Teachings from the book of Zechariah

Today viewers, I would continue my teachings from the book of Zechariah. So I stopped at Zechariah 1 vs 21, so would continue from 2 vs 1.

I lifted up my eyes again, and looked, and behold a man with measuring  line in his hand, vs 2, then said I either goest thou ? And he said unto me, to measure Jerusalem, to see what is the breadth thereof, and what is the length thereof.

Now who is this man, this man can be of two.

1. Monitoring forces to monitor the affairs of God’s people in Jerusalem, and that line signifies,  strict monitoring to ensure the blessings of God’s people are hindered.

2. God’s angel, trying to help out by reducing the monitoring forces, and then measuring the breadth and the length of Jerusalem themselves.

Vs 3, and behold, the angel that talked with me went forth, and another angel went out to meet him.

These were the visions of Zechariah, and those visions were wisdom as to the things that pertains to the lives and realms that God’s people find themselves, you might be hearing of Jerusalem in this vision, it’s not actually Jerusalem, it’s talking about God’s people and then what they have to encounter, and then Zechariah who saw the vision, would have the wisdom to tell the visions especially to God’s Prophet, and then to others that would be willing to hear from him.

  • Sometimes in life, we have visions and revelation, or better still, God speaks to us in dreams, and then we don’t understand what He is trying to tell us, and then we wonder why the vision, and then we fast and pray for God to give it’s meaning, though sometimes God give the meaning, still it is difficult to achieve God’s set out plan, inorderwards, what God wants to achieve from the vision.

And then should we not Keep thinking on the vision, look at Prophet Zechariah, the vision he had thousand and thousands of years back, it was for that time, and then for generation to come, to understand the things of the spirit of God, and then the non spirit of God, to gain knowledge into the things of the spirit, all of these and even more was why God gave Zechariah those vision, to know why maybe When God chooses  to bless His children, and then the blessings are either not comming or there is delay, and then knowing what and how they can handle such situation was why all of those vision and revelation, so it is important that we understand visions and revelation and so we could have the understanding to live life just the way that the spirit of God want.

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