God sent Jesus Christ in to the world to save sinners and then bring eternal life to all but He did it because of the love He has for the world. throughout Jesus Christ earthly ministry, he did all the works that God wanted him to do, he healed the sick, raised the dead and did mighty miracles and God was with Him through out to ensure that his words came to pass. Jesus had so much authority while he was on the earth, he spoke words of power, and wisdom and  was never afraid to speak in public and crowd kept gathering around him just to hear his words.

In John 14 vs 6, Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. Can you imagine these words, in this post, I am going to be looking at The Life Of Jesus only. Why did Jesus so boldly declare that he is  the life? And who can ever say that, and he said it with so much authority and confidence, and this is so remarkable, Jesus the Life, in order wards, the life that we are looking for is in Jesus Christ, we can’t go elsewhere to search for life, and that is why the bible says in him was life, and that life was the light of men. The life of Jesus did not only come to us as the God life or the human life, it also came to us as light, which means that the life of Jesus dispels darkness and then cause us to shine.

Now when you look all through the scripture, you will be convinced that Jesus  lived a divine life, he did not live an ordinary life, and that was why he was able to heal the sick and then raise the dead. Only a divine life can do all of these, and when Jesus made the declaration that he is the life, he meant that through him is the only way where we can have divinity [life] but do you know what this means? It means the God nature, because that is the life that Jesus Christ had when he was on the earth, Now someone might ask, how can this life be gotten? It is easy, that is why Jesus Christ had to make this declaration in public, and there were lots of people listening to him while he was speaking, and if only you will accept God, and then accept him Jesus, then you can have this life which come through the father; and this is the same life that is being distributed in churches today, that is why when people have challenges, or when they are sick, when they visit any living church, and then accept Jesus Christ in to lives, their challenges become the thing of the past, and the sick receive healing as well. This is the very life that we are talking about, the life of Jesus which is the life of God, this is the life that moves mountain, that is why we have certain Christians, especially Gods Prophets and pastors act in a different way of confidence, they are not afraid and they just know that God is in control, this is because, they have the very life, which is what all of Gods children need in this tough times, a life of no fear, a life of power and strength [ divinity] please guys don’t push me to write on The word [Rhema 2021] because it is already written, but here, we are talking about the life of Jesus that made him to live an extraordinary life, and that is the kind of life that God wants us to have, but not everyone know about this life and nature, and as such they don’t know how to pray to have it, but if only they knew that this is a life of freedom and health, they will keep craving for it, and then pray earnestly to have it, because that is the life that can save at this age.

Over the years, people had given their lives to God, and just lived their normal lives without connecting it to the God life, they have lived a normal Christian life, and it has not really helped them and they have lived in doubt and fear, and if they have any clue of this very life that God gave to Jesus Christ, which is the life that any child of God will have that decide to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of their life, but though it is surprising to see most Christians living so happily and very confident, and then you have others living in unhappiness and uncertainty, they don’t always know what to do at the right time, and they keep having challenges and then sharing it to other people who will not provide them with any solution, though this ought not to be so, but this happen because they don’t dwell in this life that Jesus talked about, and if only they have this life, they will become the solution giver, they will never fret, and their lives will become the epitome of Gods glory.

It is important to know what you have as Christians, you need to know about what you need to do at every point in time so you won’t be left out of every single benefit. Now what are the things that you need to do: i. Having constant fellowship. ii. Praying. iii. Rendering of service, like joining any department that is convenient for you in your local church. Iv paying your tithe. V. Giving [general]. Just name it, it can be more because the life that we are talking about has a price [cost] its huge, it is for those that have found their place in Christ, it is for Gods children, so as a child of God, you will always receive instruction from the spirit of God on what to do so you can be separated unto Him. This is Gods message for His children, and this is the life that God intend to give to those that choose to obey His word, and they will experience His love and His divine nature in their lives. Love you all, and hope to post more of God’s word.

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