God is the creator of the universe, He created the world, He created the sun, moon, the stars and every living thing on the face of the earth, and He did it for mankind, and He created Adam and Eve to be in charge of all living things,  giving them specific instruction to beware of some fruits in the garden of Eden, and this was where disobedience started from, though they could not achieve Gods instruction, but they living in the garden of Eden showed that God can make provision for man, and ensure that his needs are met. God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth, though most people don’t get to worship Him as they ought, but it is important that we worship God fervently in spirit and in truth.

The hand writing of God is Gods written word of instruction, most times it is usually spiritual, but sometimes, it can be physical, in the case of King Belshaz-zar how he had a great feast, and then called on thousands of his lords and drank wine before the thousands, and as if that was not enough, he then gave commandments, to bring the golden and silver vessels which his father Nebuchadnezar had taken from the temple which was in Jerusalem, and the King and His princes, his wives, and his concubines might drink there in. Daniel 5 vs 2, then they brought the golden vessels that were taken out of the temple of the house of God which was in Jerusalem, and the King and his princes, his wives and concubines drank in them, vs 4 and 5, and when they drank wine, and praised the gods of iron, of wood and of stones, in the same hour, came fort fingers of a mans hand and wrote over against a candle stick upon the plainster of the wall, and the King saw part of the hand, and his face changed, and he became worried, and he then ordered to bring in the sooth sayer and the diviners in the land, to interpret the hand writing, but all to no avail, and then Daniel the son of the most High God was brought to the King to interpret the meaning of the hand writing on the wall, and this was the writing [ Daniel 5 vs 25] Me’-Ne,Me’-Ne,Te’-Kel,  U-PHAR’-SIN. And this was the interpretation Me’-Ne’ it meant God had numbered the kingdom and finished it; Te-Kel, thou hath weigned in the balances, and art found wanting, Pe’-Res’, thy Kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. Actually, Mene’ meant that God had watched the way he had handled the Kingdom, and he had never handled the Kingdom the way he ought to have handled it, and Tekel’ actually meant now he will be judged for his evil doing, and finally Pe’-Res, meant that the Kingdom will be taken away from the King and given to those that their heart are right before God, and those that are willy and ready to obey the voice of God. This was Gods hand writing, it was written boldly in the physical world so everyone could see it.

God is a spirit, if you actually want Him and see Him to be a spirit, and He can actually be a physical person, that is if you  want Him to be so. And all of these took place in the time of King Belshaz-zar, he was a wicked King, He never obeyed God, and because of this, God had to come in the physical world and then showed His handwriting, this was Gods warning for the King to depart from evil and then choose to serve Him, but He never obeyed God And because of this, God decided to destroy the Kingdom in his time. Knowing the word of God is loving Him and obeying His commandments, we should never know God to the extent of Him bringing out His physical Hand to write on the wall, because God’s hands are hands of blessings most times, and not for Judgement as in the case of King Belshazzar, but if you are His obedient child, it can be more of blessings, than Judgement.

Today; most Christians has experienced the hand of God spiritually in their lives, though they might not see the hand physically, but they know that the hand of God is in their case, but some might have seen the hand in a spiritual way, because God had to open their eyes to see His hands, but for me, I have seen Gods hand writing like three times, as I sat in a place a little bit far from my bed, I saw a hand with a pen writing on my bed, I didn’t hear any word or any instruction, but suddenly, I picked a signal from my spirit, but I knew it was God that gave the signal, and the signal was I should pick up my pen and then begin to write, and then I waited for some time and eventually picked up my pen to write, and each time I saw the hand again writing  on my bed, I knew God wanted me to write His word, this is because, ordinarily I will not love to write anything at the moment, and will love to do other things and not to write, but because God wanted me to write His word, then  that was why He had to write on my bed, and opened my eyes to see His hand writing.

Gods hand writing are precious, they are Gods instructions, but those instructions can be written in our hearts, and cause us to do things that He God wants us to do, but sometimes He can speak to us through our spirit mind and not write in our hearts, but which ever one, it is the same God that does His work. But we need to always obey God especially when we pick signal in our spirit to do what He wants us to do, He is the one that is instructing us and causing us to obey His voice,  and as we do, our lives will become better from time to time.






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