Sunday 02/19/2022 Message.

Happy New Month Of Triumph to You All, Wow! And What Else Should we do or Say To Our Creator, Our Great God, The Author Of The Whole Earth, And We Have Every Cause To Glorify The King Of Kings And The Lord Of Lord’s For Seeing Us Through This Year.

So Looking At Today As The Very First Sunday Of October, And Then We All Want, A Word From God, A Word That Could Help Us Take The Right Step, Stiil Looking At Circumstances, The Right Word That Would Make Us Not Wander About, But Always Knowing What To Do And So We Could Achieve The Rightful Decision.

The Scripture We Would Look At Today, Is From The Book Of Proverbs – 26 From Vs 1.

As Snow Is Summer, And As Rain In Harvest So Honour Is Not Seemly For A Fool. Which Means, Honour Doesn’t Come To A Foolish Man, Unreasonable Man, A Man That Doesn’t  Think Before He Speaks, And He Doesn’t Even Understands What He Says, His Words Are Foolish, So Honour Wouldn’t Come To These Ones, And You Dare Not Listen Them, Else You Would Become Foolish, Now Vs 4 Says Answer Not A Fool According To His Folly, Lest He Be Wise in His own Conceit, Which Means He be Wise In His Own Foolish Plans, Still Which Means, Because He has Spoken Foolish Words To Anyone, And Then Now Thinking That The Person Is Beginning To Think On His Foolish Words, And Thus Making Him Wise, So Vs 4 Says, Answer Not Him.

Now Let’s Go To Vs 2, As The Bird By Wandering, As The Swallow By Flying So The Cause Causless Shall Not Come. This was Actually The First Scripture That Spirit Of God Showed Me, And Then The Spirit Marked “Wandering” And Then Took Me To My Post This Morning On Facebook, I Mentioned Wandering, Like No One Should Wander But To Be At Ease, And Still The Spirit Took Me To Deuteronomy 13 From Vs 1.

If There Arise Among You A Prophet, Or A Dreamer Of Dreams, And Giveth Thee A sign Or A ” “Wonder” Now let’s Check This Two Words, “Wander” And then “Wonder”  They are Interelated Right, First Wander, Anyone Could Wander About, Not certain What He is Doing, Whether it is Wrong Or Whether It is Right, But Just Begin To Wander About Not Knowing What To Do. And Then On The Other Hand “Wonder” You Could Have A Dream,  Or Better Still A Dreamer Of Dreams, And Then Begin To Wonder But Why This Dream, Like This Scripture just Said, And Then When You Read Down 3 and 4 Of Deuteronomy 13 Don’t Succumb To What The Prophet Said To You especially If it’s Bad, and Then The Dreamer Of Dreams, Because Vs 2 Says, And The sign Or The Wonder Come To Pass, Which Means The Sign The Dreamer Of Dreams Gave To You Or The Prophet If It Come To Pass, And Then It Says Later –  Deuteronomy 13 Vs 2,  second Part Where-OF  He Spake Unto Thee, Saying Let Us Go After Other gods Which Thou Hast Not Known, And Let Us Serve Them, Inorderwards, Because What The Prophet Said, Or The Dreamer Of Dreams, And Then You Began To Wonder, And It Came To Pass, Now This Scripture Is Saying Doesn’t It Mean You Should Now Go After Other gods, Certainly Not,  And Then The Spirit Of God Is Saying ” Don’t Wonder” If Any Prophet Arise Or A Dreamer Of Dreams Gives You A sign Of A Dream, Don’t Wonder At The Dream,  leave The Dream Dreamer Or The Prophet And Go Change The sign They gave You. And Still You All Remember That I Talked About The Annointing To Change Things, So You Could yield Yourselves To God’s Spirit To Change Whatever It Is. This Should Be Strictly Noted, Inorderwards, Don’t Wonder At The Enemies Dreams, And When You Dream, Especially When it’s Negative, Don’t  Wonder Or Wander But Change It By The Power Of The Annointing To Cause A Change. This Should Be Strictly Noted, And Then You All Know That We Are Ending The Year, Don’t Accept Negative Dreams To Move To A new Year. And Then If You Dream, Especially When It Is Negative Don’t Even Wonder Change It, And Then  Don’t Wander.

Wow! I Love The Spirit Of God, And Then God Says Peradventure The Sign That The Dream Of Dreams Gave To You Come To Pass, So You Go Seek Other gods, So To Prevent This, Don’t Wonder At Any Negative Dream,  Be It You Dreamt It, Or You Were Given A Sign By A Prophet Or A Dreamer. So All Of God’s Children Note This Fact, And Then Mark “Wonder” Just As The Spirit Of God Marked It, And Then “Wonder” As Well.

So My Scripture For Today Is Actually From Proverbs 26, Its Just That I Decided To Check Another Scripture, Still I Saw Similar Word That The Spirit Of God Marked, So I was Led To Talk About That Also, And Actually, I have Always wanted To Analyze That Part I Just Talked About, But I didn’t know How I would Put It, But Wow! God Is Awesome, And I Am Surprise That It Came Now, Because It’s The Right Time, So Moving Close To The End Of The Year, And Then Entering Into A New Year, No Bad Sign From A Dreamer Or A Prophet Or Better Still You As A child Of God Not Having Your Own Bad Sign To Move Into The New Year. This Should Be Noted.

So Proverbs 26 Vs 2 Says And As The Bird By Wandering, As The Swallow By Flying, So The Causeless Shall Not Come. Inorderwards, As The Bird Wanders , And As The Swallow By Flying, No Evil Shall Come To God’s People, God’s Children, And whatever It is That Would Cause Harm Would Not Befall Them. This is The Word Of The Lord This Season So Would Stop Here.



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