Firstly, what do we understand by laws? Laws means rules, regulations binding on a country, organisations, locality, e. t. c. Today; we have quite a number of these rules, if adhered to by citizens of a nation or individuals in a locality,  they would live in peace and freedom.

Laws are very important, this is because, if we don’t have laws, there wouldn’t be planning or organisation, and so for everyone to live in peace, they would have to adhered to rules and regulations, for this is the only way there can be progression on whatever it is that government or organisation would want to embark on.

Today, we have rules and regulations, not only in government but in Christianity as well, and over the years, these rules, if adhered to strictly, is why we have the presence of God in our lives, it’s why we have our prayers answered, and it still why we are Christians; and can we begin to mention these laws. Now let’s look at the laws of Moses, the bible talked about the ten commandments, now let’s look at this scripture,

Exodus 19 vs 4.

Ye have seen what I did to the Egyptian, and how I bare you on eagles wings and brought you unto myself, vs 5, now therefore if ye  will obey my voice, indeed, and keep my convenant, and then ye shall be a perculiar treasure unto me above all people, for all the earth is mine.

I love these words that God spoke to Moses, now when you read the beginning scripture, you would find out that Moses came out of mount Sinai, and then God gave him, the ten commandments, and then explained what He wanted for His children. I love God’s word mightily, for He said, if the children of Isreal, would keep His commandments, then He would make them a perculiar treasure, and not a perculiar people, for a perculiar treasure is higher than a perculiar people; and this is what a perculiar treasure means, firstly, treasure means, special vessels materials, houses, or jewelries like, gold, diamonds, precious stones, that people so much love, and then store them up as a treasure, and then don’t let anyone touch or handle them, and even in some cases, some take their valued possessions like the jewelries I mentioned earlier to a bank for safe keeping, and then it becomes a treasure to them. Now this was what God meant when He said if they would obey His word, then He would make them His perculiar treasure, which means, He would so much love them, cherish them, and then give them His gifts, or maybe this is why we have these ranking in Christianity, and then we have some pastors, teachers, envagelists and Prophets, appostles, having enormous gifts, and then people are wondering where all the powers came from, some have this gift of healing, the gift of teaching, and then the gift of caring for others, or better still, all of God’s gifts is resident just in one person, and then we still have others having the gift of  just ministration, or maybe little gift of healing, and then the gift of caring for others, and then some others, the gift of prophecy and then ministration only, or still accompanied by the gift of healing, now all of these work hand in hand depending on the level of closeness and obedience to God, and that is why we have this ranking, teachers, bishops, envagelists, prophets, pastors, senior pastors, bishops, senior bishops, and then our great pope. Wow! This is the height, and then someone might ask this question, what is needed to be done, inorder to attain this height? Well that was what God said to Moses, keeping His convenant, inorderwards, adhering to His commandments, His laws, and then having it within their heart, and not doing the things that they feel like doing, but being steadfast, knowing that God is watching always and being mindful of His word.

Though it’s difficult sometimes to attain a height, because you have to be this someone that don’t do anything wrong, you don’t curse, and even if you do, you pray for forgiveness, and still some other things that you need not do that within yourself it is wrong, you just keep off it, and you still have to live this kind of discipline life, when you don’t just choose friends anyhow, and your mind is so connected to God, and you know what He wants you to do, and then what He doesn’t want you to do, and then you know you are His child.

It isn’t easy to serve the Lord sometimes looking at persecution, surfferings, temptations, and then you still find these sets of called ones obeying God’s rules and so they could please Him, and then still and so God could use them to help others. Everyone need to have respect for every child of God, now one might say, I am a child of God as well, yes which means respecting one another, especially pastors, teachers and ministers of the word, ensuring that they are well taken care of, and not taking them for granted, because most times, they stoop so low, this is because they have this nature from God to be so, and when you see them, still you could tell that they carry the annointing of the spirit of God, and it can go on and on, but which ever case, we need to do what God wants, and so we could be called His perculiar treasure, but when we read through the scripture, the bible says in,

I peter 2 vs 9.

But we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a perculiar people, that we should show forth the praises of Him, who hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. Well, God hath said earlier on, that if the children of Isreal would keep His convenant, then He would make them His perculiar treasure exodus 19 vs 4, now here in this scripture in 1 peter 2 vs 9, It was written by peter, that we are God’s perculiar people, and then what happened to perculiar treasure, there are changes here, or maybe God didn’t find these set of believers that He actually wanted, or the good and obedient people that He has always wanted, or maybe that’s why the changes from treasure to just people, well though it’s not easy to attain that height that God wants for His children, it’s still of top most importance that we revrence God. Now let’s look at why it’s so difficult to attain a height. Let’s look at,

I thimothy 3 vs 2.

Now looking at the commitment of a bishop, and so he can be placed at a height by God, thimothy says, a bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach. Vs 3, not given to wine, no striker, not greedy or filthy, lucre, but patient, not a brawler not coventous. Vs 4, one that ruleth well his own house, having his children with subjection in all gravity. And it goes on and on. Now I love vs 6, which says, not a novice, lest be lifted up with pride, he falls into the condemnation of the devil. Wow! I  love you holy spirit, now this means God doesn’t want His bishop to be a novice, this is because, inorderwards, because of commitment to the work of the ministry, a said bishop cannot be a novice, because God want it so, and then when he being lifted up, he falls into the trap of the devil, inorderwards, that said bishop, shouldn’t be a novice in the first place that would need someone to lift him up, he should be smart, and then understand most things at least to some extent, and not a novice that don’t understand anything, and then when you read down wards this scripture, it goes on and on, and even the instructions for deacons were still stated, now all of these instructions are not just for bishops and deacons, they are also for all Christians, knowing the exact life that they need to live, staying connected to the word, and forbearing one another. Now let’s look at this scripture as well.

2 peter 1 vs 5.

And beside this, giving all dilligence, add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge, and to knowledge temperance, and to temperance patience, and to patience godliness, and to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness charity, wow! Vs 8 says, and if these things be in you, and then alongside the laws of the Kingdom that God gave to Moses, and then continuing from vs 8, and abound, they make you, that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, which means, God’s understanding will be present within you, which will make experience the awesome presence and gift of the holy spirit that will help you and also make you cause changes in the lives of people, and then this knowledge will help you keep connected to God, not beign pushed to jealousy towards anyone, but staying strong to God’s word, not forgetting His laws, but trusting Him in times of trials and temptations. Now if anyone would adhered to these rules or even more, they would become God’s special treasure seperated unto good works, and then still getting the courage from God in all things that pertain to life and godliness.


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