Sunday / 20/ 02/ 2022, message.

Scripture – Mathew 13 vs  24.

Another parable put he forth unto them saying, the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field. Vs 25, but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the weeds and went his way.

Wow! This is the parable of the weeds, here the spirit of God is trying to explain something, weeds refers to enemies, enemies that tends to put an obstruction to whatever it is that we are doing, and then the good seed that is sowed on the field, referes to our efforts, the time spent to ensure that we do all the exercises that would bring about our progression in life and then our upliftment, but while men slept, the enemy came to sow tares, ( troubles), tares( in contentment,), tares, ( anger that can lead to any negative acts), tares, ( sicknesses), and it goes on and on.

It pains so much and then we spend time in God’s presence to pray and fast, we spend time to yield ourselves most times to listen to God, and then after all of these, tares sowed by the enemies seeing that God is about to bring break through into our lives, and should we leave those tares, now this famer sowed good seed on the ground, but while men slept, inorderwards, when we don’t pray, and then don’t fast, now I am not saying people should just spend days and days with no food nor water, and then I actually talked about fasting in one of my posts on Facebook, and then I said there is a realm of fasting, but until you enter into that realm, you shouldn’t fast, but you might be able to fast, for so long, but it could affect your health, and then we have to pray for the spirit of God to put us in that realm, before we could proceed to fast, and then ensuring that we hear God’s word being preached from time to time, and then after all of these, we shouldn’t have tares, because it would be difficult for the enemies to plant tares, now what should this farmer do inorder to ensure that there are no weeds in his farm.

1. Continuos check in his farm.

2. Constant removal of weeds, if there are any.

3. And since when men slept and then the enemy comes to sow  weeds, here, we would be looking at having guards in this farm, both day and night, and so the enemies would not come in to sow tares. Inorderwards, guiding out minds, guiding our hearts, and putting on the full amour of God, and so we could withstand the enemy, still, and so even when men sleeps, or peradventure we sleep, the enemies wouldn’t be able to sow tares, this is because we have guide our hearts, we have guide our minds against negative opposition, and we don’t fret, having faith that whatever it is that we pray would be answered, and then when we pray against enemies that sow tares, it would be answered, and then they wouldn’t be able to sow those tares anymore, and even when men slept, there would be no tares, and even if we sleep, there would be no tares. So would stop here.



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