Firstly; Creation means productivity, it means to bring out something a new. Now the creative power of God is God’s awesome might, with which He created the whole earth. The bible talked about how God created the heavens and the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, and every living creature on the face of the earth, and He did it for mankind.

In Genesis 1 vs 1 – 31, when you read through this scripture, you will realise that God created the whole earth along side the Holy Spirit, and then did His finishing, wow, I think my recent posts on God’s word on my facebook page explained this finishing ( Facebook ( Irene Oviojie), in Genesis 1 vs 1, the bible recorded that God said, and He said, and He kept saying, and the whole earth was formed; actually that word ‘said’ as used by King James, is suppose to be either spoke or declared, because when you look at the whole earth, its not something that was created just like that, there was this emphasis with which God created the earth. God created the world with power, and He actually spoke and then declared, and not just said as tenses used by King James, because there is difference between speak or speaking rather, and then said or saying, they are both different; you can actually say something and it might not be noted down, and anyone can just listen to you, but when you speak, now speaking means emphasis on a matter, and, especially speaking to a crowd or addressing something important, you don’t just say, you actually speak, which can be noted down strictly, this was how God created the earth, He spoke, and then declared, and there was strong force of power available to ensure what He said came to pass. We need to recognize God’s awesomue power of creation. And in Genesis 1 from vs 24, how that God created man, with specific instructions not to eat from a certain fruit in the garden of Eden, and then man could not stick to instructions and then disobeyed God, and this disobedience was what also led to Cain and Abel’s mystery, Cain killed Abel, and then Cain became a fugitive on the face of the earth. Instructions from God are very important, it might be God’s saving power for you and your loved ones, and when you obey God, you might not know what you have done, but When you keep at it, you gain enormous victory.

Christianity is God’s tool to reach the earth, it is God’s tool to know those that are willing to serve Him, and then live their lives positively for Him, and this was why God had to raise pastors, teachers, Prophets, and then putting His spirit inside of them, and so they can be of help to others, still today, most people don’t see reasons why they should become Christians, and so they make up their minds to live just like that, or just the way that they want, not knowing that living your life rightly here on earth is actually setting a good legacy, and then leaving behind same. The state of ones life matters alot, and even if you decide not to become a Christian, it is important that you live a just life that will make you happy, and a life that will make others happy as well, this is God’s desire for the world, because most people today, needs help from others and they do everything possible just to be helped, and sometimes usually, they don’t get the help that they need, and this is what leads to so many unhappiness, now let’s look at this, when God has blessed you, and then you have so much, and then you can spend money just the way that you want, and you can travel to any vacation that you have always desired, my question is this, why can’t you help someone else? Especially these ones that cannot afford a square meal a day, what stops anyone from showing love to others, seeing that first of all God so loved the world, that He created man, and then God so loved the world that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for man, so it is important that we show love to people, because this is the mind-set of the just, thinking of others, and this should be required of any Christians.

God created the whole world for obedience, and not for disobedience, and having people that are disobedient, especially Christians, is what has brought negativity in to today’s world, and if everyone especially Christians will keep making up their minds to live right, the world will become a better place, so sticking to instructions and then ensuring that the world that God has created become a better place for all is what we should crave for, and as we do, we are not only doing good to ourselves, but also for others as well. Over the years, and even recently, most people don’t think that the world was created by a God, they just see the world as appearing just like that, and every thing is just the way it ought to be, and because of this, they don’t see any reason why they should recognize a creator, and they feel they can carry out any activity of their choice, well God gave man wisdom for creativity especially when it comes to ideas of development, techniques, research, e.t.c. God gave man those ideas, but at the beginning of creation, most of those ideas were not birthed, because God had to destroy the whole earth, and then birthed the whole earth again through Noah’s generation, but later on, gradually some of those ideas began to flood the earth, and then finally, more of those ideas and techniques came through Jesus Christ, so apart from God creating the earth, He also gave man the power of creation, so we all should recognize this power, that can make changes in every situation, heal the sick, raise the death, and then bring completeness to the life of man, the power of creation, the power of God that we can have access to only if we believe, and then live accordingly to God’s own rules and then making up our minds to do the things that He wants us to do from time to time, we will only be amazed at the enormous progress that we can make, so let’s all recognize God’s awesome power of creation and then know and serve God for who He is.



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