Sunday 20/11/2022 message.

Welcome all to today’s Sunday’s message, seeing we are gradually moving towards the end of the year, we could want to know from the spirit of God, a  message for ourselves, Maybe what we should have forgotten, and then remembering the right thing to do. So let’s look at this scripture.

1 Kings 13 from vs 1.

And behold there came a man of God out of Judah by the word of the Lord into Bethel and Jeroboam stood by the alter to burn incence. Vs 2, and he cried against the alter in the word of the Lord and said, Oh alter,  alter, thus saith the Lord, behold a child shall be born into the house of David, Josiah by name and upon thee shall he offer the priests of the night places that burn incense upon thee, and men’s bones shall be burnt upon thee.

  1. This was a story of a man of God, that God gave  prophecy concerning Jeroboam, and concerning the alter at Bethel, it’s a long story, because God gave the Prophet a full long prophecy, and then the Prophecy should have made the King afraid and then angry but instead the reverse was the case because God was with the prophet, but meanwhile There was an Instruction from God, for this Prophet not to go with this King by either taking bread water or even any gift from him, now let’s go to vs7 of chapter 13

Now let’s go chapter 13, vs 7 of the same book of I Kings.

And the King said unto the man of God come home with me and refresh thyself and I will give thee reward. Vs 8 and the man of God said unto the King, if thou wilt give me half thy house, I will not go in with thee, neither will i eat bread nor drink water in this place. For so was I charged me by the word of the Lord. So wouldn’t read further but would be explaining the down part of this scripture, and this was the instructions by God actually because His prophecy was tough somehow, and then he shouldn’t eat nor drink water in that place, and he could eat bread or drink water when he gets home still according to God’s instructions, and every one reverenced God because of the word of the Lord, Though he didn’t eat in this place that God asked him not to eat, but instead and older prophet came who was older than him, and then Maybe he felt the annointing of God upon him, and then told this other younger prophet that immediately he left the King and his people that God gave him revelation for him to come eat in his house, and that wasn’t God speaking, perhaps he was amazed at the prophecy this younger prophet gave, and then he wanted to tap somehow, or still he was a false Prophet, but anyhow he didn’t have the revelation of God as at that time, and so he persuaded the younger prophet to come eat in his house, and then why this not  eating bread nor taking water, maybe this prophet the younger prophet has fasted for so long, and he would be hungry after the Prophecy, and then he shouldn’t eat in that palace by God because he has pronounced judgement on them, and then maybe this Prophet wouldn’t have bread nor water to drink when he gets home, because as at time, these Prophets don’t accept gifts, so it was Difficult most times for them to care for themselves and then God would have to send widows, people to go take care of them, and then maybe this prophet wouldn’t have bread nor water to drink if he gets home, and then looking at this older Prophet, this false probably he accepts gifts, and so he has bread and water in his house, and so he came to this younger one and then gave him false revelation that God appeared back to him asking him to take this younger Prophet home and then give him food, ordinarily since God has told this younger Prophet not to eat in the king’s palace, and then seeing that when he gets home, he would have food to eat, no matter the elder Prophet, he wouldn’t eat in the Prophet house because he knows if he would happily and gladly have food to eat in his house, but this Prophet didn’t have food in his house either, and so this older was able to lure him to eat in his house, now this was what happened after he ate in his house. Vs 19, so he went back with him, and did eat bread in his house and drank water, and it came to pass as they sat at the table, that the word of the Lord came unto the Prophet that brought back the younger Prophet, and the older Prophet cried unto the man of God, and said as far as he had eaten bread and drank water, that his carsass shall not come unto the selpucher of his father, there is an error here, this prophet, the younger one didn’t eat in the palace, because God instructed him not to, but he left that place and then met this older Prophet who persuaded him to eat in his own house and not the palace this time, and then this prophet began to Prophecy that God has spoken that the youger Prophet carcass would not be found in his father’s sepulcher, it wasn’t God that spake through this older Prophet to issue Judgement upon the younger Prophet, because in the first place God never spoke to this older Prophet to tell the younger prophet to come eat in his house, and then why would God now give His Prophecy this time telling the judgement of the younger prophet through the older one, that wasn’t God, Though the God’s people that wrote all of these out, had a mind-set and their own understanding, so this was how they saw it, and even though this younger Prophet ate bread and water in this other prohets house, it would end like that, but because this Prophet wasn’t good, it was him who pronounced the judgement on this other one, probably he was jealous, and then he is false, not God speaking through him to declare His word.

We should learn to help others, not in a bad way, give them good food and not bad food, and still the food the younger Prophet ate in this older ones house was a polluted food, and the outcome of the food was what the older Prophet spake as Prophecy from himself and not from God.

Going toward the end of the year, probably we would have people take vacation invite people to come eat, ensure you give good food and still during Christmas give good food, because today we have lots and lots of wikedness in this world and then people are wondering where the wickedness came from, we have those that are possessed with demons, evil spirits, witchcraft, especially witchcraft, and those that have all of these ate it through food, it wasn’t natural, because no evil spirits can stay on anyone comfortably especially when you didn’t eat it through food, I mean someone called you and then gave you food, and then you didn’t know what was inside the food, and then you ate and saw yourself thinking and doing something strange, and that is it, and still we all remember it was the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate and then their eyes became open that’s the language the Bible would use, and then wickedness crept into the world.

Let’s all be careful especially during this festive period be careful of what you eat in other people’s houses, and then you ensure you give good food to others, for with this you  would be acting as a genuine nice fellow, a good believer and a trust worthy person whose good doings would count for this is what we should do and it’s also expected of us to stay on this way of living for this is what God wants from us.


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