What is peace? Peace means quietness and freedom, it means calmness. The peace of God means much more, it means to be free from every negativity, free from bondage, free from enemies etc. Several times, people need peace, and they go everywhere in search of peace, this is because other people either took their peace from them, or their evil deeds took their peace away from them, but which ever case, the almighty God is a God of peace, but you must have  wonder how people especially those their evil deeds took their peace from them get their peace back, firstly; they have to seize from their evil deeds and then make up their mind to give their lives to God, they should never for once think of going to their past of continuing in evil, and when they are able to do this, they will start experiencing peace from God. There is no man on the face of the earth that don’t love to experience peace, but peace left them through one means or the other, or rather people decided to deny them of their peace. This was the case with the children of Israel, the bible recorded that the children of Israel suffered while in Egypt, they never had peace, they worked for Pharaoh day and night, they were never granted peace, and because of this, God decided to send Moses to their aid, while Moses met with Pharaoh trying to discuss how the Israelites could be set free, Pharaoh never listen until God decided to move them out of Egypt by a mighty hand, and while the Israelites journeyed out from Egypt, Pharaoh still decided to pursue after them just to ensure they don’t have peace, and even while passing through different countries so they could arrive at their place of destiny that God has kept for them, they had to fight through, and because of this, God decided to place them in the hand of judges, just to ensure that they have peace, and so, they will be able to get to their destination.

All throughout the scripture, the bible recorded how God continued to place the children of Israelites in the hand of judges, God did this, so He could train them bless them, and thereafter bring peace to them.

The Israelites continued living their lives in hand of Judges, to the extent that they begin to sin against God, the situation became worse, to the extent of fighting one country or the other, just in search of peace, and because God was no longer with them, for serving Ba’-a-lim and Ash’-taroth, and the gods of Zidon, and the gods of Moab, and the gods of the children of Amon, and the gods of the Philistines and forsook the LORD, and served not him, their situation became worse, inorderwards, because they weren’t patient to allow God grant their freedom, they resulted to serving other gods, and this made God angry with them, and they continued in bondage, just because they were not patient enough to allow God grant their peace, and throughout their Journey for over forty years, they had to fight one war or the other with other countries, the peace they needed they never got, until God saw a man after His own heart which was David. During the reign of David as the king of Israel, this was when the Israelites began to experience peace because David served God with the whole of his heart, though he fought so many wars in order to bring peace to the Israelites, God was still the only God that he served, and because of this, God gave him peace, and no country ever defeated Israel during his reign, and to an extent there was peace in Israel, but there was much more peace during the reign of his son Solomon.

 The bible says Solomon was the wisest king that ever existed, and throughout his reign there was no single war fought by Israel instead of fighting war with other countries, God gave him peace even Pharaoh the king of Egypt was at peace with him and because of this, God heard his prayers. God gave Solomon peace that was why he had to build the temple of God, and when Solomon had finish building the house of God, he then gave a thousand burnt offering, and then the Lord appeared unto him in a dream and said ask whatever you wish, this statement was profound because God wanted to bless him, because of his mind and also his giving, and he obeyed God, and all throughout his life time, he had peace, and he never had to fight any war, and his reign went on.

 Now  reading through the scriptuire you will realise that God finally gave the Israelites peace during the reign of Solomon, and they never had to fight war with any king and all the kings that would have fought war with them, were at peace with them, just because of Solomon and the Israelites were happy to experience the peace of God at that time, they  never deviated from God and they were not afraid to live any more, they had freedom and this was because they were able to realise that they had a God that could grant them peace, and this peace brought so much wealth in Israel, and the city of Israel never lacked or suffered any good thing, people brought gift from far and wide to the city of Israel, and king Solomon so much received gifts from several countries and was tired of receiving gifts.

The scripture recorded also how the queen of Sheba visited King Solomon and brought a lot of gift and spices to him. and how she was shocked seeing the blessings of Solomon, the bible said she brought so much gift to King Solomon, and  King Solomon never received as many gift as he received from the queen of Sheba during his reign.

 The peace of God brought a lot of gifts to Solomon, and because the peace of God was present with him, he had visitors from far and near who came to visit him, and God ensured that all of these lasted during his reign, and the bible says that during his reign gold wasn’t a big deal because he had a lot of it as gifts, all of these happened because he chose to serve God. The peace of God is wealth and abundance, the peace of God is life, and the peace of God is what we all need as Christians, because when we don’t have peace from God, the reverse becomes the case. People often times go about in search of blessings and they forget that there are blessings that don’t come with peace, they don’t care, they go about in search of these blessings, and after receiving such blessings, they start going in search of peace, and which they will never find, because the people of the world can give you blessings, but they can never assure you of peace, this is because peace only comes from God, and this peace God can give when you serve Him diligently with the whole of your heart.

 God is the author of peace and Him alone can grant peace to those that put their trust in Him, but one thing is required, constant worship and yieldedness to Him, and until you are able to yield yourself to the spirit of God just the way He wants, you can never get the peace that you deserve. When you study the life of Solomon, Solomon had got to understand the way God operates through his father David, and during the reign of his father, he had watched his father closely, and saw the way he reverenced God, he had seen all the things his father was able to put together to build the house of the LORD before he died, and so he made up his mind to do much more than his father, and that was why God decided to surprise him with enormous wealth during his time because God knew that he followed after his father’s footsteps. When you study further, you will realise that the peace only lasted during Solomon’s reign because he believed God.

During the reign of his son  Rehoboam, he  did not follow after his fathers, he never knew God the way his fathers did, and because of this there was war, and this however led to division in the land, and he was made  the king of Judah only, and not the king of the whole Israel because Israel was divided, and when you read further, Rehoboam the son of Solomon never experienced peace, just like Solomon his father did, this was because throughout his father’s reign, he never spent time to watch the way his father Solomon served God, and he never really had that close relationship with God, and this affected his reign and peace.

Today; God wants us to understand His principles and the way He operates, even if you are a born again, there is a close relationship you need to maintain, so you cannot be taken to your past where you never experience the peace you ought to experience, but when you are able to maintain that close relationship with God, the peace of God will never depath from you and your family, you will keep living in the peace which is accompanied with Prosperity. God wants us to live in His peace and freedom, He wants us to live in quietness all around and in every area of our life, so we can begin to do things that He wants us to do, and also we can live our lives freely doing exactly what we want, or what we ought to do, just because the peace of God is present. So as Christian, we need to live our lives having the peace of God, for this is best way we can live in this world, freely so that all that we desire to achieve, we can see it all coming to pass through the mighty hand of God.   

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