The adopted son

  • Firstly;  what is an adopted child? an adopted child is a child that has been taken by a said parent to nurture and breed, now this child cannot be compared to the biological child of this said parent, because the biological child of this said parent has their gene, and their blood flows through the child. God wants His blood to flow through us, He wants us to have His gene and His spirit, that is why the bible says, Now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1 John 3 vs 2.

and you know the bible talked about Jesus that God put His seed in to Mary, no man ever slept with Mary, and then Jesus was birthed, and remember that Jesus was a physical being, and he did so many miracles within the space of three years this was because the seed of God was in him, and remember the bible says if we believe, greater works we will do than Jesus because we believe. Now since Jesus came into the world through the seed of God, and has the blood of God and remember that God never refer to Jesus as an adopted son, because Jesus has His full offspring, the same way, God wants us to be like Jesus, He doesn’t want to call us an adopted son, but rather He wants to call us His own off spring, His own that He birthed, now how can we achieve this, it’s simple; firstly, we need to cultivate a serious relationship with God where we can relate with God like a man, where we begin to speak to Him and then He answers us.

The bible talked about Abraham. And when you study the scripture  in Genesis 18 vs 17-23, you will realize that Abraham related with God like a man, and  when he asked God if there were fifty righteous men in the city of Gommorah and that if God was going to destroy the fifty righteous men then God  said no, now God gave him  an answer, and he was not afraid of God, this is because he has develop a strong relationship with God, he was Gods offspring, and that was why God was able to relate with him. To become the real sons of God cannot be undermined, God wants us to see Him as a father and He wants us to be in a state where we can begin to relate with Him, this is what He wants for His children, He wants us to rely on Him and trust in Him to be everything that we want Him to be, because He is the God that cares, He is the master of the universe, and He wants His seed to be in us, so we can always feel and long for His presence, because the presence of God is Joy and this presence is what we need as believers, and God is ever ready to grant us His presence as we fellowship with Him constantly because that is what He want us to do so He can reveal Himself to us, revelation of which will bring positive impact to our lives.

In 2 Corinthians 6 vs 18. And will be a father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the LORD Almighty. God wants us to be called His children and not adopted children because when we are His children, He will begin to do for us, what a father will do for his real son and not what a father will do for an adopted son. We have to give our lives totally to God, we need to serve God with the whole of our heart, because that is the only way we can experience His fatherhood. God is our father, and we need to relate with Him as a son; Now you might ask the question how can I be a son? Firstly, you need to recognize Him as your lord and savior, and then you need to develop a habit of personal relationship with Him, and after that you need to keep studying His word, because His word is what gives us a clear picture of who we are in Christ Jesus, His word helps us to know our right standing in Christ Jesus, and how we can be an heir to the throne of grace, because that is Gods desire for us, He wants us to be in special possession of His treasure because only the right sons of God can be in special possession to His treasure.

The bible also quoted In Galatians 4 vs. 5- 7
To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the spirit of his son in to our hearts crying Abba father. Wherefore thou art no more servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ .Now receiving Adoption as sons means that passing from being an adopted son to become the real sons of God, in order words, when you are become a born again, you are being adopted by God, but when you become the matured in Christ, you become someone who God can deal with, or interact with easily, then He can now decide to take you as His son, now this is not for everybody, that is why the bible says that strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those by reason of habitual use have their senses exercised, to discern both good and evil. Adoption is for those that just gave their life to Christ, it is for the babe in Christ, while sons is for the matured in Christ, for those that can chew strong meat, because only adult can chew strong meat, but babes cannot chew strong meat, that is why God wants us to be sons and not an adopted son, God does not want us to be the babes in Christ, because babes don’t ask for strong meat, in order words, God has called us to handle issues that cannot be handle by just being a born again, it can only be handled by the matured in Christ. It is Gods desire for us to handle things of the spirit, because there are times we might be faced by difficulties, and being a babe in Christ cannot help us to handle situations at such times, only the matured in Christ can handle difficulties. God wants us to be His own children, His own seed, He wants us to be able to relate with Him as a father because His blessings are for sons. In Romans, the bible says the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: But the children of the promise are counted for the seed; in order words, the children of the flesh, meaning those that are Christians, that has given their lives to God, but are still in the world, they don’t live like Christians, these cannot be called to the children of God, but only those that are born again and live by the spirit knowing fully well that God is their father, they are the ones that will be counted as seed, they are the ones that will be the heir to the throne of grace that God has kept for us, they are the right candidate to partake of the blessings of God without measures, this is Gods plan for us, it is His desire for us, to mature and become sons, so He can share forth His blessings through us and to the world at large.

