1. Firstly what is the gospel?. The gospel means Gods good news, it means the word of salvation. Now the divine gospel is the extraordinary word of God that needs to be preached to the unsaved, it is not the normal everyday word which they hear from time to time, it is the word that comes with power and manifestation of the spirit that when any unsaved person hears it, they will give their lives in total surrender to God forever. This is the gospel that needs to be preached to the world, so that the unsaved would come to the full knowledge that God indeed is the creator of the universe, and they will begin to serve God despite all else.

 Today, not every church preach the divine gospel that would cause men to make up their minds to serve God continually, but they preach the gospel which is the ordinary good news that is being preached, this is because not every pastor and prophet is given the power to preach the divine gospel, but they can be able to preach the gospel, which is just the normal good news about Christ and how he died for the sins of the world, but they don’t have the power to preach the divine gospel which is the real  manifestation of the life, nature, and the power of God, this is because when you preach to the unsaved especially the sick, you can’t tell the sick man that Jesus Christ loves you, by just preaching to the man, and leaving him still sick, this time, you need to share the divine gospel that would bring instant healing to the unsaved sick man. This is the gospel that needs to be preached to the unbelievers that needs to see the manifestation of the power of God before accepting fully the Lordship of Jesus Christ in to their lives, they need to hear more words accompanied with signs and wonders, so that they can have strong faith in God.

  In the bible, Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to preach the gospel, he instructed them to go all around the world to declare who he is, that is why the bible says, “and they went forth to preach the gospel, and the Lord working with them and performing their words with signs and wonders”. This is the divine gospel of truth, preaching the word of God alongside with the manifestation of the spirit. This is what the unsaved needs to hear, the truth that will change their lives from one position to another, and this is what the spirit of God expect from believers, especially His pastors and prophets, and this is so because so many people that needs Gods blessings in their lives believes that when they go to church, and when they hear Gods word, their lives will be changed, but when they come, and don’t hear what will motivate them to put all their trust and happiness in God, they will feel disappointed not hearing the word of satisfaction and encouragement, just the way they expected, that is why it is important that we have committed believers, pastors and prophets that will preach the gospel with signs and wonders following, which is what we need for the unsaved, and this is the gospel that should be preached everywhere, so that men and women will be motivated to work for God, and then they will be more interested in the things of the spirit, knowing fully well that God indeed is the all powerfull God.

All through the scripture, the apostles of Jesus preached the divine gospel of truth, they never preached the gospel without performing signs and wonders, and that was why they always had people gathered around them, people who were hungry for the word, people who wanted to see the manifested power of God, and people who where ready to be committed to the things of God. This was the gospel that the apostles preached. The bible talked about Paul and Silas on the way to the temple to pray, the bible recorded they met a crippled man at the gate called beautiful, they did not only speak to the man, they healed him, and the man which was crippled for so long got back to his feet and started to walk. This is divinity that people needs to see in the life of a believer, because we are in the times and seasons when people have a lot of challenges, and are longing to go to  other mystical places  just to experience the manifestation of other spirits, but when they decide to go to church and hear God’s word of truth that is accompanied with signs and wonders, their lives will be changed. It is important that we believers  preach the divine gospel and not just the ordinary gospel of repentance, but the gospel that will open the eyes of  the unsaved, and then they will begin to worship God fervently knowing fully well that He is the creator of the universe. This is what is needed in today’s generation, because every now and then, we hear news of battle, chaos, earthquake and disaster, and the minds of people are fainting by the day, but until they hear the message that they need to hear that will eradicate fear and doubt from from their minds, they can never be at peace, and they will live their lives in fear, that is why we Christians  need to go out of our way to preach the gospel to the world, letting them know that God can save them from all distresses, and making them realise that God can fight their every battle and then meet them at the point of their needs. This is the gospel that should be preached to the world, this is the message that should be preached in churches, not just hearing about salvation, repentance and giving only, but hearing the divine gospel that is filled with the manifestation of the power of God. It is important that we do things just the way the spirit of God wants it done and not the other way round, there ought to be equity in everything that we do in the house of God, Gods ministers and teachers need to spend time to pray and then hear from the spirit of God before ministry in any church service, they need to seek the face of God more and more, and then develop a stronger relationship with God, and until we do this, we will not be able to grasp the anointing of preaching the divine gospel. God expect believers to share His manifested word to the world, He wants believers to stick to His rules, and so they can be a complete example to the world. This is the gospel that needs to be preached everywhere, the gospel of signs and wonders so that everyone will see Gods manifested power from time to time.

Today, so many people want to experience Gods manifested power in their lives, and that is why you find them move from one false prophet to the other, they don’t attend Gods own church, they move to different places in search of the right information, because they want to hear words of power, and words of truth, but instead of them putting their faith in God and not in Man, they end up being fetish and not hearing the words of power that they needed as encouragement to their situation. No matter the pressure of life, it is important that we go to the right places to seek for what we want to see and what we want to hear, and we can only hear the right information when we make up our minds to attend Gods own church regularly and then make efforts to do the things that the spirit of God wants us to do so we can always live a happy life.     The divine gospel is what has changed the life of so many Christians around the world, this is because when they heard the gospel, they experienced a transformation in their lives, a transformation they knew it was from God alone, and because of this, they made up their minds to keep hearing it and to ensure to do what the gospel talked about. We need to know more about the divine gospel, it is not just the ordinary word of God it is the word filled with signs and wonders, it is the word that carries the power of God,  the word of deliverance, and not everyone of Gods children has the gift to preach the divine gospel, so for we Christians to be able to preach the divine gospel always, we have to stay committed to the things of the spirit of God, let God direct us on what we should do continually, and also spend time in prayer and fasting regularly, and not missing out daily constant fellowship with the spirit of God, and as we do this, Gods divine gift will keep coming to us, and we will always be able to preach the divine gospel to our world,  so getting to hear more and more of Gods divine gospel is what we make us keep having faith and also continually live in Gods divine presence all the days of our lives.





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