Sunday 09/10/2022 Message.

A Very Good Afternoon To Everyone, So For Today’s Sunday’s Message, We Are Going To Be Looking At 2 Kings 10 vs 1. And Ahab Had Seventy Sons In Samaria, And Jehu Wrote Letters, And Sent To Samaria. Let’s Stop Here, Because This Scripture Is Quite Long And So Let’s Move To Vs 17. And When He Came To Samaria, He Slayed All That Remained Unto Ahab In Samaria, Till He Had Destroyed Him According To The Saying Of The Lord Which He Spake Unto Elijah.

We All Know The Story Of Ahab, And Jezebel His Wife, And How They Dealt With God’s Prophets, And Then God Needed Someone Who Could Help Out, Some one Who Would Help His People, And Then Jehu Was Found; So Jehu Actually Wrote This Letter, And The Letter Was Instructions Concerning The Sons Of Ahab, And Still Was To Bring Justice To God’s People, And When We Read Further, Jehu Destroyed All Of Ahabs Family And All Those That Worked With Them To Fight God’s People, And Then After He Did, Because He Was Working After God’s Plan And Instructions. So Vs 31 But Jehu Took No Heed To Walk In The Law Of The Lord God Of Isreal With All His Heart. This is My Message For Today.

Having People That God Called Or That God Chose To Help Out, Or Maybe To Make Some Changes, And They Knew That They Were Walking After God’s Instructions, But They Were Suppose To Take Over A Whole New World, Like Make People Realize How Wrong It Is To Bring pains To Others, But Instead After Fighting For God’s People, They Themselves Became The Wrong People To Bring Pains To Others.

And Do We Have These Sets Today, Whom God Chose To Clean The Tears Of Many, Whom God Chose To Bring Happiness To Others, But They Became What They Should Have Stopped, And Then Vs 32 Says, And In Those Days, And The Lord Began To Cut Isreal Short, And Hazeal Smote Them In All The Coasts Of  Isreal, This is Because, This One Man Jehu, Actually Now Made Isreal To Sin Against God And So God Cut Isreal Short, Like Reduce The Number Of Them, This Was Because Majority Of Them Began To Go Against God’s Will, And So It Was.

As Christians, Especially As God’s Own  Or Chosen People It Is Important That We Open Our Hearts Fully To God, Let  The Spirit Of God Know If We Are Fully Ready To Obey Him, And To Do The Things That He Wants Us To Do, Not Pretending, And Then It Would Look As Though We Would Do More, And It Would Look As Though We Would Cause Changes, And Then We Would Be Entrusted To What God Wants Us To Do, And Then There Would Be Turn Around, And Still Not Knowing The Consequences Of What We Have Done, Consequences That Could Destroy Others. So It Is Important That We Open Our Hearts Hundred Percent To God, Let The Spirit Of God See Our Real Person, And So He Would Know If He Could Use Us Or Not. So Would Stop Here.

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