Sunday 07/08/2022 message.

So today viewers, I am going to be having my tomorrow Sundays post for today, and then we are going to be looking at faith, faith in God, faith needed to move to the realm that God wants us to be, and then the bible defined faith in Hebrews 11 vs 1 as, as the substance of the things hope for, things we haven’t yet seen but have it our minds and then we talk about them, having the hope/ faith that we would have all of those things manifested in our lives, though it is not easy sometimes to stay in faith, it is not easy to hope, because you might just keep hoping, and there might be delay, still in all of these,you could still have strong faith, strong faith to accomplish, strong faith to move to the next phase of your achievements, still we could have strong faith to trust and obey God’s word, because anyone would need the word to stiil go ahead, even in times of trial, and irrespective of  the circumstances that may come by, the word of faith that is preached, the word of faith that you read, this is what is needed, this is because we are in the era where we would always see or hear informations that would want to draw us back, so we would always need the right ones, the right ones that would still ginger us to stand, standing and holding fast the word of faith that we have at the moment, that is why it is important that every point in time, we should keep hearing the word of God over and over again, because the recent ones most times, is what is and the new word we have to stand, it is what we have to achieve results, for this is it, and looking at God’s children all around the word, faith is what is needed to push forward, irrespective of what people say, irrespective of trials persecution, challenges, we would keep needing faith. So God is saying to all of His children to have faith in Him, trust His word, and so He could still be with us, irrespective of whatever it is and then fight our daily challenge, maybe its defeat,  suicide, frustration, all threats from the enemies, be there with those that trust in His name be there with those that their hearts are right before Him, this is because you could have faith, and then your heart might not be right before the creator, and you could have faith, and then you are a sinner, God can’t work with such people, and that is why the bible says that faith without works is dead, which means faith without doing its work, and what is the work of faith? Living a sinless life, not being corrupt, or evil mindedness, not stealing and having faith, not commitng crime and still having faith, but having faith with works, which is complete this is the faith that God wants His children to have, for by this, they would obtain results, so would stop here.

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