Sunday 13/03/2022 message

Good afternoon viewers, today’s Sunday message would be here on Google, so you all would have part on Facebook, but the rest would be on Google.

Scripture Zechariah 6 from vs 1.

And I turned and lifted up mine eyes, and looked and behold there came four chariots out from between two mountains; and the mountains were mountains of brass, specified.

Vs 2, in the first chariot were red horses, and in the second chariot black horses.

Vs 3, and in the third chariot white horses, and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses.

Vs 4, then I answered and said unto the angel that talked with me, what are these my Lord.

Wow! Vs 5, and the angel answered and said unto me, these are the four spirits of the heaven which go forth from standing before the Lord of the earth.

And when you read further, the role of the four angels were talked about.

Now I have to read vs 7, because that’s the only way you all would understand my message.

Vs 7, and the bay went forth and sought to go that they might walk to and fro through the earth, so they walked to and fro through the earth.


Now vs 8, this is where my message is, then cried he upon me saying, behold these that go towards the north country have quieted my spirit in the north country.

Now why this statement by God, the angels that He sent to the different regions, but in the north country, those angels that went to the north country quieted His spirit, and then why this quietness.

1. Excessive wickedness.

2. Idolatory.

3. Whatever it is that is called sin, name it, and that was why those angels quieted the spirit of God, and this is because, there is a rule in the kingdom, no angel, seeing how wicked or how attrocity would look like, would say it plainly to God, they would speak another language which is what they did, and they quieted God’s spirit.

This scripture and this message is from the book of Zechariah, and then we all remember the word for the year, and the key scripture came from this book, and then I did the Expantiation on the Word Rhema 2022, and then I was lead to read from the same book, wow! I love the Word Rhema 2022, and I could go back to my written copy and just read over and over again, and then I could understand perfectly, and still remember what the spirit of God wants for this year, and so it should be.

Now back to those angels that God sent to move to and fro the earth, some moved to the south, and then to the north country, trying to watch the world that God created, and then what is happening? Good or bad, and then why these excessive wickedness from the north country, and should wickedness continue to ravage the earth, certainly not, because it’s an obstruction to good happenings, and then what are the good ones saying? because sometimes, the good ones could help out, by:

1. Trying to find out what about these fellows, and what they want, because still sometimes, these really bad ones are in need of something, and they are not getting it, and what they would make up their minds to do is to be wicked.

2.  Trying to give them words of wisdom, and for God’s own children trying to share the word with them.

3. Maybe rendering help to some of them that could barely feed and so they become wicked.

4. There are still some rich ones that are wicked, and then who could help these ones, the good ones, and it could just go on but the fact is that it’s good that everyone especially God’s children live a life of legacy, set a mark because it could help, it shows who you really are. I talked about setting a mark in my recent post on Facebook, and then I could just do all of those thoughts, and I am still sharing good words, and those words are the words God really wants for His children, and then for the message of today, the spirit of God is saying, stop wickedness, stop trouble making, and then anyone could make trouble and then result to wars. So would stop here.






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