Sunday /28/08/2022 message.

Wow! Viewers, and a very wonderful Sunday to you all, and then for those probably since the pandemic, their regular church activities changed, and hope we all know that the pandemic is almost three years now and it has actually ended, and somehow maybe there is still some signs of it, never mind, it has ended, like I said before, for those because of the pandemic, their church activities changed, and then they would prefer to stay at home and worship because of the crowd, though it is important to attend church because of God’s presence you would feel, and still you could have that presence in your house, and you could still feel that same presence depending on your relationship with God, hope you all know this Sunday’s messages is for you guys, because it could be preached in your local churches depending on the revelation your minister gets from God.

So today, let’s look at the book of 2 Chronicles, It reads. “Praise be to the God of Isreal, who made heaven and earth” He has given King David a wise son, endowed with intelligence and discernment, who would build a temple for the Lord, and a palace for himself. This was Hiram speaking  King David’s friend when he was alive, now he was referring to Solomon King David’s son, because he wanted to build God a house, and now my message for today is “Discernment”, like  Hiram said He has given King David a wise son endowed with intelligence and discernment; now I am talking about discerning spirit, the spirit to know what is good and then what is not, a spirit to know the right place to be, and then not the right place to be, the spirit of God, but this time, a discerning spirit, though it’s the same spirit like I talked about King David, and partly Solomon last Sunday, and then I said it’s the same annointing that was put on David is still the same annointing that would do miracles, but this time, it would need to be activated by the person in question on whom the annointing was released on. Now comming to discerning spirit that Solomon had, it is a very important spirit, and it different this is because, you could have this discerning spirit and then not have the annointing I talked about last Sunday, yes you could tell what is good and then what is not, and then you could predict but don’t have solutions, this is because the solution is in the annointing of the spirit that I talked about last Sunday, yes that’s the annointing of the spirit of God, and this one that I am talking about now is discerning spirit, they are both different, though sometimes, there are manipulations in discerning spirit because the enemies have theirs, which is their manipulations, but you could stop theirs by not letting anyone tell you what they see, or what they predict, what you don’t like you stop it if someone tells you what you don’t like don’t let it happen because you have the power as a child of God to change it, but the power to actually stop the enemies discernment is in the power of the annointing that I talked about last Sunday, and then you would have some persons discerning others future, that is why it is important that you have a discerning spirit as a child of God, don’t let anyone discern your future, be the one to discern for yourself, because there are people, sometimes even Prophets that people discerned for, and then hope we know that this discerning spirit is close to revelation spirit, because when you are discerning, you could have revelation concerning  a matter, like I said earlier, these people with discerning spirit or revelation spirit, as the case may  be, they would come meet this Prophet and say, God said we should tell you this or that, especially when it is bad don’t accept it, discern for yourself this time, that is why I said it is important that every child of God has the spirit of discernment, alongside the annointing of the spirit, and incase what you see you don’t like, you change it, don’t let anyone come to tell you this is the revelation that I had concerning you, because the enemies most times, uses this medium to impose fear, don’t accept any negative revelation, change it with the power that God has given to you, living your lives happily to God’s glory. This is what God wants for His church, for His children, His ministers listening to Him alone, though there are times that maybe people or members of a church had an information concerning maybe a physical plan, and then decide to inform this minister and so he could rearrange his movements, this minister or  any child of God could listen to this, but when it comes to discerning or any negative revelation, especially from some one you don’t know, you would you accept it, and looking at King Solomon and the life that he lived, but because he had discernment, he never fought war, he knew what to do and not to do, he made peace with neighbouring nations, and then he wrote his psalms or songs from the wisdom that he had, and no one came to tell him this is what might befall King Solomon, this is because he had discerning spirit from God, and so he knew what to do at every point in time, he had his own predictions and so he lived the life that God wanted him to live and can we pray this prayer today for God’s children that are committed and  trustworthy, pray that God would grant the spirit of discernment, understanding what the spirit of God wants you to do at every point in time, having the revelation of God’s spirit and the annointing to cause changes to live a life of peace and joy. So would stop here.


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