Sunday 14/08/2022 message.

It’s another wonderful suday, and God has been faithful, and can we begin to think back at all of His mercies, think back and now at the battle He has fought and won, and maybe there is still some other things that we might want God to do, and then suddenly, we feel within ourselves that it might not be possible, and still suddenly our faith begin to shake, and we remember last Sunday that I talked about faith, and then today, I am still going to be speaking on faith, faith during daring situations, and then we could look at this scripture from Exodus 4 from vs 1.

Moses answered, what if they do not believe me or listen to me, and say the Lord did not appear to you, inorderwards, what if some of  God’s children don’t believe God’s ministers, it would be difficult if you don’t believe as a child of God, because in the realm of God’s spirit, believing is first, and then this children of Israel needed to be free from pharaoh, because it was an error for them to be subject under pharaoh, and under bondage, and then who would God send to free these sets, a minister annointed by God Himself, and we all remember during the bible days, all of the people that God used, God annointed them all by Himself, and then on some occasions, He called for those He already annointed and gave them permission to annoint those that He wanted, and seeing these sets of annointed ones, they heard directly from God, and they weren’t joke, they could speak the mind of God, and why shouldn’t God’s children believe these sets of God’s annointed, though I am quite aware that there are daring situations, even situations that would make any child of God maybe think like but how, but how can this be possible, I have tried this and that, I have prayed, well, I am happy to announce that if you are such a fellow, you could find out a number of these:

1. First of all check yourself, do you have faith? and what are the things that you do daily, like maybe go to work, that’s fine, who are your work mate? It might be strange saying all of these, but that is it, how do you discuss with them? Do you tell them things about yourself? And then your environment, this is because there is always enemies, the devil, and his cohorts, those he resides in, and you can be amazed at what they can or likely to do, if you are faced with situations, and if you are close to any of his agents that could be a major factor of no answers to prayers, because you are close to them, and you tell them what you might be facing, though it is still difficult to believe, but that can be a major  factor as I said before, and even though you have faith, and even though you pray, and they just keep monitoring all of the things that you do, and then you might not have answeres to your prayers, and then someone would say, but God is all powerful, and God is almighty yes He is, He has helped so many of His children through dangerous means, but come on, we are in times and seasons, understanding the seasons is helpful, and you need to know why your prayers are not answered, you need to understand some certain facts, you could  and would be a giant for yourself, but because you don’t know, you might have to cry and cry for God to hear you, and this is because.

2. The enemies operate in the physical most times, they do things physical, and so if you just keep praying and going to church only, without being a detective all by yourself, they would gladly take that space and monitor all what you do, and where you go to in the first place, oh! Oh! You are a child of God, and you want God to hear you, all of these are stumbling block, and I don’t want to go to their fetish means, and then someone would say, all powers bow to the name of Jesus Christ, yes that is it, this  happens if enemies wow! Wow! The stubborn enemies, don’t have a clue on whatever it is you are doing, they don’t know that you went to church, and then I talked about monitoring, yes they are monitoring spirits, wow! Again, and then you might say why my wow! This is because there are ministers that God gave this calling, this message that I am sharing right now, monitoring spirits, and then they try to explain all of these, and then wants God’s children to pray aggressively, this is what I am trying to explain still, but sometimes, the aggression does not work, this is because the enemies have become physical detective, and then the evil spirits inside of them monitors all of the affairs of God’s children, through physical means, they know when you go to like I said before, and then I talked about the place of work, and then your environment, and if they begin to monitor what you are doing, and that is it, and until you become a detected, like I said before, and then if they ask you maybe you are going to church, don’t tell them where you are going, and then there are ministers that preach on all of these,  because they have the revelation of all these things and you would have other ministers as well, wondering where they got all of the revelation from, why saying all of these to God’s children? this is because these other ministers saying these, they have a separate revelation, that was why I said in the Expantiation on the word Rhema 2022, I said all of God’s ministers stay in the realm God has put you, and if you don’t have revelation concerning a realm, or maybe you understand the realm and you don’t want to talk about it, so be it, the ones you can talk about, address it, that is where God has put you, and then the ones that you feel you don’t know, and somehow you can really say, that is it, you should say the ones you can say, and then these other ones that say all of these things, don’t ever look at them and say is this message? why all the agression and so enemies would be destroyed, this is because it is not your realm, but be contious of this realm, even though you can’t preach it, wow! God bless all of His ministers, I am speaking the word of God to you all, and then for God’s children, we need to understand this facts, not critising and that is why we had that opening scripture Exodus  4 vs 1, Moses answered, what if they do not believe me or listen to me, and say the Lord did not appear to you, inorderwards, it is expected that God’s children believe God’s word, believe the message that is shared to them, for they are from God. So would stop here.

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