Sunday 16/10/2022 Message.

  • Good Morning Everyone To A Glorious Sunday Service, So Seeing Today Another Sunday, Another Day Whereby We Could Hear From The Spirit Of God, And Then We Could Reason Out Or Better Still Yield Ourselves To God’s Spirit To Know What We Must Do At This Season.

So Today’s Scripture Is From The Book Of Psalm 107 Vs 1 –

Let’s Begin First From Vs 1.  O Give Thanks Unto The Lord, For His Mercy Endureth For Ever. Vs 2, Let The Redeem Of The Lord Say So Whom He Had Redeemed From The Hands Of The Enemy, And Gathered Them Out Of The Land, From The East And From The West From The North And From The South.

Vs 4, They Wandered In The Wilderness In A Solitary Place, They Found No City To Dwell In, Hungry And Thirsty, Their Soul Hunted In Them, Vs 6, Then They Cried Out Unto The Lord In Their Trouble, And He Delivered Them Out Of Their Distress.

The Last Part Of This Psalm Is My Message Of Today. God Delivery His Children From Their Trouble, From Hunger, From Thirst And From Distress.

Today We Live In A World Whereby It Becomes Difficult Sometimes To Get Help, It Becomes Difficult To Make A Living, Though There Are Times, People Would Strive Especially God’s Children Would Strive So They Could Get What They Want, And Still It’s As Though Nothing Is Happening, They Pray Continually, Still It As Though All Hope Is Lost, So The Above Psalm Is Saying That For God’s Children That Wander At The Wilderness,  Inorderwards, They Wandered Where There Is Dryness, No Good Thing At All, They Wandered From North, South, East And West, They Were  Thirsty, And Then No Food, In Distress, And Still There Was No Help, So God Would Bring Them Out Of  Distress, Out Of  Wandering And Them To The Rightful Place That He Wants For Them, And Still The Psalm Is A psalm Of Thanksgiving, Thanking God For Everything And For All He Has Done, Being Grateful For His Faithfulness, For His Kindness And then Recognizing The Supremacy Of God Is What This Psalm Is All About, Giving God Thanks, Even In Distress, Trauma, In Thirst, In Hunger, And Still In Wandering About Giving God Thanks In All Things, No Matter The Situation, The Encounter Waiting On God To Bring Us Out Of Trial, Out Of Distress, And Then I Remember The First Sunday In The Month Of October And Then I Did The Book Of Proverbs, And That Proverbs Says, Just As The Bird Wanders, Inorderwards The Proverbs Was Insinuating Even Though It Becomes Tough And Then You Begin To Wander, Evil Will Not Come Upon Any Child Of God, God Would Not Cause Evil To Harm Any Of His Children That Wanders, This Is Because Wandering Could Be  Harmful, Remember In The Wilderness How It Was Difficult, That Was Why God With His Mighty Hand Brought Out The Isrealites Out Of Bondage,  Though Sometimes, God’s People Shouldn’t Wander, Because It Might Be Dangerous If They Do, They Shouldn’t Worry But To Be At Ease For This Would Or Might Be The Rightful Desission, But Learning To Yield Oneself To The Holy Spirit Is Of Importance, This Is Because You Would Know What To Do, Where To Go, And Then Being Fully Yielded To The Spirit Of God To Know The Right Decision, The Right Decision That Would Bring Victory, For This Is The Word of The Lord Concerning This Season. So Would Stop Here.



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