The Power of God

The power of God is a supernatural power that God through Jesus Christ has sent in to world to save mankind, and this power can only be revealed in the gospel and that is why the bible says in Romans 1vs 16 that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation because without the gospel, the power of God cannot be revealed and freedom which is salvation cannot come to man for only the power of God can make a man free from the bondage of sin, now you might ask the question how can I have access to this power of God? When a man is able to confess Jesus as his lord and savior automatically, his spirit will be replaced by the spirit of God and with the spirit of God in the life of a man, brings the power of God into the life of that man, and that man can never remain the same, and his life will be changed forever, because it is spirit of God that makes a man ahead of every situation,  and the spirit of God is the spirit of strength and might, it is the spirit of excellence, We need to have the spirit of God and not the spirit of man so we can be the best candidate for heaven.

The power of God is imaginable, you cannot begin to think of the power that raises the poor from the dung hill, and then set him among princess, you cannot begin to think of the power that heal the sick and raise the dead to other powers, God is power, and this power is what we need in our churches today so we can also experience what happened in the bible days, this same power is what we need in our business, jobs and, families  to cause changes in every situation. Over the years, Christians has fasted and prayed for the power, but not knowing how to connect with it, this is because God has His own principles, which if followed, you will experience His awesome power. The topmost principle is to stay connected with God, you have to live  in a realm whereby you can relate with Him as father, and also you will obey every of His instructions, with this, His power can be revealed to you more and more because God is a disciplined God, He wants all of His children to be disciplined as well, He wants them to recognize the fact that He is a God that watches the spiritual and physical actions of His children, so He can bless them with His power to cause changes in the world. Today we can pray and ask God for His power so we can begin to live a supernatural life that is filled with signs and wonders, because that is what God wants for the church.

God wants Christians to do signs and wonders, he wants them to show the world how powerfull He is, so that souls can be won in to His kingdom, this is His dream for the twenty first century church, His power and His strength will be revealed in a greater measure, and the world will sure know that He is the God of the universe.

Looking at the scripture about Jesus, and how he turned water into wine, its a complete example of someone who lived a life filled with the power of God. And then, examining the miracle he did, the ruler of the feast was amazed because he knew that only the power of God could turn water in to wine, and Jesus performing this miracle showed that he had the complete power of God working on the inside of him, Jesus healed the sick, and he did many more miracles in the lives of people, and God kept filling him with more power daily, and the bible recorded that within a little space of three years, he did a lot of signs and wonders that made people to wander so much on the power of God, also when you study the lives of His disciples, they did miracles just like Jesus, and they touched the lives of so many, and while Jesus Christ died and resurrected and went back to heaven, they still did miracles.

Now when you read the scripture about Jesus acssension carefully in John  20 vs 21,  you will realise that Jesus said unto his disciples, peace be unto you, as my father hath sent me, even so send I you, and he breathed on them, and they received the holyghost.Now you will discover that after Jesus ascension, Jesus deposited his power in to his disciples, so they could do the same works that he did, the bible said that he release the holy ghost in to their lives and you are quite aware that the holy ghost is the power of God, inorderwards, Jesus released the power of God in to his disciples, so they could do the same works that he did, and so it was, they preached the gospel with so much power, and people were getting saved daily, the bible says on certain occasion, peter preached, and three thousand souls were won into the kingdom, and it was evident that the disciples had been filled with the power of God, and this continued everywhere they went, they were able to convince a lot of people to become born again children of God, this they did continuously and God perfecting their works with signs and wonders. As Christians, it is Gods desire for us to experience His power, and if we want to experience His power, you have to be in a living church were God has deposited His power, and if you are not a born again, you have to give your life to Christ and then get filled with the holy ghost, because the holy ghost is the express power of God, and until you have the holy ghost, you cannot partake of the power of God, because the power of God is for the spirit filled Christians, it is for those who are the matured in Christ.

we cannot run away from the presence and power of God, the story of Jonah helps us to realise this when God speak to us on what to do, and then release His power for us to accomplish it, we need to go ahead, because Gods power is for good and it is to save the lost, and then give their life a meaning, this was the case with Jonah, God has given him His power to save the lost, but because he was angry, that God was going to save the lost through him, because of the wickedness of Nineveh, the bible recorded that he flee from God, inorderwards, he fleed from the power of God, and because of this, God cause a great fish to swallow him up, the bible recorded that he was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights, and inside the belly of the fish, God still release his power of salvation to him to preach to the city of Nineveh. This scripture also help us to know that when God gives us His power, we can do nothing but do what He ask us to do, this was the case with Jonah, even while he fled and lived in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights,  the power of God to preach salvation was still at work in him, and he then later peach to the city of Nineveh. In the latter part of the book of Jonah, the bible recorded that the ninevites believed God and a fast was proclaimed, and all of them from the greatest to the least, put on sack cloth, when Jonah’s, warning reached the king of Nineveh, he arose from his throne, took off his royal robes, covered himself with sack cloth and sat down in the dust. When you read further, the king later proclaimed a fast throughout the city. Only the power of God can cause that change, and if Gods power wasn’t available, this gospel of salvation wouldn’t have had any effect in the city of Nineveh, but because the power of God was available, the wicked city of Nineveh surrendered their wicked ways and then gave their life to God.

Today; it is the power of God that saves souls,  through Gods power, the lost are being reached, and the good news of salvation is being spread because God wants His message of salvation to spread throughout the whole world. Now looking at the story of Jonah, shows that God is interested in the salvation of souls around the world, He wants to reach the lost, because that is His desire, He wants men to be saved, He wants the heart of men turned to Him, that is why He sent Jesus into the world. Jesus was sent into the world to display the power of God, so that men will be saved and also this same power will be extended to the teachers and prophets of today. It is Gods desire for us to experience His awesome power, He wants to deposit this power in the life of His children, so they can also save the lost like Jesus that is why God wants us to know how powerfull He is. So as Christians, having the power of God to cause changes in situations matters a lot to God, He wants His power to be used by His children, to cause changes in the lives of people because His power is strength.

It is Gods desire that we show forth His praises to the world, inorderwards, He wants to show forth His awesome power  to the world, because He hath called us out of darkness, He has called us into a life of victory, this is what God wants for us, he wants us to keep showing His power because He has chosen us, and we have been selected by Him to live life of victory, because that is His desire for us, God is interested in our priesthood, He wants us to become royal prophets, so we can show forth His praises to the world. That is why we need to study  the scripture to know the level of His power He has deposited in us, so we can be the man or woman He wants us to be.

Have you ever thought of how the power of God can be manifested in your life, I once thought of that, and I longed to experience it, I fasted and prayed for it to happen, and to my greatest surprise, God filled me with His power, I had arranged a meeting to reach out to the lost and at that meeting, the power of God was so strong, and you could literary feel this power, and so many lives were touched, and as the people kept falling under the power, their health were restored, and also their situations that needed a change were rectified, God wants us to keep experiencing His power, He wants His power manifested through us and in us, so that the world can be a better place for us.

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