God needs us to trust Him at all times and in every situation because as matured sons we are bound to encounter challenges, and temptations, and in the process we should not backslide, that is why we have to be fully grown in Him, we need to exercise patience at all times, because this is one of the remedy of being called the sons of God, even while we are being tested, we should stand strong in Christ, because that is what makes us the matured in Christ, and that is all what is required as a son of God, not being moved when faced with challenges, and knowing fully well that God is in control. This is what God wants for His children, being stayed on Him no matter the trial, because as we do our faith is being proven. We need to live our lives just the way the father wants, because a child that live just the way the father wants is being given a share of His father’s property, that child is being showed reverence by the father. This the exact picture of who a biological child that know his father is and this is how God wants us to be like, to be a child that know what He wants, and what He likes.

Looking at the parable of the sower, in the book of Mark, the last sentence that contains the meaning of the parable that Jesus said to his disciples show the effect of God’s word on the real sons of God, because the seed sown grew on a fertile ground and brought much fruit a sixty and also an hundred, it shows that God blessings through His word can be reflected on His children because only the children of God has Gods word in them, some yielded sixty and then an hundred, but this is not the case with the babe in Christ, using this parable, the babes in Christ are those the word did not yield any fruit because it was sown among thorns, and because it was sown among thorns, it didn’t bear any fruit, but instead the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things choked the word away and the word became unfruitful. These are the babes in Christ, they are the ones that just gave their lives to God, and because they are not yet sons, the word is being taken from them.

God’s desire is for His real sons to keep hearing His word, and yielding fruit each time they hear the word, so they can remain as sons, He doesn’t want people that will hear His word, and then forget so fast what they heard because of the lust of this world. This is why God has raised teachers and prophets to begin to teach His word, so that anybody who hears His word will not turn their back on what they have heard but because of the zeal and passion with which the word was preached, the people can hear and then decide to develop a strong relationship with God. The benefit of the sons of God cannot be undermined in the lives of the believer, because only Gods sons can have a full revelation of who God is, how he operates, and why He is existing, the matured sons of God are the only ones that can have a complete and genuine revelation of who God is, and not the babe in Christ. As a result of being a son of God, you can never be in want, all the benefits of life is being given to you. According to the bible, as far as we are Gods children, we shall not lack of any good thing because all good things and precious things comes from the lord.

In John 1 vs. 12
But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. This scripture help us to know that God has given us His power to become His children, in order words, it is easy for us to be Gods children, because of His power, because His power draws us closer to Him, through His power, we are one with Him, and then joint heirs with Him. As Christians, we need to live a life knowing that God is our father, He owns the world and everything in it, God wants us to trust Him to do whatever He says He would do, He wants our heart to be rest assured that He can meet us at the point of our need, and He wants to keep relating with us as His own offspring, that is why we need to cultivate a personal relationship with God, where we can hear Him speak to us frequently, a relationship where we can receive instructions from Him, and then go ahead to do what He wants us to do, this is all what He wants, children that are obedient towards His calling, because His purpose and mission has to be fulfilled, His word has to spread to the world, and His real sons can ensure that this is so.

This is His dream that His word of salvation will be preached to unbelievers, and so He can adopt them as sons, this all what He wants to do, but He will keep needing people that will deliver this gospel of truth to the world, that is why you and I are very important to Him, He wants us to stand by Him, so He can achieve His aim for humanity.

Often times you might be wandering of how to be very close to God, or how God can make you so close to Him, this was the case of a young man who fasted and prayed daily seeking for Gods power, He did this continuously over the space of two years, and about the time God was to release His blessings upon him, he was faced with a great temptation, but guess what, because He trusted God, knowing fully well that God has accepted him as son, he was able to face the temptation, and the blessings that God wanted to bring for him did not escape him despite all the challenges he came out victorious. This is how we should act a son knowing fully well that the blessings of God is for us, and then trusting God to help us achieve it.

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