Sunday 19/06/2022 message.

Hi viewers, a very wonderful Sunday to you all, wow! It’s Sunday again, and God has been faithful, and then looking at the past happenings, and the recent happenings, you could tell, there are times, and then though those times could be caused by people, yes certainly most times, out of greed to attain a height, and then the wickedness that has been in the world, looking at the times, from God’s point of view, you could tell like the way people would react, you could tell their actions now  and later then, you could just know certain facts about them. Now let’s look at this scripture.

1 king’s 22 vs 6.

Then the king of Israel gathered the prophets together, about four hundred men, and said unto them, shall I go against Ramoth-gile-ad to battle, or shall I forbear? now as at this time, anyone could feel the King of Isreal, and then probably he was tired of all of these people in Ramoth-gile-ad, he never wanted war, but he was tired of being subdued, and still as at that time, we all know how they war from battle to battle, and then why all of these battle because of people, people caused all of these battle, and then why no peace, still it’s because of people others wouldn’t have peace most times, their hearts, and then looking at today’s world, still, why do we have attacks, does anyone think demons would just wake up to disturb anyone, people are in charge most times, because of where they go to, and what they are told to do, the instructions they get from places that are not good, places where they commit evil. Now looking at the above scripture, this king was tired, and the Bible said that he gathered the prophets together about four hundred prophets, and then why did he have to gather four hundred prophets, why not ten, or maybe twenty and then why four hundred prophets, like I said last Sunday from the book of lamentation that I read out concerning those prophets that didn’t see the right thing to tell the people, and so the people cried and cried, like as at that time, maybe those people would have decided to gather maybe hundreds of prophets so they could speak the right thing together, or better still find prophets that could pray and know the right thing to do, but like this king, wow I love this king, he gathered four hundred prophets, and that was all he could do, imagine as at the time, a king had to gather four hundred prophets to know what might happen, and to ask them if he could go for war or not, and then you all remember what I told you all on my page on Facebook during the time I was doing God’s word on Facebook, though I am still doing God’s word, but another dimension, and then I said God trying to get the right kind of people because of what happened at the garden of Eden, now all of these that lead to this king gathering four hundred prophets to ask them what might happen, and why four hundred prophets?  why not maybe let’s say fifty, still fifty is too many, now looking at today because of the wickedness in the heart of men, this might want to be the case, but I am happy to tell you all that certainly this will not, and might not be the case, because God is going to handle it in His own way, and should we have four hundred right prophets to speak the right word, the world would be shaking, but we could have one to speak the right word, just one that could give instructions, because times are changing, we are moving gradually to a new era, we wouldn’t have four hundred prophets to speak the right word but we would have one or we could have one to handle situations at each time, and any king could have one to ask from God, and then anyone could have one to help him seek the face of God, that’s the era that we are in now, and should people because of the wickedness of others be drift out of fear to gather four hundred prophets, and still I don’t blame that king, because these wicked ones could handle their manipulation against some prophets, and then they wouldn’t be able to speak the right word to God’s children, and maybe this was what happened before, and then this king had to gather four hundred prophets to ask from God if they could go to the battle or not.

Do we have situations today, and then the people don’t know what to do, they are forced to go meet series of prophets that could tell them what to do, though it would and might be difficult for these sets, but if they could understand a spiritual language, like how would I put it now, they could look at the situation  and then drift away first, but not forgetting there is a matter at hand, but being careful of their every moves because all of these people that cause all these and then you would start have them monitor those they want to be after, so if you could be calm first, and then think of how to worship and serve God, let the spirit of God guide you on where to go, like when should you go to church, when should you pray, and then all of the things that you do, when should you do them, and then who should you take to be your friend, this is because when the enemies are after most people, the first thing they would want to do is to find who their friends are, and then they should be careful this time, this is because, you could be anywhere, and then they would want to use that place against you, and there are other many things you would have to consider, and then God is the one that could help you detect their plans each time, and then tell it to you, if not you would have to be like the king of Isreal, wow! I love this king, that gathered four hundred prophets,  and as far as he was concerned, and whatever it is, he gathered four hundred prophets to find out from God, at least four hundred could get to God, maybe hundred cannot get to God, seeing what is happening, prophets could speak one word, and then this enemies could quickly represent, like they are the one that spoke the word, and this is because sometimes, these negative spirits in form of people monitor the prayers of some of these prophets, and then when they are about to enter into the realm of revelation, they quickly enter along with them, and instead of them hearing the right word, they quickly give them the word, and because these prophets most times, they can’t fight or even want to realise what spirit is this, and then still some times, these negative spirits takes the thought of knowing what is happening out of them, so it becomes difficult to get the right revelation, and then speak from what they could grasp, not knowing maybe that is not the word that God wanted to communicate to them.

And on the other hand, we could have false prophets so to speak, they know themselves, they are false, they don’t even have the right word to give to God’s people, so they remain as false, all of these made that king to gather four hundred prophets of God, I think all of these prophets this king gathered, there was no false prophets among them, and then he actually gathered more of them, because he didn’t want any manipulative words to come from anywhere, and then I am sure this king by the spirit of God within him, still ensured these prophets spoke the right word, because anyone that would have the mind to gather four hundred prophets in the first place must have God’s spirit within him, it’s just that he needed more of these prophets. So do we have situations today, anyone could gather prophets to help out, it’s not a crime to have prophets gather in your house to pray, I actually love that scenario gathering prophets to pray for you, or gather prophets in your house, it’s nice, because sometimes you could have good revelation, but sometimes, it doesn’t quite work like that, if the enemies are aware that prophets gather in your house most times, they could bring in their own revelation, during prayers, or better still have all of the prophets speak what they saw, and then what they saw could be right, but because of the presence of the enemies, that person that was spoken to, could struggle for victory, so what am I trying to insinuate, you could be prophet to yourself, you could see the right thing, or you train yourself to be your own prophet, and you could hear from God, and then see all of those revelation that God wants you to see, it would be nice, and then you could go to church on service days to pray and worship God or better still you could choose not to, and then go on a non service days, just staying in God’s presence, being fully confident, because the enemy don’t love confidence in what you carry, confidence like you know what area by the spirit of God where you would need that confidence, and then be rest assured that God is with you to fight your every battle, God is with you to make what you want to happen, and this is it, trusting  God in your heart at all times, and seeing Him move mightily in all that you do, so would stop here.

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