The Epistles is the combination of the books of the new testament and it explains the acts that took place during the bible days of which God gave men and women revelation to write about the event that occured during those times, for some, they actually heard God spoke to them, and then they noted it down, while some others actually witnessed those events and then noted it as well.

And can we begin to talk about the books of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. For Mathew, it is revisible because it explains the birth of Jesus Christ, the teachings of John the Baptist, and then the teachings of Jesus Christ in the synagogue, and also serveral places that he demonstrated the character of the Spirit of God. And then the event in the book of Mark, acts of Apostles, all of these are the Epistles. Now let’s look at the book of acts.

Acts 3 vs 1.

  1. Now peter and John went up together in to the temple at the hour of prayer being the ninth hour, and certain man lame from his mother womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate called beautiful to ask of alms  of them that entered into the temple, who seeing peter and John about to go into the temple asked alms, vs 4, and peter fastening his eyes upon him with John said look on us, and he gave heed unto them expecting to receive something of them, then Peter said, silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk, and he took him by the right hand and lifted him up, and we know the rest part of the story, the man was healed. This is one of the healings in the Epistles, and it’s remarkable, because it was given to us to understand and to believe the teachings of the Apostles, many has studied this scripture, and they got faith to be healed from many infirmities, and the miracles and teachings went on and on and all of these were recorded and so our faith could be strong in terms of trials and temptations. Now let’s look  at the book of Corinthians,

2Corinthians 1vs 1.

Paul an Apposttle of Jesus Christ by the will of God and Timothy our brother unto the church of God which is at Corinth with all the saints which are in all A- cha-ia grace be to you and peace from God our father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Bless be God, even the father of our Lord Jesus Christ the father of mercies and the God of all comfort. Now when we read further this verse, Paul and the rest Apostles ensured they sent messages and greetings to the rest churches, because they were senior pastors, as at the time and they couldn’t stay in a particular church for so long, and they still had to preach in one place or the other and so people’s faith could be strengthen. And still can we begin to look at the encounter of Appostle Paul how during preaching the gospel he was threatened, now let’s look at

Acts 21 vs 13.

  1. And when he was come unto us, he took Paul’s girdle and bound his own hand and feet, and said, thus saith the Holy Ghost so shall the men at Jerusalem bind the man that owneth this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands of the gentiles, vs 13, then Paul answered what mean ye to weep and to break mine heart? For I am ready not To be bound only but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, inorderwards,  he didn’t want anyone to threaten him, and he was ready to continue preaching the gospel. Preachers of the gospel can learn from Apposttle Paul, because sometimes there is threat to life in most part of the world while preaching the gospel this is because they don’t want morals being taught but then we have a role of conviction to play inorder to ensure the continuity of the gospel. These were what the Apostles  were after, and when we read further, studying the encounter of Paul, he actually completed his ministry, and also his co- disciples ensuring the gospel was preached in and out of season, and when they had nothing, they ensured that they still preached the gospel, and so many could understand the mystery of Jesus Christ, and the purpose of his death and Resurrection. Wow! What boldness that was demonstrated by the Apostles during their earthly ministry, the blind seeing, the lame walking, and God was with them to ensure that their works were perfected.

And do we cease to forget Apposttle John in the book of John, in John 1, 2, and 3, how he talked about the word of God that was preached by Jesus Christ, the Life of Jesus Christ, the life of John the Baptist and then the continuation of Christ teachings, the miracles of Jesus Christ and many more that was done by the Apostles, and can we begin to look back at Mathew Mark and Luke, for Mathew, it talked about the book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David and the son of Abraham, and then the geneology of Abraham and then the birth of Jesus Christ, his teachings, and then his death, and resurrection and for mark, mark talked  about the life of John the Baptist, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and then the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and for Luke, the Apposttle and who was a phsycian and a family doctor documents the perfect history of our Lord Jesus Christ, he layed emphasizes on the birth, early ministry of Jesus Christ, the miracles he did, and then the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Now all of the above put together sum up the perfect life of Jesus Christ, his teachings, his demonstration of the character of the spirit and also his death, burial and resurrection which is so remarkable, and all of these put together is the perfect works of Christ which is for teachings, , for training and then for understanding life that God want us to live.

The Epistles, the combination of the books that talked about Jesus Christ, his life, ministry, teachings, and then his death and resurrection, and so as Christians, when we study these books, what comes to our mind, what are our plans in Christiandom and how do we stand to achieve success, and as pastors teachers, prophets, evangelists studying the Epistles, and how do we intend to achieve the success that Jesus Christ left behind, and what do we need to do to experience perfect manifestation just like Jesus Christ. The account of Mathew Luke and John has it all, and when we study dilligently, we would understand the mystery in the word that was preached thousands of years by Jesus Christ and how and were he preached the gospel and then the result he got from preaching the word, and we can begin to analyse all of these, and then know why he fasted, and during fasting were he got his strength.

Now for Jesus fasting and prayer for forty days and forty nights, Jesus Christ actually did that fasting, and he was able to stand because he was the direct son of God, inorderwards the seed of God birthed him, and then a prophet that was able to fast for forty days and forty nights even before Jesus was born was Moses, we all remember that it was Moses that God used to bring the children of Isreal out of Egypt and out of bondage, and then God gave Moses instructions to fast for forty days and forty nights and so he could handle the ten commandments, and so he could let the children of Isreal know His commands, well Moses had direct connection with God, we all still remember how God had to feed the children of Isreal, He brought quails from the sea and then Manna from the cloud, and so Moses fasting and praying for forty days and forty nights didn’t have any effect on him.

Today, we have pastors teachers, Prophets and envagelists that studied the bible ( the old testament ( and then the new testament) and then want to  know what Jesus Christ did or far back what Moses did, now it’s important that they all understand why Moses had to fast for that long and also Jesus Christ, they were connected to God directly and that was why they were able to fast now it’s important to understand the teachings and the examples in the word, not just reading through and then not following proper procedures and then you just want to seek the face of God for so long in fasting and prayer, it’s very important that we fast and pray, because it strengthens, but staying at it for that so long and then not having direct conection with God or May be not taking instructions from God to proceed for the excersise, well it might be wrong in the sense that there might be health danger. So it is important that we follow well after what we study and that was why Jesus had to train disciples as an Apposttles and so they could be an example to our world.

The life of a Christian is a life of beauty and a life of wonders and it is important that we understand this life properly, and don’t be so drift in decision making because there are some decisions that looks as though it’s from God, but it isn’t or voices that sound like the Holy spirit, it isn’t as well, so proper understanding of the voice of the Holy Spirit matters a lot, and also it is important as Christians that we stay connected to God and so we could know what to do and what not to do and so our lives can be genue living programmed by God to lead us directly to our plans and ambitions.



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