The divine life is a life that is full of power and awesomeness, it is the life of God, the very nature of God which is supernatural. It is a life that is meant for every child of God which is the life of greatness and strength.

Today; people go in search of divinity, they want to acquire power, and because of this they make up their minds to go extra mile in order to get divine power, not knowing that divinity alongside with peace comes from God alone, they don’t care about their lives, and all they are interested in is divine power. God is the owner of all divine nature and He knows how to give it to His children that continually put their trust in Him. God’s desire is for His children to live in divinity so they can be a complete example to the world. All throughout the scripture, the bible talked about men and women of faith and how God showed His divine power through them, they did mighty works, and all was from Gods divine ability. Jesus Christ was a complete example of divinity, he healed the sick, he raised the dead, and all the signs and wonders he did was through Gods divine ability that was at work in him, he never stumbled, and he never gave up because he knew that the mighty power of God could cause him to do anything that he desired to do. Jesus Christ is an epitome of divinity; all through the scripture, his divine life was what was written so everyone especially Christians could know the gift that God sent into the world, the gift which is Jesus Christ who came to show to us Gods divine nature, and to preach the word, the divine gospel of truth, so that many will come to the full knowledge that God indeed is the creator of the universe.

It is important as Christians that we understand the divine nature of God and then make up our minds to be committed to the things of the spirit, so that we can experience Gods  supernatural divinity in our lives, because as Christians, not living in Gods divinity does not really show that we are Gods children, there need to be proof that we are the children of God, and that we have been called to show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness in to His marvellous light. Gods desire is to deposit His divine awesome power in to the life of His children, and also to ensure that we make known His word to all generation. This is the plan of God to the world especially Christians, knowing the word of God and then making drastic efforts to be committed to the things of the spirit, like preaching the gospel, and  staying committed to it, and then having constant fellowship with the spirit of God. That is why Gods word says that we should not neglect the assembly of our coming together, inorderwards, we should not miss constant fellowship with the spirit of God, and as we do, we will have right standing with God.

It is important that we take  the things of God seriously, and continue in it steadfastly, knowing fully well that God is He that we ought to serve, and always to understand the simple truth that He wants us to live a godly life, and also to be a complete example to the world. So understanding what brings the life of divinity into the life of a Christian is very important, this is because, most times, Christians do ask the question of how they can connect to Gods divine power? and how it can be manifested in their lives? but most of them don’t want to experience the enormous training that is accompanied with this divine life. This is what God wants us to understand. The divine life is not an ordinary life, it is a life filled with power and awesomeness, it is the very life of God that He wants to deposit into the life of His children that are committed to His work, it is important that we have this life so we can be a complete example to our world.


Over the years, people have long to  see the manifestation of  Gods divinity, Christians and especially non-Christian, they long to experience Gods awesomeness in their lives and in everything they do, and until they see Gods manifested power, they don’t believe so quickly how effective Gods power is, and they don’t make up their minds to serve God diligently, but when they begin to start seeing Gods manifested power in their lives, then they will start believing that God indeed is powerful and mighty, so we need to live our lives, not just being a Christian alone, but being a Christian with a difference so the world can continue to see God in us. God’s divine nature is not what God gives to an ordinary Christian, it is for the real committed children of God, His children that are obedient and just, His children that thinks just the way He thinks, these are the ones that He can deposite His divine nature in to their lives. It is important for us to live in divinity as Christians, it is important that we experience Gods awesome power each day, and then use this power to better our lives and our world. God’s desire is for Christians to be like Him. That is why the bible says as He is, so are we in this world. He wants us to represent Him in this world, because there is no way that He can come into the world to do what He has already done through His son Jesus Christ, He has done it once and for all, and we need to understand that Jesus Christ finished the work that God sent him to do on the earth, God has already laid down His plans from the foundation of the earth, He already done what He need to do, He doesn’t need to do more, that was  why Jesus Christ came into the world to preach the gospel of truth, and he spent his time, teaching from one villages to another, letting people know who God is, and His divine plans for the world, and he never let a day go by without preaching the gospel because this was Gods instruction for him, bringing people to righteousness, and letting people know who God is and what He can do.

Jesus Christ  taught the word of God with diligence and patience, people were amazed. but he did all of these because he understood Gods divine nature and  awesomeness, that was why he wasn’t moved, even when he was stoned and insulted, he never spoke a word, this was because, Gods awesome power and nature was at work in his life, he knew what to do all the time, and he kept preaching the gospel, so people could come to God, and also live in Gods divine power and awesomeness. God is a just God, and it is His desire for His children to live a just life, so living a just life just the way God wants it can make us to enter into Gods divine nature which can be forever if we continually make up our minds to do the things which pleases Him and to live right continually, knowing fully well that God indeed is the God that owns the world and the divinity in the earth as well.

In the world today, people seek for divinity here and there, through fetish means, but they don’t know that God is the only one that gives divinity alongside with peace and prosperity, they go to seek divinity in wrong places, and them end up having problems in life. If only they understood who God truly is, and how faithful He is towards His children, then they will be patience enough to seek the face of God all the time, and to experience His awesomeness in their lives, and then having confidence to do great things for Him and for the world. Gods divine life is Gods awesome power which He sent into the world through Jesus Christ, it is the life that Jesus Christ lived throughout his earthly ministry, that was why the Jews and the Pharisees were jealous of him, and notwithstanding, he continued living the life, until it was time for God to take him up to heaven. Even after his death and resurrection, he still continue to show his divine nature by appearing to his disciples, and showing them his wound where he was nailed on the cross, and also to ensure that they learnt some lesson. What more can be said about Gods divine nature and awesomeness which he showed to the world through Jesus Christ, and before Jesus finally departed from the world, he gave this divinity to those that will accept him to be the Lord of their lives. So as Christians, knowing what God gave to us through His son Jesus Christ, is what we need to enter in to the realm of divine life and also to ensure that we use it to save the world.

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