Manifestation means displaying of a character whether human or non-human. However manifestation of the spirit means the showing forth of the character of Gods spirit. Over the years, people had wandered what manifestation is all about, For example when you have a dog, you will probably watch the dog give birth to a puppy dog; now this puppy dog usually looks like the mother dog and when you look at it, you will know it’s a dog that gave birth to it and when It starts growing, it has more of the character of the mother dog, it swings its tails and bark just like the mother dog.  The same with the God nature so if dogs gives birth to dogs,  human give birth to human God will definitely give birth to a God.  This was the case of Jesus Christ, the bible said that God put His seed inside of Mary, and then Jesus Christ was birthed, and through out the earthly ministry of Jesus, all of the manisfestations that he did was dispaying the character of God, this same seed, God has put inside some of His children, that is why they can do just the same manisfestation that Jesus Christ did while He was on the earth. You might be wandering what the manifestation of Gods spirit is? Well it differs depending on your relationship with God.

I could remember years ago when I just started having fellowship meetings with few group of people I kept having this fellowship with them but one day something happened while I was praying with them I was led by the spirit of God to touch them, but suddenly, as I touched each one, each fell down, I was shocked; now I wandered how  can a single touch make any one to fall so while I was still praying, I didn’t know how it just happened but I found myself breathing on them, and each one I breathed on fell down as well, still surprise but after the meeting God said to me, what you just experienced was manifestation you were actually displaying my character, but I was still wandering that how on earth could the touch or the breath on my mouth make any one to fall and what was inside of me and what was in my hands as well and then I realised that because I was wearing the God nature, that was why  there was manifestation and only, A God will stand in front of a man and that man will fall down  and only God can breath on a man and that man will fall as well and  then I realise that for anyone to experience the manifestation of the spirit, there need to be constant fellowship with the spirit of God, and we need to maintain a strict relationship with God. You can read the post THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, so you can know more.

In 1 Corinthians 12 vs 7 – 11, but the manifestation of the spirit is given to everyone to profit withal for to one is given by the same spirit the word of wisdom to another the word of knowledge by the same spirit; to another the gift of healing by the same spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another Prophesy, to another  discerning of spirit, to another divers kind of tongues, and to another, the interpretation of tounges, but all of these worketh that one and the self same spirit dividing to every man severally as he will. This is what manifestation is all about. It is a nature, and it is also a gift, and it is for God’s anointed children; though over the years, most Christians have  thought that just because they gave their lives to God for a long time, they ought to manifest the nature and the character of God and so they doubt whenever they see God’s anointed children display Gods character, they cannot figure out how they are able to enter in to this awesome realm, and so they say lots of things like that person is fake and false, this is just because they have not come to believe God and then maintain a good relationship with Him, and so it becomes hard for them to believe what they see; but if only they knew that they can make up their minds to serve God diligently and then obey all of His instructions, and then keep yielding themselves to the Holy spirit, they can be sure of having the gift of manifestation.

God is the creator of the world, and He created the whole earth for mankind, and He didn’t  just create the world and then have people do whatever it is that pleases them, but He created the world so there can be positive impact in generations to come. This was the reason for creation, but when He never saw what He expected, He then send Jesus Christ in to the world so His plans can be perfected and though He God had to send more of His gift into the world as well, and so that the world might know Him that is why the bible says as many that has received Him to them He gave power to become the sons of God even to them that believe in His name, which were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. This was why God sent Jesus Christ so that any one that become a son of God will then partake of Gods gift, and until this realisation is birthed in the heart of people, they might not experience Gods precious gift that He sent through Jesus Christ, and so whenever they see others displaying Gods gift they will only wander and don’t even imagine themselves doing the same thing. So as Gods children, it is important that we recognise this fact that God’s gift of manifestation are for Gods children, they are for those that are called of God, so living our lives every day and seeing ourselves do great and mighty things for God is what God expects from us as His children, and as we do, we will always stand a better chance to be called the sons of God, and then begin to partake of Gods inheritance. This is what we should do as God’s children, and this will always make our lives move from one level of glory unto another.

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