Sunday 21/ 08/2022 message.

Happy Sunday to yoy all, looking at this past week, I actually did only one post on Facebook, because I was led to only do that post, and incase everyone don’t know, i have a page on Facebook, and then as I am led by the spirit of God, I post messages, and the name of the page is the same name with the site, so let’s look at today’s message, and I am going to be having my scripture from the book of 1 Samuel 16 from vs 1.

The Lord said to Sammuel ” how long will you mourn for Saul since I have rejected him as king of Isreal” fill your horn with oil and be on your way, I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king.

And when we read further, in the house of Jesse, and the son that God wanted Sammuel to annoint was David. Now why did this instructions come to Sammuel? first it was Saul that God annointed to be king of Isreal, and then he began to misbehave, shifting away from God’s instructions, and the whole land was in disarray and God wanted another King who would take the space of Saul, and  look after the whole land still, only David God could choose to annoint him as king, and I love vs 12b of chapter 16, then the Lord said ” Rise and annoint him, he is the one”

Today, we have situations, and those that God annointed to be the head this time not nessarily king,  but ministers, drift away from God’s word and we know that during the bible days that God annointed prophets, to annoint some other individuals to be prophets as well, and  when we look at vs 13,  So Sammuel took the horn of oil, and still we all know that Sammuel was a prophet, and he preached God’s word, and so Samuel annointing a king, with oil, the annointing oil, it means that king would be God’s prophet as well, like in the beginning of the bible, when I began to do Gods word, I talked about Abraham, during the time, his brother lot had an encounter in Sodom and Gommorah, and how God helped him to defeat Sodom and Gommorah, and saved Lot his brother, then the bible recorded that everyone was surprise at Abraham’s victory, and then all the king’s came to pay their homage to Abraham, they were so excited that Abraham had victory, and then one of the king’s that came was Melchizedek, and then the bible recorded that he was a priest God’s priest and he gave tithe to Abraham, though we have most preachers of the gospel mistake it that Abraham gave tithe to Melchizedek, this wasn’t so, this Melchizedek was God’s own priest, and he was also annointed just the way God chose Abraham and then annointed him, but this time, he was a King and had more respect for Abraham because of the victory that God gave him so he gave him tithe, and so Abraham was a priest as well, to look after God’s people, and all of these people were his house hold first of all, and his family, and then the other people that God wanted him to still look after were those that God called looking at the children of Isreal, these were the other people that God annointed him for, and  Abraham did a lot of sacrifices like the sin offerings and the peace offerings, but as at that time, you wouldn’t have him build a church or a temple and then people would come worship God there, still though he built temples were he worshiped God all by himself, and his household, and all those that connected him and God declared him to be father’s of many nations, they also worshiped God all by themselves in their own respective place of worship, my issinuation is this, God annointed Abraham as His own prophet whether he would set up a church and then begin to hold services with group of worshipers didn’t matter to God, but what God was concerned first of all was Abraham as His annointed one, and He God having someone He could communicate with from time to time was a major plan that God had, so comming to Samuel the prophet annointing David to be King still this was what God did with David, though David after the annointing oil upon his head, and then apart from being King, still though he could talk about God, because the annointing oil that was upon him signified that, but what God actually made him do was to be a good king first of all, to help his people, and even if he didn’t have a church where by people came in to worship still he planned for one which was built by Solomon his son, and during his  life time, we all remember how that he went to the temple, God’s temple to eat the shew bread which was only meant for the priest, and  only the priest had the right to eat that bread but David ate that bread, and was unharmed; ordinarily, no  individual can eat that bread,  because David was annointed by God, he could eat that bread, and he didn’t have a church or congregation of worshippers, but he was annointed, but still had his own congregation that followed him everywhere, these congregation was why the bible talked about  David’s mighty men, wow! Wow! These mighty men, and why would anyone not have this kind of congregation and don’t have his own ministry? David had his own ministry, the ministry that God wanted him to have, and unlike prophet Elijah, and prophet Elisha, these were ministers that did mighty miracles, but now David with that annointing that was poured upon him, could also do the job of prophet Elijah and Prophet Elisha, but all that he needed to do was to activate it more, because it’s the same annointing, the same power to heal, but this time he had a task, that task was to be a good king first of all, and he needed to save God’s people, that was number one mission that God wanted him to fulfil, because if there are no people, who would serve God? and if battle kept taking their lives, still who would worship God? this was David’s mission, to tell you that he could own a church or better still had this mighty congregation of people worshiping God, but his son was the one that did that, because his father was a prophet, likewise his son, we all know his psalms and parables in Songs of Solomon, which was difficult to understand or explain, still it was difficult for God to bring out the meaning, because there needed to be someone who could connect the real nature and character of God to grasp the meaning, first of all connecting King Solomon as a person, and then connecting God, with full yieldedness, and this was the only way there could be meaning to his parables, and still because most of them were deep, he used his own language, he knew the meaning of some, and only God knew the meaning of the rest, he was a prophet God’s own prophet, and he was a king, but he had his own mind, and then he knew what he could do, still only someone who could enter his mind through God’s spirit could understand his words in songs of Solomon, and so that is the hardest part of the bible, and you could just read it, and don’t know what he meant, but you would or could be more blessed if you by the spirit of God knew what he meant, so Solomon was a prophet.

Maybe today, we have people that God has annointed, people that God chose intially to preach His word, and then they begin to drift away from God’s plan, God’s plan to use them for His work, now I am speaking to God’s ministers, ministers that God has ordained like Samuel to annoint to choose, can we have them annoint others to do the work of God, others that are ready, others that wouldn’t drift from the work that God has entrusted  to them, and then maybe can I pray for these new ones, that God’s annointing would rest upon them in the name of Jesus, the spirit of God would speak through their minds telling them what to do, and how to do His work, and may they live in God’s grace, God’s wisdom, and may they fulfil God’s plans for their lives, and even though they pass through trials God’s hands would be upon them to fight their every battle and challenges but remaining steadfast with God and not man, and putting their every hope in God. So would stop here.


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