel to declare words concerning the Isrealites and so they can receive their purnishment. Now this brings us to the two kinds of Prophecy. We have two kinds of Prophecies, which is
  • 1. Definite Prophecy.
  • 2. Indefinite Prophecy.
  • 1. Definite Prophecy: these are prophecies that can not be changed, these are the direct word from God concerning things to come, just like the Prophecy of Isaiah concerning Jesus Christ, and still we have quite a number of Prophecies that God wanted to communicate with His children or maybe a direct Prophecy during church services as regard certain issues a man might be facing, and then the man of God gives the word, and then speak about the issues publicly, explaining what God is intending to do in the life of that person, this kind of Prophecy cannot be changed no matter the effort that might be put to try and stop it, and the word that was spoken of in that day, especially when the person needs God’s intervention on a particular matter, now when the word of God comes from the man of God, it is definite. This is the definite Prophecy.
  • 2. Indefinite Prophecy: These are Prophecies that can be changed, like Ezekiel 6 vs 1, that I talked about, that God instructing Prophet Ezekiel to Prophesy against the children of Isreal, now this kind of Prophecy can be changed, even if God gave instructions to Prophesy. Now changes in this kind of Prophecy will be based on changes the one  the Prophecy is meant for, changes on his plans and behavior, or may be that is why we have later on God still making up His mind to bless the children of Isreal, and this was because of the Prophecy Prophesied  against them were indefinite, which means they can be changed.
  • Still, we have quite a number of people that Prophesied in the bible and they were not sure if their prophecies were definite or indefinite, and they actually thought it was a song, and then they thought it was a poem, or better still, they are just Prophesying based on the inspiration they had from the spirit of God. Now let’s look at song of songs, looking at song of songs, when we read dilligently,  most of the Prophesies in the book were definite, and this time, they were comming from King Solomon, now let’s look at song of songs.
  • Song of songs chapter 6 vs 10
  • Who is this that appears like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in procession, this was refer to Jesus Christ, but King Solomon just wrote this without having a clue to what he  was writing, and then vs 11, I went down to the Grove of the nut trees to see if it had budded, now reading the encounter of Jesus Christ, who ever sat under an oak tree and then preach the gospel, and who did a woman meet sitting alone, and then he preached to her, it was Jesus Christ. Vs 11, I went down to the Grove of nut trees  to look at the new growth in the valley to see if the vines had budded or the Promegranates were in bloom, vs 12, before I realized it, my desires set me among the royal chariots of my people, now explaining the encounter that the woman had with Jesus Christ, as she went to the nut.trees, she was surprise to hear the gospel that turned her life around, now we see, all the steps of Jesus Christ  were already ordered so long ago for so, so may be hundreds of years or even more before Jesus Christ  came into existence, what an awesome God that we serve, the head of all Programming, the lilly of the valley, the rose of Sharon, I am that I am, the greatest God, and who can comprehend His power, and who can comprehend His strength, now no one, He is the ancient of days that sits on His throne with no one to comprehend His strength, how marvelous you are Lord, don’t want to start writing Psalm to praise the name of the Lord here on this post, but God indeed is God of all intelligence, and then when we read further this song of song King Solomon went on and on to write his song on the comming of Jesus Christ, but the explanations were not given as at that time, but today we know who he talked about, he talked about Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of God, wow! I thought on explaining the song of songs on the sites page on Facebook, but don’t think it will be long, just a few verses of explanation, and so for my viewers, this site actually have a Facebook page, maybe for those that want to read more on God’s word, you all can just go from Goggle to Facebook to check for more words, the page name is still the same name of the site. So I would love to stop here, and let’s look forward to another post next time, on same site. Thanks all and stay blessed.

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