Creativity means productivity, it means to be able to produce something. The creative power of God means God’s productive power which He use in creating the whole world. The bible recorded that God created the whole world with His mighty power, He created the heavens and the earth, fruit trees, seas, and everything that man needed to live by, and He did all this with His mighty power, He did all of these for men so men would worship Him. Today, God wants us to be creative, just the way He is creative, God wants us to be able to do meaningful things in our world, things that will stand the test of time, and this is why we have to be born again children of God, so God can reveal to us His mighty power, because for anybody to be creative in such a way that people will begin to wonder at you, you have to be a child of God, or God has to deposited His gift on the inside of you, so you can make exploits. God’s creative power is what we enjoy today, He created the moon and the stars, He created day and night, and separated day from night, now; today, we experience day different from night, all of these is why people have ideas and innovations to be able to do things that they ought to do, and people can sit down and be creative about something, and try as much as possible to bring it to reality.

  1. Often times; people don’t seem to understand this God that created the world not knowing even if they don’t understand this God that it is important to worship Him, and know about Him, so we can have more ideas and innovations because most people don’t even know anything or believe anything that has to do with God, or god of any kind they believe that they were brought into the world, and should do the things they feel like doing, and not paying reverence to any God whatsoever, this ought not to be so, people should realise that there is God in heaven that watches over all, they should be able to know more about this God, that don’t demand for human sacrifice to gets things done, everyone should reverence God, and should try as much as possible to give their lives to Him, and be ready to serve Him all the time, no matter what they are experiencing, because as they do, they will experience the blessings they never thought they could have experience.

Christianity is all about God’s creative power to do the impossible, throughout the scripture, everything we read about is about God’s mighty works, how He raised men and women to be able to do the impossible, and impact the lives of many, so studying more about the scriptures, and knowing about the inheritance that God has for His children is very vital, because as we do we become more connected to the blessings that God has for us. The bible talked about Jesus, how God sent Him into the world to pay for the sins of the world, God brought Jesus Christ in to the world by His mighty power, till date there is no record or case where a woman conceived a child without having intercourse with a man, God did all of this in order to free the world from sin and then bring redemption to the world.

Jesus Christ was the power of God manifested in the world, because he did so many miracles, and demonstrated the creative power of God, that is why today we have so many people getting saved and ready to serve the Lord, all just because of the power that God gave to Jesus Christ, God made Jesus Christ the light and saving grace to the world, he was seen as light during his earthly ministry and brought life to so many people; people got healed because of Jesus Christ, and so many people trusted God because of Jesus, and as a result of this, so many souls were led into the kingdom of God.

 The word of God shows the  complete picture of what God has made Jesus to be to us, God made Jesus Christ light to us by ensuring that he died on the cross for the salvation of sinners, ordinarily, no man will love to be dead in order to be used to cleanse the sins of the world, but Jesus accepted death, and even the death on the cross, he was tortured and bruised for our sins in his own body on the cross, that we being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes we are healed 1 peter 2 vs 24. The life of Jesus was God showing His mighty power of creation to the world, because this was the power that brought about the many healings in the bible, and miracles that has helped so many believe that there is a God that created the universe, and a God that knows what others are going through, and a God that is willing and ready to hear the prayers of people that call on His name.

The creative power of God is in every area, God did not only create the world and everything in the world, He created the hearts of men, so men can have ideas, and innovative power to be able to create things that will help the world, and He brought down this power through Jesus Christ, so for us to be able to connect this creative power, we need to recognise continually who God is, and how powerful He is, how He can bless His children, and also everything we need to know about Him, so we can stand the better chance of having the creative power to change the world. This is why the gospel is being preached to the world, so men will be out of darkness and come in to the wonderful light of God.

Today; people don’t put their faith in God the way they ought to put their faith and hope in God, this is because, they don’t understand Gods creative power, if they do they will put their hope in God, and trusting Him to meet them at the point of their needs, they need to study the word and then they will always learn to put their trust in God, despite what they face, because most times, what causes doubt is that they are not experiencing Gods creative power in their lives, they don’t experience the blessings they have desired to experience, and as such, they don’t put their faith and trust in God. This is wrong because God is the creator of the world, and for God to create the whole world. The moon and the stars, and every living thing, the same God can meet them at the point of their need, this same God can ensure that their heart desire are meant, but the only requirement is to trust Him, despite the situation that they face, with this, they can be rest assured that He hears them when they call to Him. If there is anything that God needs is to see, is to see His people trusting Him all the time, and in every situation, because this is what He wanted, and that was why He sent Jesus Christ into the world to pay for the sins of the world, so we need to believe strongly the creative power of God, this is what we need to live by, and also this is what we need to achieve our set aims and ideas, because God has given us His mighty power to trust Him at all times, this power ensure that our hope and confidence is in Him no matter the temptation we trust God knowing that He is with us all the time, and He is ready to see us through no matter the lapse of time, this should be our joy, learning to trust God all the time and putting our hope and assurance on Him and be rest assured that our expectation will not be cut short.

God is powerful, and He wants His children to partake of this awesome power that is why the bible talked about different gifts that God gave to his children, the bible said and he gave some apostles, and some Prophets; and some evangelists; and some pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: God gave His children all of these precious gift so they can partake of His creative power, so as God’s children, we should take advantage of these gifts and ensure that we use it for what God intended for the gifts to be used for, by doing this, we are fulfilling Gods wish for the churches, because these gifts are for the churches and the body of Christ, so ensuring all of God’s children experience the benefit of these gifts is what God require of us so we can stand the chance of being blessed and also our world.

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