The Law of Equity

The laws of equity states that you have to be fair and then you need to have good conscience. In the world today, most individual find it difficult to obey this laws, they are not fair in anything thing they do, that is why the bible recorded in the book of John 2 vs. 19 Jesus answered and said unto them, destroy this temple and in three days i will raise it up. During this time in the church, there was no more fairness in the church, and the church was being used for different activities that were not appealing to God and that was why Jesus quoted destroy this temple and in three days i will raise it up. These words were profound because according to the bible, the destruction of the temple meant his death, while the raising up of the temple meant his resurrection which is to say his death meant the complete eradication of all the negative acts in the temple while his resurrection on the third day which is the raising up of the temple  meant the new birth of the church, a church of equity, and a church that will stand in the test of time So as believers, God wants us to be fair in anything that we do especially in the church because when people go to church to seek for help, they are expecting to meet people with good conscience, but when they don’t, get such people they get frustrated and never want to trust God, so as pastors or teachers, we need to act like Jesus and change every negative doctrine in the church so that the glory of God can abide in the church forever.

Equity which means fairness and good conscience is what is needed in today’s world and also the church at large. In the law court, for a defendant to be discharged and acquitted, he needs to be fair throughout the judgement of the case, though some cases takes longer time, still the fairness of the defendant is needed before he can be discharged and acquitted.

Now when you study the scripture carefully, you will realise that fairness and good conscience was in the church at that time, and there was judgement on any one who lied in the church, this was the case with Anaias and Sapphira, they  sold a piece of land, and then gave a false price, not knowing that the God of judgement has already issued out his judgement on them.

Today; God wants a fair church, a church that people will see and then give glory to Him, because telling lies in church does not bring the blessings of God, just as Jesus cleared the temple, so peter also did and fear came upon everyone that heared, and then a new church was birthed. The bible makes us to understand that God is a God of judgement that is why as Christians, we need to live a holy life that is pleasing to Him, we need to understand Gods principle of peace and blessings and you need to know what God wants as Christians. The bible talked about David as a shepherd boy, you are quite aware that David killed Goliath, and that was why Saul appointed him as his senior staff. Now when David was working with Saul, the bible recorded that Saul had demons disturbing him and at each time the demons disturbed, David would play the harp, and all the evil spirit disturbing Saul would run away, this was because the spirit of God was upon David and it became dawn on Saul that David was a blessed child, and then he became jealous of David, now you can read what he did before he began to develop hatred for David.

In Sammuel 22 vs 1,  the bible recorded that David therefore departed thence, and escaped to the cave A-dul’-lam: and when his brethren and all his father’s house heard it, they went down thither to him. And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a captain over them. Now when you study this scripture carefully, you will notice that even when David was chased by Saul, and he then escaped to the cave of A-dul’-am, the bible said , men that were destitute, and men that were in debt came to David to seek for shelter, now David was a fugitive, and the people still followed David to seek for shelter, this was because, David was a just man, and he was fair to Saul even while Saul was after his life, that was why those that were in debt and those that were in need went after him.

In 1 Sammuel 22 vs 6-18.This scripture shows how wicked King Saul was, and it  also helps to understand that God doesn’t love wicked people, He loves people that are just and when you study bible more you will realise that Gods judgements fell upon Saul and he died and David became the king this is because David was fair. It is Gods desire for His children to live a life of freedom, He doesn’t want His children to be evil, He wants them to live a life of sincerity because that is where freedom comes from and because when you are not fair in life, it robs you of favour, ideas and even long life because sincerity is very important, now you might ask a question, how can I live a holy life, Or how can I be fair in my job, businesses, etc. Firstly; you need to give your life to Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of our faith, and then, you need to be a regular worshiper in the church, now when are able to do this, you see yourself start having the right mentality to live a holy life that is worthy of emulation, you will see yourself being fair in anything you do because when you are a born again and filled with the holy ghost, nothing can steal your good conscience away, you will learn to do things in a good way so the name of your heavenly father can be glorified. Equity is a law which has to be practiced everywhere especially in the church. This is so because if you cannot practice sincerity in your place of work or at home, you should be able to practice it in the church, because so many people get frustrated and don’t know what to do, they are being jilted in their businesses or they are not shown sincerity in their place of work, but when they think of church, they should be convinced within them that they are coming to the right place and at the right time, they are coming to a place were people with good hearth are met, and a place where they can speak to the lord; this is Gods dream for His new birth church, a church of hope and destiny, a church where solutions to problems are solved, and where destinies are turned around, this the new church that God wants to have, He wants people, begin to think of attending church they will be excited, because they know they are going to meet with the king, and the author of their lives, this is what people should see, a place for solution, and so they can begin to have a positive mentality, and not a negative mind-set.

Mind –Set is very important because when you think right, you will act right, your mind –set can either be positive or negative depending on the association you keep, and the places where you spend most of your time, that is why God wants us to spend our time in His presence because in His presence there is fullness of Joy, and peace forever, that is where we need to be, a place where we can continuously hear the word of God and be rest assured that God is a faithfull God, and that He knows our needs and our wants, He knows how to beautify us, no matter the situation, trusting Him at all times, and in every situation, to handle our circumstances, because that is what He wants for us, that is dream for the new birth Christians that will begin to reason out how to become what He God wants them to become, how to better their lives, and ensure that they lay a solid foundation to His glory, that is why as Christians, we need to study our bible at all times and in every situation so we can take the things that are freely to us in Christ Jesus.

The bible says in 2 Timothy 2 vs 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God a work that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth, this is because the word of God is Sincere. When you study the book of Genesis till the end, the bible talked about people that where for in all they do except on very few occasions, the bible talked about, those that were wicked and their end was death. That is why we need to study the bible, God wants us to begin to see ourselves living positive lives, God wants us to read about our teachers and pastors, He wants us to learn from their way of life, how they all lived a life of faith despite daring situations, and achieved a notable result, this is what God wants for us to live  positive lives that is pleasing to Him, so people can look at our lives and then give glory to the God that will serve, because they have seen the works of the father in us, this is the way we ought to think and imagine so that equity can be revealed in us.

What is Gods purpose for us, and how can his love and sincerity be seen in us, what is Gods dream for us and how can we live a peaceable life, how can our world be fair, and how can the blessings of God come to us because of fairness; when you begin to think like this, you are opening your doors of break through because God can only bless a sincere person, a just person and a person who understands His laws, His laws of equity, His laws of creation, and His laws of love, God wants us to understand all these so we can start experiencing His peace and breakthrough in life, this is all He wants from us, sincerity which is His topmost rule, now thanks be to God because He has made His grace available, His grace that can help us live in sincerity despite all odds, this is His dream for us so we can experience His freedom and success.

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