Sunday / 22/05/2022 Message.

Good day viewers, and a happy Sunday to you all, it’s another Sunday, another time of fellowship with the spirit of God, though we might still have to fellowship maybe during weekly activities, Sunday is a very special day, so I was thinking of what message to share to you all, well, the spirit of God has messages upon messages, and they are all step by step, meeting times and seasons, to match with His plans for His children, and we could hear or read any messages as planned by God’s spirit, it would work for any circumstances, situations, or whatever it is, just name it, it is the right word for now, to bring victory at any point in time.

So lets look at this scripture from the book of Esther, Esther 8 vs 13.

The copy of the writing for a commandments to be given in every province was published unto all people, and that the Jews should be ready against that that day to avenge themselves of their enemies.

Well, we all know this story of Mordecai and Esther, and how the king made a decree for the whole of the Jews to be destroyed because Ha’man, and then Mordecai was a Jew, and then Esther was a Jew as well, and we all remembered how they fasted and prayed, and then God  brought them victory, victory over an enemy in the person of Ha’man.

At vs 13 says that the Jews should be ready against that day to avenge themselves of their enemies, enemies that only God would be able to fight.

Now vs 17,  says, and in every province and every city withersoever the king’s commandments and his decrees came, and the Jews had joy and glad ess, a feast and a good day, and many of the people of the land became Jews, for the fear of the Jews was upon them.

This was awesome right?  this feast happened when God brought them victory after they have fasted and prayed, God avenged them of their enemies.

And do we have situations today, and then probably, we didn’t quite know why and how this fellow picked an offence against us, I wouldn’t want to go into details concerning this Ha’man because we we have people like that who picks offence against others, and then maybe probably, they think because they are fetish, and they would gain their ways into dealing with this other fellow, and do we have people like that today? Who still believe in for no just reasons plot evil, through telling lies, false accusations, and do we have people like that today? who are so proud and then they feel they would always win the fight, that was why God spoke to the Moabites and then the rest country kings that act like the Moabites, and He said to them, that He is the God that does whatsoever that pleases Him, not them or anyone doing what pleases him or her through bearing false accusations against others, threatening others, it is Him God who would suit and please himself, and just like Ha’man and Mordecai, and who got what he wanted at the end of the battle, it was Mordecai, and then everyone wanted to be a Jew.

It is interesting sometimes to see people having secrete plans in their hearts to deal with others especially if these sets they are planning towards are innocent, and are Christians, that is why we have God to fight for us, and we have God to be with us in every circumstances, God was with Mordecai and that was why he was victorious.

And we could have that victory today, over those that tends to be our enemy, enemy over the things that God has laid in our hearts to achieve, and then we could have victory over these sets, because we have a God that would do whatsoever that pleases Him, and He could set His judgement over those enemies, and bring us freedom, peace, and we could live the life that He has always wanted us to live to His glory and and honour. So all this is the message for today, do have a great and a wonderful week ahead.



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