Sunday /03/07/2022 message.

Hi viewers, welcome to a wonderful and a glorious new month. So today, we are going to be looking at the book of 11 Chronicles 7 from vs 1- 2.

It reads, now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offerings, and the sacrifices and the glory of the Lord filled the house. Vs 2, and the priest could not enter into the house of the Lord, because the glory of the Lord hath filled the lord’s house.

Wow! I love this scripture, and then I love king Solomon, and we could go back and read chapter 6 vs 10 of the same book of 11 Chronicles, and it reads, the Lord therefore hath performed His word that He hath spoken for I am risen up in the room of David my father, and I am set on the throne of Israel as the Lord promised and have built a house for the name of the Lord.

What a scripture, I love all of the scenerio about king Solomon in the bible the life that he lived, and how he so pleased God and then built Him a house of gold and precious stones, and then the house of God is so important, and that’s my message for today, “God’s house” and then we could have people, and then some Christians, and they don’t quite understand the importance of God’s house, and all they know is to just go and worship, and that’s all, and who would have possessions kept from time to time, maybe with someone, and then you wouldn’t know what possessions that you keep, and still maybe it’s strictly with security, and then you wouldn’t remember how it was kept, and even though you don’t remember how you kept your possessions, and that is why I mentioned security, you can be called one day to come look at it, or better still you know what you kept and you don’t need to go look at it, until when you need it; I am giving an example, because this is the way serving God whether in God’s own church, or better still using your house as a place of worship, you would be storing up treasures, unknown to you. God’s house is a place where everyone of God’s children could store up their worships, store up their offerings, store up their services to God, and Incase of trials, circumstances, depending on what you were able to store up, that’s what you get, but though sometimes, most Christians might not be able to store up so much, but grace maketh all things work together, wow! Wow! Would I be talking about grace today? my message for today ins’t grace, but though all of God’s word, and then the summary of the testaments, is connected to grace, because you could read about the old testament, read about Noah, you would find grace, stiil, you could read about Moses and how God used him to save the Israelites, you would find grace there, and then come to the new testament, looking at the healings and teachings of Jesus Christ, wow! Wow! I love the healings and teachings of Jesus Christ, and then still you would find grace there. So all of the summary in the word of God, is centered on grace, so I wouldn’t talk about grace here in today’s message, because looking at what I am talking about, storing up treasures, every child of God need to store up treasures, so it is very important, that is why I wouldn’t talk about grace, because it is important that everyone store up treasures. Some one can say, well since I can’t serve God, maybe the person is a young convert, and then that person would say, God would make grace to work for me, still grace could work for you as a young convert because you are new and might not understand how important serving God is, and that’s when grace would work for you and then that young convert would have to go to church, because treasures need to be stored up, if not during trials, circumstances, you might not find grace. We need to store up treasures, like grace, peace, divine health, name it in God’s house, and so when we are in need of those treasures, we would get it in due time, everyone of God’s children need to understand this facts, no matter what, and whatever it is, don’t seperate from God’s presence, and you might not have to go to church, and maybe you are tired, you could experience that presence in your homes, and even though is  in your offices, you could be calm, just under that presence, for this is the rule for God’s children, to store up treasures in God’s house and so when they are in need of those treasures, they would find them. So would stop here.


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