The presence of God.

Now what do we mean by God’s presence? How do we feel it, and how is the atmosphere like?.

Servral times we pray, and fast to seek this presence, and then we conclude that thats only when we could get it, but though at all times, every child of God experience that presence, but unknown to them, because they don’t feel it, but as Christians, depending on how close you are to God, you would continually see that presence or  feel it any time, any day, that presence that helps you make the right decisions, that presence, that gives you the wisdom to live by, and that presence that brings healings, dilliverance, breakthrough, name it is that presence of God, that is beyond human reasoning; though often times, we could get that presence more when we attend church services, and then praising God in spirit and in truth, but still evey child of God could get the presence apart from experiencing it in church services all around them in their homes, and everywhere they go, for this is the gift that is always given to them,  but most times, and on every occasion we would need to activate that presence and so we can have it do what we want for us.

God’s presence is God’s power to fight our every day battles, it is God’s power to bring us victory over every circumstances of life, but all we need to know is how to activate this presence from time time,  Now how can we activate this presence ?

1 Through prayer and fasting.

2. Through praise and worship, and having constant fellowship with the spirit of God.

2. Through living the right kind of life, the life that is pleasing to God.

And it could be more, depending on your relationship with God.

Now all that we need to know, is to recognize the supremacy of God in our lives, recognize who He is, and then develop the habit of knowing Him more and more, knowing Him the right way, and it should be so, it is important that we recognize the fact that we are God’s children and then we need that presence to be around us, and that presence is also what can make us free from this pandemic, free from virus, and whatever it is free and whatsoever, irrespective of what they call it, free and learning to appreciate what the Lord has done, like I said yesterday in my post on Facebook, wishing everyone a happy new month, and then it’s a month of praise and appreciation, and so it is, we need to recognize the God, and appreciate the God who will and could clear the clouds off germs, clear the clouds off COVID-19, and then whatever it is, brings freedom to humanity, this is the God that we serve, so it is important that we recognize His supremacy and worship and reverence Him, for indeed He is, and He is the rewarder of those that have faith in His mighty works, so let’s all appreciate and honour the king of kings and the owner of the universe for His grace and mercy towards us, our families, and our love ones, let’s say thank you to Him, for He only deserve our praise, and He only  deserves our Thanksgiving, thank you Lord for the battles that you have fought, thank you Lord for everything for indeed you are God, and as we do this continually, showing appreciation, we would only be activating God’s presence more in our lives, and in our environment, for this what we must do as believers, and so we could live a happy life to God’s glory and majesty.






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