The gospel is the message of Christ, it is the good news of Salvation that is being preached, but the bible defined the gospel as the power of God unto Salvation. The gospel is the word of God, it is the message that God brought into the world, through the ministry of Jesus Christ. The gospel took off fully when Jesus Christ came into the earth; and the bible recorded that all through the life time of Jesus, all he did was to preach from town or village to another, ensuring many were saved to the glory of the father, and not only preaching the gospel, but also ensured that there were signs and wonders.

 The gospel that Jesus Christ preached was accompanied with signs and wonders, the people he preached to were hungry for the word, and then he was led by the spirit to demonstrate the power of God to then, so they would have faith in God, on one occasion, he fed five thousand people and they were fed with just five loaves of bread and two fishes, and so it was. Any time Jesus went to preach, he did not only preach the gospel, he also demonstrated the power of God, and this is the seed we have today as christians. God wants us today to preach the gospel to the unsaved, and He want us to do it with passion because this was what Jesus Christ brought in to the world to free the unsaved.

The gospel of Christ should be the major job in the church today, Christians should be ready to preach the good news and ensure souls are being saved because that is what God values, preaching to the unsaved, and ensuring that they give their life to Him. He want us to do this continually because that is where His heart is. It is our responsibility as Christians all around the world to preach the gospel, because the bible says in Mark 13 vs 10 and the gospel must first be published among all nations, so it is important that we carry the burden upon ourselves to preach the gospel everywhere, we have to take the gospel to the ends of the earth demonstrating the character of the spirit, because people love to see the manifestation of the power of God when they hear the gospel; and Jesus did all of these during his earthly ministry, he did so many miracles while preaching the gospel,  and that is why the bible said that all those that gladly receive the word of God from Peter, immediately joined in the things of God, and they started breaking bread, and not only partaking in the activities of the church, they also sold all their possessions and then brought the money for those that were in need. Only the power of God through the word can do this.

 It is important that we preach the word as Gods children, because this is our primary task as believers, ensuring that the lost hear the word and are saved, this was what Peter did, and because of him, and the  rest of the disciples, people never felt the ascension of Jesus Christ, this was because what Jesus would have done, while he was in the earth, were being carried out by the disciples, and the people were glad that they still have those carrying the nature of Jesus Jesus Christ on the earth, and so it was. The same should happen today, those that are anointed by God should also try as much as possible to anoint other people so they can preach the word of God, and also ensure that the lost are saved to the glory of God.

Today; we have evangelists, Prophets and teachers of the word that take the gospel from one place to the other, people that are ready to have the gospel preached, this should be their job continually,  and that is why the bible says Matthew 24 vs 14 that the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end will come. The gospel must be preached to the whole earth that is why the bible says that the gospel must cover the earth as the water covers the sea. God’s word must spread everywhere, people both hidden and public must hear the gospel of  Jesus Christ, because that is why Jesus died on the cross, and also  so many people will come to the full knowledge of the power and glory of God, and then the end will come. So preaching the word should be our major drive as Christians, not waiting to be told to do it, and not being paid to do it, because our pay comes from God, the creator of Heaven and earth, so going on and ensuring that the gospel gets to so many in different part of the world should be our driving force, and by so doing, we will be fulfilling scripture, and also ensuring that the ministry of the word grows from time to time.

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