Sunday 02/01/2022 Message.

Happy new year everyone, and happy first Sunday of the month. Seeing today being the first Sunday of the first month of the year, still would expatiate on the Word for the year.

Now let’s look at this scripture, Zechariah 1 vs 1. We all know the key scripture in the Word for the year came from the book of Zechariah, so probably now and then this period, I am going to be talking about Prophet Zechariah, his visions, revelation, and the way God spoke to him.

Zechariah 1 vs 1.

In the eight month, in the second year of Darius came the word of the Lord unto Zechariah, the son of Ber-e-chi-ah, the son of Id’-do the Prophet saying, the Lord hath been sore displeased with your father’s.

Vs 3, therefore say thou unto them, thus saith the Lord of hosts, turn ye unto me saith the Lord, and I will turn unto you, saith the lord of hosts.

Now these were the words of Zechariah, and then probably he was speaking to those that God spoke concerning about. Now looking at his words here, it still goes along with God’s word for the year, inorderwards, speaking to those that has displeased God, and then those that are faraway from Him, the only way that they would accomplish or be uplifted this year is in vs 3, which says, turn ye unto me the Lord of Host, and I will turn unto you saith the Lord of host. So this means, for those that don’t know God, and then for those that are faraway from Him, would have to turn to God this year, and then He would turn to them, for this is the only way they would experience the Word for the year.

Now let’s look at the quick history of Zechariah the Prophet. Zechariah was one of God’s Prophet, and he was commissioned in the building of the temple in Jerusalem, and so he encouraged people to build God a house of worship. And then he  had his own ranking, he didn’t quite fall in the ranking of Prophet Elijah and Prophet Elisha, because these were Prophets that people met one on one and then they communicated God’s word to them, and those that needed help, they rendered, and those that needed healing, they spoke the word, and they were healed. So Zechariah’s  ranking fell on the ranking of Joel the Prophet, Zephaniah, the Prophet, and then Haggai, which means, he could be ranked alongside these Prophets, because all of these, gave visions and revelation from God.

You all remember that I said in this year’s Word (Rhema) 2022, that I would still be talking about the Word for the year, in my posts here on Google, and then part of it on facebook, just as I am led by the spirit of God, so this period, you all shouldn’t miss series of my posts, because I am going to be expantiating more on the Word for the year, this is because, I am led by the spirit of God to expantiate early, sometimes, I would speak the way anyone could understand, but sometimes, maybe just as those Prophets, and then still God’s children would understand.

So for today’s Sunday’s message is centred on turning to God, and then He would turn to you, or better still, allowing God into any matter this year, and then He would help you. So all happy new year once more and do have a wonderful Sunday.

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