Sunday 27/03/2022 message.

  • Good afternoon to you all viewers, today’s Sunday’s message came a little bit late, and then I was still wondering what to preach this afternoon, but I am kidding, because I would always have to say from the spirit of God. last Sunday, I talked about the conclusion to the whole of a man’s endeavor, the conclusion of the whole thing, and whatever it is that connects life, is revrence God, and just be rest assured that God would bring judgement on those that do evil.

And then sometimes I wonder, and why would anyone spend time to think evil against another, that time  you would spend to plot evil, or think evil, why don’t you use it to enjoy yourself, that was why King Solomon said enjoy yourselves, make your heart merry, and from me, if you see that you want to start thinking of evil, why don’t you go out have some fun, or even go for shopping even though you were not prepared to that, and probably you could find others that are happy, just shopping being excited, you could learn from these sets, and then there are other things you could do to make yourself happy just think of those things and then do it.

And more also stay steadfast in your faith as Christians and as God’s children, not relenting to serve God, irrespective of whatever it is thinking of the God that you serve, for this is what we should always do, and this is what is expected of us.

And then there was this scripture that I thought I should talk about today, it connects revrencing God, it’s under the teachings and healings of Jesus Christ, and then we all remember that I began to preach on the teachings and healings of Jesus Christ, from late last year, I was doing it like God’s word, and then it was really getting  close to the end of the year, and then I decided to stop and so I could prepare for the 31st night message, so I could do this scripture now, so let’s see the book of mark 11 from vs 15.

And they came to Jerusalem and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, now let’s stop here, and then why was these ones buying and selling in the temple, while the Priest was preaching at the alter, these other ones were buying and selling at the temple, not revrencing God, and not thinking of the holy temple, and sometimes, i begin to wonder how most people see God’s temple as, and then they don’t remember the word ” Holy” because this is what the temple is symbolic of, holiness, and then why buying and selling, using the other side of the temple to buy and sell goods or whatever it is, or what were they thinking of, they should have gone buy some shops, or maybe they felt, since most people come for service and then probably there is this large crowd, Oh ! This is an opportunity to make sales, and then Jesus use this as an instance, maybe still there are some that come to church, and then do some other things, like gossipping, backbiting, all of these should stop, and then hope we know what gossipping means, saying negative words against another, not just speaking concerning certain matter relating to someone, but saying words about this fellow, and then this fellow wouldn’t want to hear such negative words concerning him or her. God is saying, stop all of these in my church, go look for some place to say all of these things, and then you would hear some Christians saying, service is yet to start, and then we want to say other things, excuse me, say what, and how does anyone see God’s house, it’s a place of holiness, and when anyone enters, you quickly grab that realm, and yield yourselves, now I am talking to God’s children, especially ministers would understand what I am trying to explain. So it is important that we revrence God, do what you know within yourself that the spirit of God would like you to do, live that good life, shun evil and then do good to the glory of God almighty, so would stop here.

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