The All Sufficient God

  1. In life, we are in need of certain things, and we don’t know what to do,  we don’t know how to get them, we try several methods, and also spend time to think of how our needs can be meant. Do you know that God can meet you at the point of your need, He can provide your heart desire for you at times when you are down, having no hope, and not knowing how to get the next meal, the all sufficient God is ever ready to meet you at the point of your need, the only thing you require is to have faith in Him, that He can do anything for you, and also grant your heart desire, because He is the God that knows the need of every man, and He knows how to bless them despite all else.  When you study the book of Exodus carefulling, you will realize that the children of Israel just journeyed from Egypt, they were in the wilderness, were there is neither food or water, and at this point there was no neighboring country were they could go and then source for water, they were in a bad state but the All sufficient God was not perturbed, He knew exactly what to do to provide water for the children of Israel, and He then instructed Moses to smoth the river so they can have water to drink. This was God providing in the midst of a daring situation, not allowing His children to suffer and when you read through the book of Exodus, God kept providing for the children of Israel, when they needed meat He provided, when they needed shelter, He provided, He kept providing for them until they were out of the journey. This is Jehovah providing for His children that trust in Him.

Now; looking at the story of the widow of Zarephat in 1 Kings 17 vs 8 carefully you will notice that this widow was a woman of faith, she had nothing but only a handful of flour and a little cruse of oil, but she did not hesitate to make food and then bring it to the man of God, though she had nothing else to eat after giving the man of God a piece of cake to eat, she knew  God was going to provide food for her and her son, and when you read further, Prophet Elijah prophesied into her life, she was blessed and became a distributor of oil.

God is a God of sufficiency, and He is willing to meet us at the point of our need, He knows how to bless us in the midst of strong economic recession, that is why we need to always put our faith to work, we need to trust God at all times, because He is the provider, He must provide for His children, even when there is no hope, because only Him can provide in a tough situation, He knows how to do it, He knows how to better our lives so we can be happy, that is why He want us to develop a strong relationship with him, He wants us to serve Him sincerely, because that is the only way we can partake of His sufficiency, knowing fully well that He is the God of all, and there is no partiality in Him, and that is why when we serve Him diligently and sincerely, He blesses us.

The sripture  about prophet Elisha and one of the sons of the prophets is very significant in today’s world because there are situations that are hopeless, and times that people do not find help because there is no solution, but one thing must be sure, that God can provide solution to every problem, no matter the difficulty, this was the case with one of the sons of the Prophets, he was felling a beam, ones ax head fell into the water, we all know that it is a natural law that when  anything that has weight falls into the water, it goes straight down into the water, and cannot be removed, but God was involved that was why there was a solution, the bible says, that Elisha cut down sticks and cast into the water, and immediately, the ax head came floating on top of the water, it took only the power of God to do this because this case was hopeless, the beam would have been missing forever, but God used Prophet Elisha to bring out the ax head. Is there any situation that seems difficult, the all sufficient God is the only solution to that situation, and only Him can make a way when there seems to be no way, Him alone can make a way in the wilderness, He can cause changes anyhow, that is why we need to recognize Him as a helper, to help us in every situation at all times.

The bible talked about Saul and David in 1 Sammuel 21 vs 4-6 during the time that King Saul was after David’s life, the bible said Saul pursued after David, and threatened to kill him day by day, and on one occasion of his threat, the bible recorded that David ran for his life, and in the process of him seeking for food and shelter, he came to the temple, and found the priest, the bible recorded that David was so hungry that he asked for bread from the priest, the bible said from vs. 4 then the priest answered and said, there is no common bread under my  hand, but there is the hallowed bread, if the young men have kept themselves at least from women. And David answered the priest and said unto him of a truth women have been kept from us about these three days, since I came out, and the vessels of the young men are holy, and the bread is in the manner common, this day in the vessel. Then the priest gave him hallowed bread: for there was no bread there but the shew bread that was taken from before the LORD, to put hot bread in the day when it was taken away. Looking at this scripture, you will realize that David became a fugitive and in the process of him seeking for food, the bible recorded that he came to the temple and asked for bread from the priest, now ordinarily, this bread is not to be eaten, because it was unlawful, but David asked for it, however, God allowed him to ask for it, because he knew there was no way David could get food, and because he was being monitored by King Saul, now the King had sent spies everywhere to monitor David, so David was not having access to anything, now he would have died because of this, but God still provided food for him, food that was not supposed to be eaten by man. This is to let us know that God is ever ready to provide for us even at worst situation. The hallowed bread was not meant for David to eat as food but God turned it to food for him, because at that particular time, his situation was hopeless, there was no food for him because he was being monitored by Saul, but still, God provided for David. God is the all sufficient God, He knows how to provide for His children, at a dying situation, the only thing that he requires is that we should trust him to provide for us, and meet us at point of our need, He wants to be our present help in times of trouble. In this scripture, the bible recorded that there was no food nor water in the wilderness, this was a seemingly worst situation, there was no hope, and there was murmuring amongst the people, and at this time, Moses was dumbfounded he didn’t know what to do, and then God gave him instructions, and food and water was provided for the Israelites.

God is our helper, and He is ever ready to provide for us even in the state of hopelessness, He is ever ready to provide for our needs, that is why we need to trust God at all times and in every situation, because that is the only way He will show Himself strong in our lives. Through out the scripture, God provided in the state of Hopelessness, He never failed His children, when you study the whole of the old testament, God was the all sufficient God and even the new testament, when the bible talked about how Jesus fed the five thousand and even the four thousand with just five loaves of bread and two fishes this shows that God is the all sufficient God. Today, God can be a provider for you, but one thing you must do, if you are not a born again, you will have to give your life to Him, so He can meet you at the point of your need, because He is the all sufficient God,  so in every situation, you need to ask Him for help because He is ever ready to grant it to you.

Like the widow of Zarephat, God can full your cruse of oil. Sometimes ago, I was involved in a business, then I would have to buy flour for bakery, but I noticed something, each time I took from the flour to bake, by the next day, the flour becomes fuller, and often times, I wandered at this mystery and because of that, I earned  more Profit, and God said to me, you remember the widow of Zarephat, and then I said yes, and then He said to me I will bless any of my children that put their trust in me, and so it was, So God became my sufficiency while the business lasted. God is our ever present help, He is always present with us to bless us and then make us to become a vessel unto honour, so as Christians, we need to learn to put our trust in God because He is our father, our hope, and our strength so leaning on Him all the time is what we need to be triumphant in life.

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