Sunday 26/06/2022 message.

Good day viewers, and a very wonderful Sunday to you all, today, we are going to be looking at the book of lamentations, and then I talked about this book last two Sundays and then there are quite some wisdom we could learn from this book, and it actually teaches wisdom though most Christians don’t know, and then they are like, let’s read other books, and not the book of lamentations, well it doesn’t mean when you read the book of lamentations, and then you would read about people lamenting alone, though there are parts for that, but something led to these lamentations, but there are wisdom in this book, I found out. So let’s look at lamentations 3 vs 1 .

I am the man that has seen afflictions by the rod of his wrath, inorderwards, his anger to draw sword led to his afflictions.

Vs 2, it has led me and brought me into darkness, but not into light, vs 3, surely against me is he turned; he turned his hand against me all the day, my flesh and my skin hath he made old; he hath broken my bones. Vs 5, he hath builded against me and compassed me with Gail and travail. Vs 6, he hath set me in dark places as they that are be dead as old. And it goes on, now what this man was trying to say that he regreted his anger to draw sword, inorderwards, his anger to kill others, and this is what has caused his afflictions, and so he regreted.

Today, we have some people who are led to commit crime, and then they end up committing it, not knowing there are consequences to every act, both good or bad, if they knew, don’t think they would have committed it, maybe, they would have had a second thought, a second thought not to think about any negative act less commit the act.

But this is far from most people, this is because they enjoy, thinking crime, and then committing it; I love this man, he knew that his afflictions came from the wrong that he did, this is what the book of lamentations is all about, all of them that lamented, their evil deeds caused their lamentations, now we see why we should read the book of lamentations, it’s judgement on the enemies, though most of those prophets that these people consulted, to find out why they were experiencing what they were experiencing,  these prophets saw false revelations and meanwhile these people were desperate to know why all of the calamities befell them, and then it was God all by himself that spoke and told why they had afflictions.

Trusting God and then be afraid to do the things that are not pleasing to him is very important, but most unbelievers don’t quite understand, and then they become so proud, to the extent of committing crime, taking the lives of people either by killing them or punishing them, not thinking what these people stands for, not thinking of anything whatsoever, but be convinced to go about what they need to do.

Do we still have these people today? that take laws into their hands, and this has been my post even on Facebook, talking about these people that value themselves all alone, and then they don’t think of others. So it is important that we let God guide us into meeting the right kind of people, people who has the spirit of  God, for these are the only people that we need around us, people that would make us fear God and then live the right kind of life that we have always wanted, these are the people we need.

So all lets live out lives according to the scriptures and be rest assured that God is with us to bring us out of bondage, afflictions, and to continually grant us peace that would keep taking us to our new level in life.‏


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